The Marking

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Chapter Four

"And who's your new friend?" April asked, her eyes darting between Elsie and I. "Oh, this is Elsie, she kinda saved me.."I said slightly jokingly. April's eyes widened "huh?" She said with a confused look. "Long story" I rolled my eyes.

"You better tell me this 'long story' later" April says though mind-link with a suspicious tone.

"Yeah..." I reply knowing she won't let this go as per usual.

"Oookay then.." April said as she grabbed Elsie and I by the hand, pulling us along behind the other wolves. "So.. seen any cute guys yet?" April asked with a wide cheeky grin and a slight nudge. I looked at her baffled "I haven't exactly been looking... I have been a little distracted by where the hell they are leading us" I said with a hint of annoyance. Both April and Elsie roll their eyes as they say "Pack-house... duh" completely in sync then giggle amongst themselves.

We continued to walk, April and Elsie chatting away about God knows what, until we stopped at a set of large black wrought iron gates. April skipped over to the right hand side of the gate and pressed a little gold button before saying "It's April, may we pretty please come in?" in a sickly sweet tone. Then the gates slowly swung open. The three of us walked up the driveway and there stood the most amazing, grandest mansion I had ever seen.. I stood there still for a moment gazing at all the beautiful design. April and Elsie skipped ahead, up the walk way with linked arms giggling like little school girls. I continue slowly behind cautiously scanning our surroundings, whilst taking in the mesmerising architecture and landscaping of the pack-house.

"Man this house is insane.... Like how many people do you think actually live in there?"

"Honestly no idea but I really hope 'Alpha' is here... Girl you need to get your flirt on with him..I'm begging you!!" Harli says in an annoying whiney voice.

"Seriously Harli, you need to chill out.. the Alpha doesn't even know we exist!" I shut Harli down.

"Well he will never notice us if you keep being such a stubborn ass about it." Harli hissed and turned away from me stubbornly.



As we reached the door it opens instantly, we were greeted at the entry by a girl with long dark hair and ice blue eyes. "Welcome! You must be April and Autumn, such a pleasure to meet you both" she said with a bright smile "Oh you're here too" she said in a snarky tone eying Elsie. "Yep, I am Sugar, you're very perceptive today" Elsie replied cheerfully with a hint of sass before patting the girl on the head as she passed through the door. The girls eyes widened and she balled her fists at her sides as April and I glanced at each other awkwardly as we stood silent in the foyer.

After a couple seconds the girl perked up "Come along girls, it's time to meet the pack" the girl said happily ushering us down the hallway. "I'm Isolde by the way, but you can call me Issy" she said smiling at us continuing towards the back door. April followed Issy straight through the back door but I that to urge to stop as suddenly the scent reappeared, the smell of fresh strawberries and dark chocolate lingering through the air. I felt instantly calm as the smell grew stronger. I stood frozen staring at a set of huge walnut wooden doors with my head slightly tilted to the side.

"Oooooooh He's HERE!!!" Harli says as she runs around in my mind like a ball of excitement and pure energy.

'Who's here Harli?" I say nervously.

"Ummmmm only the hottest piece of tail I have EVER seen!!" Hali says almost hyperventilating like a little fan girl.

"Im sorry did you just say piece of tail? When have you ever checked any guy out Harli?" I say completely confused.

"Mmmm those blue eyes and that thick black hair..... oh he is defiantly a McSteamy that is for damn sure" Harli says practically drooling.

"Wait.... Are you talking about the Alpha again.. Seriously girl you need to get a grip!" I roll my eyes dramatically.

"Yep... And YES I agree we need to get a grip.....of that booty! Hahah" Harli says giggling like a school girl.

Before I could reply to my bratty hormonal wolf I feel a hand grab my shoulder, I instantly jump, snapping out of my daze. "Hey, Autumn... are you coming?" Issy says with a curious look and a half smile. "Ahh yeah..." I reply in slight embarrassment.

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