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The plight of a victimized empress. Placing her offenders in odium from blood of the same, Age to age and till eternity. A millennium, and the curse lives. eventually , her blood was born . Quaye grew and became the emperor's right hand man. Love forces him to elope with an empress to be. It takes the emperor 17 years before he becomes his prey. Messilina Pearl, a witness to her own family's doom, seeks vengeance by bending her gender . Could she be the worst thing to ever happen to the empire? Or perhaps, the world of rulers all together .?

Fantasy / Romance
Juliet Bimpong
Age Rating:

A Step Into The Past *.

Hello guys this is apparently my first book that I'm writing here !!!please read ,leave a comment and i will make sure to take your views into account thanks very much enjoy!!

Messilina's POV

It is hard to see my family settle at one place for a year. In all these seventeen years of my life, I've hardly maintained a friend

for a very long time.

My dad had been taking me through some odd training since I turned eight ,does he want to see me in the military one day?.

He always just says a time will come that I will need it.

We are currently living in Santasi, a suburb of Ashanti region

and I still don't have any idea of why we live the way we do,

it was time to know the nature of the cat inside the bag .

I sat in between my parents in the couch as curiosity took its place on there faces .

"Mum,dad can I have a chat with you two..right now..?" I clenched a fist

"Yeah..why not.."my dad spoke while sitting up straight .

My eyes darted around to see my twin younger brothers Dev and Deb looking our way..

"um..Dev,Deb can you guys go to your room or anywhere else ,this is not meant for your ears?!"I said.

"Its not like we will tell someone else what it's about!"Deb spoke undertone ,when mum spoke with authority,"Deb, Dev..to your room..now", "we will just play outside..lets go Deb"dev held his brother's arm as they exited the hall.

"Yes what is it honey?!"my mum asked.

I started "Um..I had the urge to ask this a long time ago but I wasn't into it that much ...

But this time I really want to know... Mum,dad.. Um why do we keep moving from one place to another ?

Why can't we settle at one place for years ?

we are not living in poverty that we can't afford a house to call our own , what have you guys not told me?".

I released a heavy sigh after speaking ,I could feel the tensed atmosphere that whirled around my parents as they stared at each other.

What is really going on?"darling I think it's high time we told her the truth!" my mum's words made me think twice about my decision to know the truth..

How bad can it be?

My dad headed to his room and came back with something like a novel in his hand .

it looked rare "dad what is that?" I asked as I motioned for the item. "It's called cassette..that was what we used to store videos in the olden days...now sit quietly and watch this whiles you listen to the story I'm about to tell you!" My dad answered.

I watched as my mother placed a plastic box in front of me.

my dad took the cassette closer when the box swallowed it ,light emitted quickly from the screen..and behold ladies and gentlemen,I was watching a video.

This made me quickly guess it was a television used in the olden days before my mum confirmed it.

Kimbling's POV

I wasn't surprised at my daughter's question but was afraid how she will take it all in .

we would have to tell her eventually and who knows when Agyepong will finally locate us .

I watched and listened as my past life kept dancing in front of me and my daughter ,I could feel her shaking in the couch and holding back the sob that wanted to escape..what could she be thinking?

"dad this..this man I .. I have read about his family history..they live above the law ...my teacher said they fight for that empire like animals and governs it like beasts!!"she spoke with fear in her voice as she pushed back into the couch...I rubbed my hand on her shoulder.

"mum, what will they do to us huh!?will they kill us huh?"I swallowed the knot that formed in my throat after she asked that ...will he destroy my family?.

"he seized your mum from her parents,killed them and wanted to make her his fifth wife,he kept her in the dungeon when she refused to marry him, he placed me in charge of everything related to her and as we got close,we developed feelings for each other ,that's when I carried her away from the empire,and got married.

He.....came after us that same day we got married and since then we haven't been able to settle at one place..."Quaye sighed.

"He's out there somewhere to get us that's why I kept training you,

so that you can defend yourself anytime you face any odd attack,for this particular town ,

we are safe..

Agyepong wont try coming here because he holds here in sacrilege, his mum died here in the hands of his father and since that day he vowed never to step foot here again "

as he ended I felt my daughter relaxed.

"That empire will someday belong to your children.. Yes, my dad told me it's our family's property and one day a fierce blood of ours will rule it! " Quaye added

"Seriously dad? A fierce blood ?.. even if so I'm not sure it will be my children,

May be one of the relatives of our family..how will that be possible any way?, with these hungry lions hovering over it ?"she argued

"It will just happen one day ,you will see".Quaye ended.

"And the dagger you gave me on my ninth birthday,where did you say you got it?"she asked .

"That ..that was a gift the museum offered me before I left !"he strut towards the opposite couch.

"Really? The museum? ...so in other words you stole it? ...dad?"she furrowed a brow.

"Well ...it was just attractive and I couldn't resist how it was starring at my hungry eyes...no one must know about it ok ?"he pleaded.

"Ok but that's because I don't wanna lose it."she ended.

Now I wouldn't have to worry about her studies and social life like I have been the past few years.

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