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A vampire with special powers can go out in the sun with out burning but this regular girl who is just coming to the high school but the vampire has been to school for the 1000th time will the fall in love

Fantasy / Romance
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Hi there

Anna:"samuel come get ready for school, lucky I can come it's not that sunny today."

Samuel:"ugh, this is why I hate school I always have to go."

Anna:"it's not that bad."

Samuel:"you don't go school every day."

Anna:we'll be late get ready and your turning 800 tomorrow. "

As they get ready Anna starts screaming as her lamp glances at her skin as samuel come rushing to Anna in to her room.


Anna:"ugh...oh sorry for scaring you".As she made a smile."it's just my lamp I'm ok big bro just get ready."

Samuel:"ok careful."


They got ready and glanced at each other and started running faster than the wind and in a second the reached the school skates high school they separated because they had different classes but samuel saw someone new to school.

Samuel:"hi there."

Lucy:"hi what's your name."

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