The Marking

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Chapter Three

Walking aimlessly through the woods to avoid my sister and her new found 'Mate' when I stumbled across a small river bank, where the other wolves had now congregated. I could hear laughing and chatter as I approached then complete silence as they noticed my presence. Their eyes were piercing through me once more, glares and muffled sniggers at my expense as I walked past.

Out of the silence I heard a low deep growl and a single howl that shook the trees around us and made water ripple along the riverbed. The wolves all stood as if they were soldiers standing at attention. I turned to see a lone black wolf with piercing blue eyes, he was much bigger than the other wolves I had seen in the clearing, even larger than Rowan's wolf. The black wolf walked slowing through the crowd as they parted like the seas bowing their heads as he walked past them as he maintained a hard expression and eyes set straight ahead.

I stood completely still whilst my wolf was doing cartwheels inside of me, begging to be let out.

"How exciting Autumn... Did you see those eyes?! Soooooo dreamy" Harli said as she bounced up and down in my mind.

"Not now Harli!! Just shut up and chill" I said agitated.

As the black wolf edged closer towards me I was hit with the sudden sweet smell of fresh strawberries and dark chocolate, but how was that possible as we were standing in the middle of the woods... Lost in thought I was suddenly pulled to the side as the black wolf was merely 10 feet from where I was standing.

A short girl with long auburn hair smiled at me cautiously as she released my arm. Eyebrows furrowed I smiled back at her "Thank you, I completely zoned out then" I said nervously, she gave a quiet chuckle "No worries, better having me pull you away than the Alpha pulling you I right" she said with a nervous laugh and wide eyes.

I look at the girl with slight confusion and ask "Alpha? Do you mean like boss? Dominant male?" She looks at me baffled before cautiously replying "Umm yeah, this is his pack... How do you not know what an Alpha is? Have you been living under a rock!" I look at her and awkwardly smile.

As the Alpha made his away across the river the others began to follow. "Where are we going?" I said to the girl "Home" she said pulling off her sandals ready to walk across the river. "Home?" I repeated, she looked at me with a smile "Yeah, you know the place where we live..." she said with a hint of sarcasm.

"Hahah I like her, she's sassy" Harli says with a cheeky giggle.

"Okay Harli, chill out... she's not our best friend now." I reply bluntly.

"Well she won't like us for long if you keep that attitude" Harli snarls.

I looked at her confused "And what about my sister?" I asked anxiously "Oh April.. she's with Rowan, so they will most likely be at the pack house by now, you know doing things that 'mates' do" she said wiggling her eyebrows. Oh Ewwww... nope that thought needs to leave my mind immediately *Harli internally dry reaching*

The girl speaks up again gaining my attention again "Your Autumn yeah?" "Yes" I replied "Nice to meet ya, I'm Elsie by the way" she said as she jumped from stone to stone crossing the river.

"Elsie... cool name.. is that the one from Frozen? I like the snowman in that one... hilarious" Harli chuckles to herself.

"No Harls that would be Elsa... and when did you even watch Frozen?!"

"Ooooh yeah that's right..... Also never mind a wolf needs some movie time too.. don't be so nosey Autumn.. Geez" Harli says in a bratty tone.

"Whatever..." I reply bluntly.




Still completely confused I followed Elsie and the pack back to their home. Walking through the woods for what felt like hours, the moon light fading through the trees as the sun slowly began to rise. The rays of sunlight hitting my skin gently and instantly warming my entire body. We continued walking until we approached what looked like a small secluded town in the middle of the woods, with no roads leading in or out. I knew this was it, their home. The town boarder was heavily guarded as we entered through the southern perimeter. Each of the guards glared at me, confused as to why an outsider was suddenly being let in. I felt like a sinner in Church as I gave a half smile and shrug as I was just as clueless myself.

As we walked further across the town we passed a small cafe, when I heard a loud "Eeeeeek" from behind me, as I spun around I was hit directly in the chest and drawn tightly into a bear hug. April. "Thank goodness you are okay! I'm so sorry I left you back there... this Mate thing is legit, I'll have to tell you all about it once you're settled!" April says speaking a million miles a minute.

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