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"Is this the correct explanation of what we see around us? ask yourself" This story is about the earth, the planet we are living on. Some of us may think that we know all about it. If you think so too, then it's time for you to get out of the box. This blue colored ball is holding so many secrets that we will never be able to understand. Here, in this book, you will find things, which will make you believe that it's much more complicated than you ever imagined. So, if you are ready to go on a never-ending journey filled with mystery and adventure, then WELCOME ABROAD.

Fantasy / Mystery
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When Dimisha took the first step on this path, she had no idea where this would end. She just listened to her inner voice. A voice that was telling her only one thing.


Before all of this, she was just a regular girl with simple dreams. She wanted to see the world, learn about people. She wanted to know if someone is good why that is, and if someone is afraid to be good, why it is.

She never got a chance to know her parents. Who they are or why they left her. She came to know about a family, by the orphanage she was bought up.

But life is not a bed of roses. It never goes with our plans.

An ordinary girl came to know that there was an extraordinary story behind her. After knowing that, she could not stay in the orphanage. Not that she did not like that place. That place was her life, her family. But, there was also another part of her life, unraveled, felt like a blank space. She could not live with that.

Bharata, a warrior whose fight was against some unknown forces. Most of the people are unaware of it. But, the reason behind humans or any other lives we see now around us is living only because of him.

Believe it or not, that's true, and Dimisha was his blood. As the heir of Bharata, she has some duty, some responsibility, to perform, and she happily accepted all of these.

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