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Seraphiel had always thought of herself as a regular Angel, though she'd been coveted most of her life by Arch Angels and had been told that she was the Light of Heaven. She hadn't believed them until the war broke out. Now, cast out from Heaven and hidden behind the ranks of the Damned she finds herself being commissioned by one of Hell's most feared demons; Lilith. The mission? Return to middle ground to stop her once beloved Lucifer from bringing on the Apocalypse and the end of man. She accepts, not fully aware of the task she has set for herself. She finds herself biting off more than she can chew as she finds herself discovering things about herself she would have never known and faced with decisions she'd never thought she'd have to make. The only thing she knows for certain is that the world is at an imbalance; and only she can restore it, but which side will she choose?

Fantasy / Romance
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The Beginning of the End

She hadn't believed it, that the war was finally coming to fruition. Screams of agony and rage filled the sky, turning it a blood red color. Dark storm clouds gathered above their heads. Seraphiel sat on the white marbled balcony, the golden flakes of the lines within the tiles meshing with the pools of blood that crawled nearer to her. She couldn't stop staring, wether out if horror or shock she didn't know, she didn't even register strong arms that wrapped themselves around her, pressing her she surely to a cool, armored chest. Sharp stubble combed through her cascading hair and she felt the Angel's chin tapping gently in her head as he talked.

She didn't register his words, she didn't want to. She just wanted the blood to wash away. Her body shook subconsciously, her lip quivering and her moonlit skin draining.

Loud, crashing lightning struck a soldier's sword as it was on its way crashing down to slice its enemy down. Thunder rumbled like a drum, shaking the mental walls of her mind.

Lucifer's eyes, how pained and lost they had looked as he was carried away. Her best friend's blood splattered all over his armor. His grace was gone, her friend had abandoned her to join him. The thought of Lilith sharing his bed left a bitter taste in Seraphiel's mouth

She pushed away the Angels arms from her body, pushing herself up and away from him. She stumbled across the marbled balcony, slipping slightly as she stepped in the warm, sticky liquid that seeped between her toes and stained her white kinin gown that hugged her upper torso tightly, the neckline swooped down low enough to show a small amount of her full, ample hills of flesh while the rest of the gown draped across her form.

She reached the balcony walls, placing her hand on the marble railing and gripping the ivy as if to steady herself. She watched the bloodshed. Thousands of Angels and Arch Angels alike locked in combat that seemed never ending.

Tears sprung to life in her eyes, rolling down her cheeks. Her florescent green eyes flashed as she watched sparks from steel blades colliding fly across the sky. She bared her face, neck and chest to the sky and let loose a heart breaking wail until it turned into a silky belt of lyrical justice.

The rain began to fall with her tears, her song breaking through the screams of war, making them pause and turn their attentions towards the Angel. Her egg shell colored wings with gray flecks spotting all over the feathers spread out. Unfurled and revealing their extraordinary length stealing away some soldiers' breath.

"Sera!" Lucifer and Gabriel called her name together. Her eyes scanned the quieting crowd, disappointment and heartache filling the spaces inside her irises with a deep smokey gray. Power burst forth from her like a sonic boom, causing everyone to be thrown back a few steps.

The rain began to pour, her hair becoming soaked and her gown heavy and transparent. Modesty be damned, she leaned forward, her words wrenching from her throat harshly.

"Stop this! Stop this now! These are your brothers and sisters that you are destroying, look at yourselves. You claim to fight in Heaven's name, but you fight in the name of hatred! I'll see no more of this. Those of you who stand with Lucifer, please, just go. Let us stop this now before Heaven is truly tainted," her hair fell wildly around her face, tears blending in with the rain. It wasn't until then that she noticed that amongst the ranks of her brothers and sisters were Elementals. She felt her heart quake.

The crowd fell silent as they watched her hang her head in shame, shoulders slumping in defeat as she realized just how far her family had fallen.

"And what of you?" A voice broke free of the silence. She lifted her head to gaze upon the face of her friend. A raven haired Elemental with fire colored tips names Durza stood in attention. His stance firm, almost resentful.

"What of me?" She asked solemnly, her voice barely reaching him through its hoarseness.

"What side will you choose?"

Seraphiel stared at him with wide eyes. What side could she choose? She understood how Lucifer could feel jealous of Middle Ground. After all, their Father had given the mortals free will and souls, however she disagreed with him. To her, mortals deserved their souls, they were worthy of them because even through their dark hearted nature she saw purity and innocence. She saw beauty.

"I—" she paused, taking a deep breath. "I don't know. I don't know if I can choose, Durza."

"So you choose no side but you get to stay in the bounty of Upper Ground?" Another voice challenged, one of her brothers. The crowd began to chatter in a state of unrest.

"Nei, if you and those who have turned away from the Light because you believe it to be unfair leave Upper Ground now, I too shall leave." She promised. The crowd began to whisper in approval, pleased by the diplomatic approach.

"Seraphiel, no. You cannot do this," Gabriel's voice echoed from behind her, thick with sorrow.

"I have to, Gabriel,"

"You won't last an hour out of Heaven, you are too pure."

"Then I will adapt. This is the only way to stop this war. If that means I have to give up my home to help stop the slaughtering of my brothers and sisters then so be it." She said, her voice filled with determination. She turned her focus back on the crowd, drying her tears. The pounding rain had softened, falling softly and rhythmically. "Do we have a deal, then? I shall not return to my home until I make a decision."

Suffocating silence deafened the air. Her heart pounded harshly against her ribcage, butterflies kissed her stomach walls. Adrenaline coursed through her at an alarming speed. She heard the soft but heavy footfalls of Gabriel approaching her.

Seraphiel's spine stiffened as his cool hand rested on her shoulder. She glanced at him from over her shoulder, daring to stare into his icy eyes. His face was hard set, stoic and emotionless as always. Though there was a softness to them, a sad understanding. He knew she was right.

"Where shall we go? Certainly not Middle Ground?" Durza questioned after a while.

"Our Father may not agree with your causes, but he is not so cold as to send you to a place where you can cause harm to yourselves or the Mortals. No, if Lucifer agrees to a truce then he will gift you domain over Lower Ground, so long as he agrees that he is to never leave it," Gabriel spoke matter-of-factly. Seraphiel eyed the crowd expectedly.

"So Lucifer may not leave? What of us, his followers?"

"You may pass through certain portals, but only when summoned. When you return, you must return with the Soul that summoned you. This will help expunge those who are impure from Middle Ground. Since Lower Ground is made in the image of of Upper Ground, I think you will find our Father is being more than fair to you." Gabriel pointed out gruffly. He crosses his arms over his gold–plated chest, the black and gold trimmed leather under his armor crinkling as he did so.

The crowd resigned, satisfied with the Arch Angel's answer. The remaining Angels didn't hesitate to apprehend the traitors and escorts them to the gates of Saint Peter. Some struggled against their captors, others went willingly, proudly.

"Come away, Sera. We must prepare you to present the treaty," Gabriel said quietly. She turned around, gazing into his eyes.

"Why am I presenting the treaty? Wouldn't it be better if a member of the Nephilim presented the treaty to Lucifer?" Seraphiel did her best to disguise her distaste. Normally an Angel would happily accept a mission given to them by the Father, it was in their nature to obey. However with the situation at hand she found no joy in this mission.

"You were his Twin Flame, almost his mate, and you are the Light of Heaven. He will listen to you above all others. Plus," Gabriel paused, grimacing at his own words. "Since the Leader of the Nephilim is the cause of this war, it is unwise to involve an Arch Angel." Seraphiel let out a long groan.

"But I'm falling with them."

"Yes, but not to Lower Ground,"

"Then where?"

"Worry not, Sera. Our Father will keep you safe."

The gates of Saint Peter were large with a thick layer of gold painted over the bars. The arch of the gate, when caught in the sun, sent specks of light to shoot off in different directions. She remembered that there were times she went to visit Lucifer as he guarded the gate and as they got lost in conversation, the lights would catch the list of names that was spread across a wooden clipboard and set it aflame.

Seraphiel suppressed a smirk at the memory of Lucifer's flailing hands and panicked gasps. She was trying to remember the better times as she made her way slowly through the crowd. They had parted and dispersed for her to create a small pathway. She could see Lucifer staring her down at the end of the pathway. Chills ran down her spine.

She always thought that when she had to walk down an aisle it would be to him. Only it wouldn't be for a treaty and his fall. She always thought it would be for their handfasting.

She tried to ignore the intense stares that followed her as she stepped forward. Her spine was poker straight, her face stoic and jaw slightly slack as she regally made her way to her ex-mate. As Seraphiel neared him she was hit with the overwhelming scent of blood, roses and fresh rain. Lucifer's shoulder length hair now unkempt. His thin but sturdy build exposed to her. He was wearing a white cloth that was tucked tightly around his waist and roman styled shoes that had been baked in the sun for three months before being fashioned for Lucifer's form. She followed the sculpt of his muscles, the two large mounds of smooth pectorals and rolling hills of his abdominals. His biceps were toned, his skin sun kissed. She met his smoldering amber colored gaze as she closed in on him. The corners of his mouth twitched slightly, he wanted to smile at her but he knew he couldn't.

"Are you sure you wish to continue with this treaty?" He asked her, his voice a deep rumble. She looked him up and down, noticing the emptiness of blackened feathers. He, too, had lost his wings. Her heart fell, some part of her had held on to the hope that he was just angry. Her eyes shifted back to his gaze.

"As sure as you were about wanting to Fall." She spat back at him angrily. He winced at her words, the action too quick for most eyes to notice, though he knew Seraphiel would notice.

"Touché, my love." He cleared his throat and stood in attention.

"Lucifer, the Great Morning Star. You have been tried and hereby are convicted of Murder, Betrayal, Treachery, Greed and Envy," she read loudly, her voice becoming thick as tears burned at her sinuses. She pressed on. "The penalty of these actions are death, however, since there has been enough bloodshed on both sides today, I offer a truce in the form of an agreement. You admit your loss and our Father will gift you and your followers domain over Lower Ground under the terms that you do not leave Lower Ground. Your followers may leave but only through designated portals and only if summoned.

In return, we promise to not enter Lower Ground under any circumstances. In addition to the previous promise, your mate, Seraphiel, who remains undecided, shall fall as well." At this, his eyes brightened. He smirked triumphantly at her.

"I'm not seeing much of a loss, my people and I get a whole kingdom and we can still be together," he suppressed a chuckle, reaching out to cup her cheek. Seraphiel shied away from him by turning her face away from his hand. His smirk dropped. Gabriel stepped forward, earning a glare from Lucifer. Lucifer sniffed, rubbing his nose and letting a small chuckle escape him. "That's alright, love. I have an eternity to make this up to you."

Seraphiel cringed at the softness of his words. He was always so confident, but now she could see the desperation rise within him. Lucifer shakily gripped the fountain pen that she had brought and signed his name at the bottom of the treaty. He offered the pen to Seraphiel when he was done. She took it slowly, ignoring the warmth emitting from him as she signed the treaty.

"Not quite, Lucifer," Gabriel spoke up, stopping just short of Seraphiel's side. Lucifer's fiery glare burned into Gabriel's icy stare.

"What are you talking about now, brother?" Lucifer spat. It was Gabriel's turn to smirk and he did, he relished the silent panic that rose in his fallen brother.

"Seraphiel is not Falling to Lower Ground. Our Father would not have that," Gabriel said in a husky growl as if he were staking claim over Seraphiel.

"What? But the treaty states that she is to Fall with us, why try and lie to me when the words are right in front of you?" Lucifer snapped. Seraphiel watched the scene in front of her, frowning sadly before she turned her attention to the drop off. She wondered what if would feel like to Fall?

"You are correct, the treaty states that she will Fall with you. However, it doesn't state where she will Fall," Lucifer's eyes widened, rage flashing through him. A chalky smoke began to surround him, he was about to attack.

The two men were about to clash, they were so focused on their anger that they didn't see Seraphiel inch towards the edge of the drop off. The dark, starry expanse of the void between the realms seemed to go on forever. She looked back in time to see Lucifer lunge at Gabriel.

"You dare separate Twin Flames?" Lucifer snarled, clashing with Gabriel. Gabriel swept Lucifer's legs out from under him and pinned him on his back. He panted heavily as adrenaline pumped through him.

"No offense, brother, but you are the one that separated the two of you, not me. You are the one who turned your back on us."

There was a gasp as the crowd spotted Seraphiel, turning to face them. She kept her wings tightly tucked, her arms crossing over her chest like an 'x' and let her head fall back. It took a moment for the fighting Angels to notice what was happening.

Seraphiel blinked, and inhaled deeply. Lucifer pushed Gabriel off of him who had lost balance and fell on his rear before scrambling to get to the Angel. She exhaled slowly, letting her body fall. She imagined a hand reaching out to catch her. She wouldn't let their childishness ruin her chance at saving her home.

"Sera, no!"

"Sera!" The Angels screamed after her, reaching out as if to catch her. Her gown billowed out around her, her hair dancing as she drifted further from their grasp. She closed her eyes, embracing the loneliness. She heard Lilith's ear piercing scream before hearing a roar of the crowd. She opened her eyes, staring in the direction of her broken home. One by one she saw the horror of Angels and Elementals being thrown off of the drop off, their limbs flailing. She saw blood splatter flying through the air, falling with them. She didn't even notice Lucifer who had his gaze locked onto her.

He reached his hand out, gripping her ankle and pulled her to him. Seraphiel gasped at the scorching heat that his hand produced. He held her close to him, clutching her close to his chest. She fought against him.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" Seraphiel screamed out over the pained cries that surrounded them. Tears, bloody tears rolled down his face, leaving her startled.

"I'm not letting you go, I can't! I'm so sorry, Seraphiel."

"Let me go you fool," she struggled some more, her movements only freezing as she saw an ice and fire covered vortex. Meteors shot through it rapidly, making her swallow loudly in nervousness. Lucifer followed her gaze and cursed, causing her attention to shift back to him.

"Seraphiel, never forget that I love you. You are mine and I am yours and I promise, I will return to you again." He vowed. Before she knew it, he had managed to grab a quickly descending Angel and gripped the Angel to them, effectively squishing her between them. She didn't have time to respond as a mixture of suffocating heat and sharp, painful coolness of ice on her flesh. Flashes of fiery yellow zoomed across her vision. Her breath caught in her throat.

"Lucifer wh—" she opened her mouth to speak until a hard object jarred them. The Angel on her other side screamed in pure agony, making her gasp. Flames licked last her arms, turning her skin a soft pink. Lucifer grunted, shifting their weight so they fell off the object. All around them Angels fell into the vortex, crashing into meteors and burning, some of them missed. He discarded the charred Angel off of her and gripped her as tight as he could. His fingertips dug into the back of her thigh and the middle of her back. She felt them dodging back and forth, ducking in and out if danger until she felt another hit. Lucifer arched his back, letting out a wail of intense pain. She gasped, untucking her wings and giving them a strong flap before she angled them so they rolled away from the burning rock.

She opened her mouth to say something but was quickly cut off by Lucifer's mouth claiming her lips in a sweet, longing kiss. She let out a surprised cry into his mouth. He took her cry as a plea for further invasion as his tongue glided across the cavern of her mouth, feeling the silky feel of her tongue on his. He kissed her like he'd never see her again. She returned his kiss, hot tears escaping her as she did so.

To the lovers misfortune Lucifer broke off their passionate kiss, flinging her down the left hand path of the tunnel whereas he and a few other Angels fell down the right hand hole. Their hands instinctively reached out for one another, but it was in vein. Seraphiel found herself alone, falling with seemingly dead bodies and unknown souls. Where was she going? What was this place like?

She was so lost in her thoughts that she didn't hear the rumbling if the sky as she crashed through the vortex's opening. She didn't see the dead, dusty brown earth that she plummeted towards. She didn't notice the crumbling, broken homes and decaying souls that watched her crash to the ground with an earth shattering shake.

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