Embodiments of the Sun and Moon: Book One

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"Under this sky, your hand in mine, I give you all that I am. "My heart, my soul, every aspect of my life: I give myself to you. My other half, the light of my life, my only true love. Wherever I go, I hold you dear to my heart. I'm yours forever and ever. Even in death, I will give myself to you." ~ ~ ~ Colton Danvers is, by far, the most popular guy in West-Lake High School. He's funny, a ray of sunshine. Not to mention he's also rather attractive and smart. He's a package deal. Something nobody knows about him, however, is that he's lonely. Audra is the exact opposite. She's an outcast, introverted, considered an alien because of her outfit choice - specifically the fingerless gloves she wears all the time. She's hardly seen without them, because they hide a huge secret from her piers. Something that is life-changing. What happens when Colton's and Audra's paths cross and intertwine with each other?

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Chapter One

Everyone in the halls were in their usual groups. It was the end of the day, and everyone was supposed to be headed home, since it had been two hours since school was let out.

Audra was, as usual, walking alone down the hall with her head down. She didn’t need to gather anything from her locker, as she managed to finish the science homework in class and there were no additional assignments that needed to be taken home. The constellations were her speciality, after all. She flew right through the homework without needing to look through the chart. She didn’t worry if she’d gotten some of them wrong. How embarrassing would that be for her, with her being the Hydra Constellation and all?

No. What she needed to worry about now was getting home for her weekly call to her family. She had been busy the first couple days of the week, and hadn’t been able to call anyone in her family until Wednesday, which happened to be today. Thank the stars it was, because she could use her older brother right now.

It felt like an eternity before she could see the doors to exit the school. And there was no sign of Jess and her gang of “friends.” Goodness knows how she treats them if she’s a mythic priss. Such are the ways of the pompous rich people. She knew that full well.

With Jess out of sight, and the doors just ahead, today just might be her lucky day. She hadn’t had one of those for a while.

Audra spoke too soon.

Just as she was passing the last hall that connected to the main one, she ran into a solid brick wall. At least, that was what it felt like.

She had been speed walking, and when she ran into whoever it was, she stumbled backwards, just managing to keep on her feet as she grimaced in the sudden pain in her arms. She pursed her lips and looked up at who was standing there.

In front of her, she saw three young men. The one that caught her attention was the one with rusty red hair that was slightly messy and shaved on both sides, slightly tanned skin from the summer (She had no idea how it remained that way, as it was nearing the end of October), and soft emerald green eyes that appeared to be concerned. He wore a pair of dark blue jeans, black boots that matched his leather jacket, and a plain white shirt.

She knew him to be Colton Danvers, the so-called “king” of West Lake High School. Mr. Popular, dating the media queen Bree Hall. The pair were the school’s golden pair. No doubt they were planning on going to college together, spending the rest of eternity with one another.

The only thing Audra was thinking at that moment was how thankful she was that Colton had decided to leave her alone. For now. She wasn’t sure how long that would last. Heaven knows how much more she could take before snapped and she lost control.

“Are you okay?” Colton asked in his smooth, kinda deep voice.

Oh stars above, help me.

“Next time you should watch where you’re going. You almost fell over.”

His friends laughed.

She ducked her head, grasping the straps of her leather bag. “Excuse me,” she mumbled, moving past him as she practically sprinted to the door.

“Hey- Wait up!”

She ignored him as she bursted through the doors, breaking into a full on sprint to her beat-up car, quickly taking out her keys.

Colton, the ex-football player, was coming up behind her.

It took only a couple seconds for her to climb into her car and lock the doors. She started it as she blasted the music so she wouldn’t have to hear him, and thanked the heavens above that there was nobody parked in front of her. She hurriedly put the car in drive and drove out of the parking space she was in, soon finding herself on the road, where she turned down the music until it was playing faintly in the background.

“Oh, mom, what did I do to deserve any of this,” she murmured, not phrasing it as a question. After a quick glance in her side mirror, she saw that Colton hadn’t followed her in his own car. She sighed in relief, and the anxiety she had felt started fading away.

The drive to her home was long, but she wasn’t bored. Her mother’s sweet lullaby, which did more to calm her anxiety and worry down more than put her to sleep, was playing in her head. Soon, she found herself singing the familiar Latin song as she drove.

When she arrived there, she was disappointed to see that nobody was there. The government had promised that soon her family would be able to visit her in person. She hated how much they restricted her from calling her own family.

Her family would be living with her, normally, but not with her condition. They were still on that wretched island, hidden from the rest of the unseeing world.

How sad humans must be. She had no idea what brought this thought on, but she felt it must be true. The only reason she was around them in the first place was because of her condition.

Yet, she had to admire just how wonderful humans could be. They created the most beautiful art, and wrote the loveliest stories - most of which she’d never even heard of, but had, in a way, experienced. And most of their music was heavenly. Some obnoxious, boring and monotonous, yes, but that didn’t matter. One type of music wasn’t supposed to satisfy all of humanity. The same goes for art.

The fashion statements of the humans were, however, quite questionable. Especially the women’s clothing. They must have it so hard with all of the expectations that they have to uphold in order to be considered “beautiful.” Aren’t they all beautiful in their own way? Who cares if some of the men, or even other women, don’t think they are? All it matters is if the person who cares about you the most thinks so. It shouldn’t matter what others think.

Though, in some way, she longed to be human. They were ignorant of the world, and they didn’t care about it. Jess and her friends were only concerned with their appearances. Not one of them seemed to look deeper into themselves.

But there are humans who do care about who they are as a person, and about the world they know. They take time to enjoy what they’re given, though they don’t have long to enjoy it.

Stars just happen to live longer than them, and the only problems they had were the constellations who thought they were better than others either because of who they were (Another thing you humans did: you selected the Zodiacs. Now they all have big heads.) or their wealth and status. But no matter what constellation they’re from, they all grew up to love nature and what they’d been blessed with by the heavens, even if the island was mostly artificial.

Audra pondered this for a few moments, her key hovering in front of the lock on her door, then shrugged, slipping the key in. “Huh. Stars and some humans are more alike than I thought.” She unlocked it and stepped inside, locking it once more before dropping the keys in the bowl on a small table to her left.

The house itself was small, yet comfortable for a human house. She had no comforts of the impossibly soft animal skins on her bed, nor the smell of the wild and nature that used to bring her so much joy.

Humans most certainly have ruined the majority of the nature they have been blessed with.

With a sigh, she set her bag down on the small dining room table and walked over to the living room, where she promptly fell down onto the couch. Her eyes slowly swept the state of the room and, with a groan, stood to straighten things up before the government arrived for her one weekly call back home.

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