The Marking

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Chapter Two

Off in the distance we could hear the pounding of paws getting louder and louder as they were heading towards the clearing, our clearing. The mix of smells were confusing and driving me towards a migraine, just like when you walk into a candle shop.. it was over powering. I ran closer to Hope, standing side by side breathlessly staring into the woods around us. "What do you think it is? What's out there?" April said nervously, as I looked at her giving a small nervous shrug. 'I bet it's bears or maybe mountain lions' Hope said anxiously. "Geez, thanks Hope.... Way to make us more afraid..' April replies in a catty tone.

Suddenly the sound of crushing leaves and cracking twigs stole our attention. Our heads suddenly snapped around to see a large grey wolf emerge from the edge of the woods bearing his large sharp teeth and growling deeply. We gasped and lowered to the ground slightly to show we mean not harm, submitting to the grey wolf. I could see April shaking out of the corner of my eye, with a look of pure fear and a little confusion as the wolf edged closer and closer. More wolves began to slowly stalk out of the woods all bearing their teeth and snarling at us with a look of hatred in their eyes.

"This is not good... not good at all" Harli says with a shaky voice as she slowly lowers and back up from the wolves.

"Harli shut up! Don't move another muscle" Hope growled quietly.

As the large grey wolf moved closer, he stopped in his tracks and tilted his head slightly to the side. His eyes narrowed and darted between April and I, his expression slowly changing from one of hate to confusion. He edged closer, until he was standing directly before us, eying us both over. He slowly closed his eyes, lifting his snout into the air and taking in a deep breath. His eye quickly flickered open, I had never seen such green eyes in my life, it was as if they could peer directly into my soul.

His gaze fell on April and with his gaze an overwhelming sense of calm washed over her as she stood up, no longer afraid. With a simple side glance from my sister I knew it was safe to stand. "April.. what's happening?" I asked nervously and confused as she walked closer to the large grey wolf. She turned back to me and I could see a smile growing in her eyes "We are no longer alone." She said in a sweet calm voice. "What does that even mean?" I said terrified, she rolled her eyes and began to shift back into her human form.

"What the hell are you doing April?!" I said with fear growing inside me.

"Harli chill the fuck out, we are safe.. seriously" Hope replied with so much sass as she rolled her eyes.

Once fully transformed back into her human body April glanced at me and said in an annoyed tone "Come on Autumn we are waiting.." I stood my ground refusing to shift until I saw the other wolves beginning to shift back into humans themselves. I gasped.. I hadn't met others like us before, didn't even know they existed other than in crappy teen dramas and books.

I slowly began to shift back, all eyes were on me and I felt their stares as if they were burning through my flesh. As I emerged back in my human form April threw an oversized t-shirt at me, I pulled it over my head quickly as to not show my now naked body, I already felt like I was on display and could be fed to the wolves literately any second.

"So... it's Autumn huh?" Said a muscular man with short dark hair and green eyes..

"wait green eyes, that's the big grey wolf.. " Harli asked nervously as she quietly retreated into my mind.

I shook Harli off and looked down at the ground "Yes" I reply quietly to the man before me. April walked up and grabbed me by the arm "Autumn is my twin sister" she said proudly smiling from ear to ear, pulling me closer to him.

I furrowed my brows at her before looking at the grey wolf once more "A-and who are you?" I said nervously. He smiled and said kindly "I'm Rowan, it's nice to meet you Autumn." I returned his smile "So Rowan.. who are all these people? A-and why are you all out here?" I said cautiously. Rowan looked around and gave a slight nod signalling for the others to return into the woods. "They are my pack...well not MY pack, I'm actually the packs Beta." He said nervously smiling at April trying to impress her.

"Ummm what's a beta?" April asked sweetly while staring at Rowan with googly eyes. "Huh... You don't know about Pack hierarchy?" He ask's confused whilst returning the same googly eyed expression. "Ahhh no... we don't have a 'Pack' its just April and I.. we honestly had no idea there were more like us!" I reply eager to learn more. Rowan's head snaps out of his googly eyed trance long enough to reply "So you are rogues then? Pack-less?" He says with a hard but worried tone. "Ahh yeah, our parents died when we were babies so it's just been us... until now." April replied beaming up at him and Rowan returns the look falling back into their trance.

After a brief silence with the two of them doe eyed and smiling at each other, I awkwardly said "Sooooooo.. what's going on here?" I said looking between them, he peeled his eyes away from her just long enough to answer "Oh.. sorry for being rude.." he said kindly "She's...She's my Mate" he said proudly. "Your what sorry?" I replied confused "Mate.." he said joyfully wrapping his arm around my sisters waist.

I furrowed my brows at my sister. April looked at me like I was an idiot "Autumn, are you dim? Mate... like wolfs missing half.." she said through our mind-link. I could hear my wolf inside me agreeing with my sister and giggling at my idiocy.

"Shut up Harli, you totally didn't know that." I said defensively.

"I did so... I'm the smart one and being a wolf I know all the wolfie things!" Harli replied in a childish tone.

"Really Harli... Wolfie things... What is a beta then smarty pants?" I questioned her in an equally childish tone.

"I-Its a..... It's an other name for a big scary looking grey wolf.... Yep that's what Beta is" Harli says proudly.

"Sure, sure.. I bet you're wrong again you muppet" I say jokingly.

"Well lets just see... If I'm right you have to get me a full KFC bucket, like the real expensive one for next shift! Deal?" Harli replied eagerly.

"Hahaha sure think Harls." I say giving her false hope that I would let her eat KFC.

I snap back to my surroundings and carefully backed away, well more retreated into the woods before Rowan started sucking my sisters face off. *Ewwwwwww*

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