Embodiments of the Sun and Moon: Book One

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Chapter Eighteen

Audra had spent the following day explaining what the whole school had witnessed not even twenty-four hours ago. It was draining. And what she hated most about it was that Colton had avoided her the whole day, and people were asking her about it.

It was enough to stay out of her whole seventh period.

Mark, Dalton and Ethan were the only people who stuck around with her. Everyone else, Colton included, stayed far away from her now that everyone but Colton knew about her being the reincarnated Hydra constellation. She'd even demonstrated her abilities for everyone to prove herself.

No one understood. Those who did approached her only asked her stupid questions of the highest honor and what was going on between her and Colton.

The one thing she hadn't explained was the fact that Colton was a half-star - the first of his kind. It was his secret to tell.

It was about half an hour after school the next day. Audra was walking slowly to her car as she'd done the day before, her head down. She'd cut her hair, and it now fell just above her shoulder blades, as was custom for healthy stars. It was supposed to represent freedom, a weight being lifted off your chest, but she felt anything but free. But she was healthy, and she knew her father would pester her about not keeping up with proper customs.

Audra had nearly reached her car when she heard a few pairs of footsteps running towards her direction. Hesitantly, she looked over and saw Mark and Ethan. She turned her head away from them and tried getting into her car faster.

"Please leave me alone," she nearly whispered as they neared her. "You're Colt's- Colton's friends, not mine. I have done nothing but lie to you all about who I was, and I haven't earned the honor of friendship."

"C'mon. Do you really think we care?" Mark asked, chuckling. "We understand. What we don't understand is what's going on between you two."

"I lied to him about something much bigger than myself. That's all there is to it." Audra's voice was shaking, barely audible.

Ethan stepped forward and gently put a hand on her shoulder. "Audra, I'm sure that he just needed a day or so to cool off. What you two went through was a pretty big thing. I'm sure he understands that, now, and he's going to come around." He smiled reassuringly.

She shook her head. "You wouldn't understand…" Her brows furrowed slightly as she looked over at the two of them. It was then that she noticed that the third part of their group, Dalton, was nowhere to be seen.

She started panicking. She had a feeling she knew where he was.

"No! You can't-"

A little ways off, she saw Dalton carrying Colton, who was slung over his shoulders and protesting, trying to get him to set him down, and heading over to them.

"Dalton, I swear to goodness if you do not put me down-" Colton was saying, clearly angry.

A couple moments later,Dalton obliged and set him down in front of Audra, who took a step back.

She bit her lip and looked down. She couldn't be around him, and he'd made that very clear when he'd run off like he had.

"Dalton, I don't know what you're up to, but-" Colton's voice cut off when he noticed Audra standing awkwardly beside him. His face slowly shifted into one of anger, brows pressed together and pursing his lips. "You out them up to this, huh?" he asked bitterly. "I thought I told you-"

Audra looked up at him miserably as she took a cautious step towards him. "Colton, please let me expla-"

"YOU LIED TO ME, AUDRA!?" he shouted suddenly, cutting her off.

Audra started and took a few fearful steps back, eyes wide. Dalton, Mark and Ethan were shocked at the sudden outburst.

"A good girlfriend wouldn't keep a secret like that! You should've told me I was a frickin' HALF-STAR! Don't TALK to me, don't try getting in CONTACT with me, stay AWAY from me, and don't LOOK at me. We're through! Do you wanna know why?! Because I don't trust you! I HATE you stars!" He looked her up and down in disgust and pure anger. "You make me sick," he spat out. Then he turned and stormed away.

Audra stood there, frozen. Her mouth was agape, a hand hovering over it while tears streamed down her face. She felt the full force of his words. Whether he knew he was half of the Lyra constellation, she did not know. She ignored her family trying to calm her down in her head and, shaking, opened her car and started climbing inside.

Before she could get in, however, Ethan took off after Colton while Mark and Dalton grabbed Audra, pulling her over to them and embracing her in a tight, comforting hug.

It reminded her of two of her brothers: Ladon and Chester. She broke into a fit of gut-wrenching sobs, thankful for the two of them holding her up. If that hadn't, she would've fallen.

Dalton and Mark were trying to comfort her, as well as her family. But nothing was working. All she could think about was the look of disgust on Colton's face while he said those three horrific words that rang through her head.

"I HATE you stars!" he had said. And she knew that he meant it. His eyes would've displayed his guilt. The effects of the vow confirmed her thoughts as well, telling her that he had been telling the truth. He really did hate her, and it was all her fault.

She could also tell that Mark and Dalton were in shock from when Colton had given away his big secret. Their body language said everything.

After a few more minutes, she forced herself out of their arms and retreated to her car, where she continued to do like before. This lasted for several more minutes, the others trying to get her to come out, which Ethan had joined in on when he returned. She ignored them and drove off.

Her night and the following couple days were filled with nothing but her sobbing and her heart breaking more every time his words filled her head every minute.

"I HATE you stars!"

The look of disgust was burned into her skull. She thought she'd known heartbreak, but this was nothing compared to what she'd experienced. She'd lost the one person that she truly loved with every fiber of her being, and she knew that there was an impossible chance of getting him back.

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