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Hidden Souls

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Hiding away from the government as a supernatural fugitive, was never apart of Lark Reynolds plans. Becoming an Olympic gymnast, hanging with her best friend Katie and annoying her older brother was all she cared about. Unfortunately the universe has a way of throwing limes when you’re trying to make lemonade. On a seemingly normal day, Lark as well as millions of others are subjected to magic. Causing her to lose her best friend to madness and her freedom to the government. Those aren’t the only things she needs to worry about though. Lark is part of the 1% in her age group that didn’t turn. Leaving her stuck in a world of terrified glares and curfews. That is until a year later when her ticking time bomb finally goes off and voices begin to fill her head. Now she must face more than she could ever imagine. SIFA (Supernatural inspection Force Agency), her new dangerous abilities, a vigilante group of creatures and the increasingly terrifying world of magic. Let the adventure begin.

Fantasy / Action
Ambrie Mina
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Electricity sizzled in the air like an oncoming hurricane. The streets were buzzing like they always had in the busy city of New York, but it somehow seemed quieter than usual. As if every few seconds someone was holding their breath; waiting for something harsh to slap them in the face. We could all feel it, but we were all too ignorant to say anything. After all it was 6 am on a Tuesday. So, at best, everyone pinned the bad feeling on how far away the weekend was.

I got up early that morning with my brain hammering against my scull. Nothing too bad but the sharp pain I felt in my temple was a little too noticeable for my liking. There was even a moment I debated going back to sleep and not doing my usual morning run but I had gymnastics that night. Tracy -my coach- wouldn’t be very happy about my ‘laziness’ and I would’ve had to endure twice as much conditioning.

As I ran, I didn’t question the buzz I felt in the air, or the lack of hobos that were usually on the streets. Not once did I have to ignore a loud catcaller or reach for the pepper spray in my pocket. I saw it as a small break from the idiots in the world and decided just to be thankful.

When I got back to our three-bedroom apartment, my dad was on the couch watching the news. At least he was pretending to anyway. His eyes were half open and he was still wearing his robe and slippers. The coffee he made was still fresh in the air but the cup was becoming cold on the table next to him.

“Get up, old man.” I said quietly, knowing my mom was still asleep. “You’re gonna be late.”

He just groaned and grabbed onto my hand that was reaching for his coffee, squeezing it then proceeded to slowly stand up. Grabbing the coffee on his way.

I chuckled at him, he’d always hated mornings and hated it even more that I love them.

I rushed into the bathroom and showered off quickly before getting dressed and slapping a beany over my dark curly locks. My backpack was already packed with my gym clothes and books from the night before, so I could easily grab it and make my way out.

My brother -Plover- was still asleep in his room and because I knew he wouldn’t have to be up for a couple more hours, I pounded on his door loudly. Once I heard a groan from the other side, I smiled then scampered off to the kitchen.

The smell of coffee was heavier now and my mom was awake and ready for work. She kissed and gave me a hug before sliding me my coffee and a bowl of oatmeal, which I scarfed down then headed out the door. Mornings were usually pretty quiet in my home. It didn’t help that I was the only one that actually liked them.

Walking the few blocks to school was easy as it was routine. I waved hello to Millie, one of the normal street venders who had been selling purses, jewelry and hats for the last few years. She was nice and loved giving me little inklings of ‘wisdom’ every morning when I passed.

Like “You only have 3.6 seconds to pick up your hotdog before the rats get it.” or “Umbrellas are really just hats for your hands.” I honestly didn’t know what I’d do without her.

School was only slightly crowded when I arrived that morning but I knew exactly where to look for my best friend. Katie was sitting on one of the banisters next to the stairs. Her long blonde hair was let loose around her face and her square glasses were sitting on the edge of her nose as she drew in her notebook. The banister kept her hidden from most people so she could doodle in peace but I always loved interrupting her. After all she was waiting for me.

“Hey Katie baby.” I said and hoisted myself up next to her, she jumped a small bit at my sudden appearance. “Whatcha doodling?”

“Nothing in particular.” She said after composing herself then ripping the paper out, shoving it in her pocket and shutting her brown leather-bound book. “You’re later than usual.”

“Millie tried to get me to buy one of her ‘totally real Gucci bags’ again.” I said, using my fingers as quotient marks.

Katie made an ‘oh’ with her lips then nodded for us to head inside. Her long legs guided her to the ground with ease while I had to jump a little farther to make it. She’s always been taller than me and most other girls for that fact.

She’d been my best friend since freshman year and was prone to being shy. Every morning she would wait for me outside the school because she hated going in by herself. Before I came along, she would wait until about thirty seconds before the bell rang then book it to class. That way she didn’t have to encounter anyone.

It was always so funny to me because I was a social person. Which essentially meant that I spoke to most everyone in the hallways. I guess she liked it because she didn’t actually have to do any of the talking, I did it all.

As we walked into the school, students were littered everywhere. Chatting and laughing or staring at their phones.

Me and Katie both immediately noticed Parker and his group of friends by the lockers. They were the loudest out of everyone so it was hard to miss them.

Me and Parker used to date on and off through freshman and sophomore year. He was a good guy just prone to choosing what’s cool over what’s right. His leather jacket, vans, curly longish hair and axe cologne always used to scream out ‘desperate to be popular’ to me.

I made eye contact with him and he gave me a slight nod before winking. I just rolled my eyes but Katie blushed next to me. She’d always had a slight crush on him.

“Hey Lark!” the schools’ crackhead, Leach, called out to us from the stairs. Taking my attention away from the boy I was having a staring contest with. “Do a flip!” He yelled, knowing perfectly well that I could.

I opted for not giving him the satisfaction of my compliance and instead flipped him the bird. My finger waved a little too high for too long and unfortunately was caught by Mrs. Gould. Her folded arms were the first thing I noticed when I turned around to head to class.

She raised an eyebrow at me and pushed her rounded glasses farther up her nose. I remember Katie grasping my arm tightly, she never liked confrontation nor getting in trouble.

“Hey Mrs. Gould, you’re usually on the third floor about this time.” I said with a slight cringe and an awkward hand motion.

Her eyebrow raised and she clicked her tongue. I’m sure she was going to scold me for my lewdness but I got lucky when the bell rang. Her hand reached out and she ripped my beanie off my head. “Get to class, Ms. Reynolds.” She said with a snarl on her lips.

I nodded my head with a mock salute then dragged Katie to the second floor. Ignoring the glare of the teacher behind me.

“She’s gonna make you regret that later.” Katie had mumbled in my ear.

“What’s she gonna do?” I said and nudged my best friend playfully. “Lock me in her personal choky.”

“I wouldn’t be surprised if she actually had one.” She said seriously after checking to make sure the witch was nowhere in sight.

I laughed and slunk my arm over her shoulder, then lead her into the classroom with me. “You’d save my pretty little ass, wouldn’t you?”

“Maybe.” She smiled and pushed me into my desk, right next to hers.

The class rumbled with noise as everyone shuffled in. Some papers were tossed around the room as my best friend and I chatted.

I ruffled through my backpack and pulled out another one of my beanie’s, plopping it on my head. I have a billion of these and the ones that got taken away I could usually get from the office later.

“You have Gym tonight, right?” she asked me while folding a small piece of paper into a triangle.

“Yeah, yesterday and Saturday are my only free nights this week. Competition is in a month.” I said slightly distracted with what she was doing.

“That’s what I thought.” She said just as the teacher made his way into the room.

I watched as she flicked the paper onto my desk then turned to the talking teacher. The note had little drawings on the inside of it but the beautiful cursive was clear.

“Ice cream fiasco Saturday?”

So that’s what she was working on this morning.

I nod my head with a smile. Ice-cream fiascos are my favorite. We go around all of New York to as many ice-cream shops as possible and stuff our faces. Honestly nothing better than that.

Me and her giggled a tiny bit but stopped when the teacher gave us a look.

Class went on like normal, Mr. Folsom droning on about math problems and why statistics was important.

About half way through class, the power went out with a loud pop. Some kids faked being scared then stopped when the air shifted. We were on the second floor so we could look out the window and easily see what was going on outside. Everyone in the streets seemed to just stop, the cars honking ceased and the world went quiet. Which in New York is and was absolutely unheard of.

Just as fast as it went quiet, screams and loud voices started breaking out from the hallway. The air crackled heavily with an energy I couldn’t describe yet somehow knew I would have to get used to.

My temple started to pulse again, just like it had that morning but I ignored it. There were bigger things at hand.

My gaze was focused on the door to outside when I heard a hard thump next to me. I looked over to find that Katie had slammed her head against her desk. She was gripped the table so hard her knuckles turned white and the wood had cracked. Her glasses flew off and somehow landed below her feet; broken. I picked them up and got out of my seat to kneel next to her, ignoring the teachers shouts to stay seated.

“Katie, what’s wrong? Are you okay?” I asked, trying to brush off the banging in my own head. Worry engulfed me, I’d never seen her like that before.

I reached out to touch her arm but she grabbed my own roughly. While I tried to pull away from her grip, her head came up slowly to look at me. The color of her eyes turned blood red as she stared me down. Malice dripped from her teeth when she growled and squeezed my wrist harder.

“You’re hurting me, Kate.” I hissed, tears pooling in my eyes at the pain. She stood to her feet and shoved me to the ground. “Katie, let go!” I screamed at her.

For a small moment, her eyes softened and my Katie was back. Vulnerable, shy, wouldn’t hurt fly, Katie. She let go of my wrist which I instantly brought to my chest.

“I’m sorry.” She whispered and stumbled away, tripping over her back pack that was on the ground. “I- “she tried to say but screamed out and clutched her head. Almost pulling out her hair with how violently she was yanking.

When the pain stopped, she looked back at me and for some reason I just knew that my friend was gone. Hers eyes and even body changed dramatically in the matter of seconds. She was taller, paler and scarier.

Her nose twitched as she sniffed the air, then hissed out at everyone who might have been looking at her. With one last crazed look in my direction she ran and jumped out the window, shattering it as she went.

I sat there in shock, staring at the broken glass on the ground. The room was in shambles and kids were hiding under the desks or in corners of the room. Mr. Folsom was huddled up under his own desk, still yelling for everyone to get down.

Only about eight of thirty students remained in the class, I wasn’t sure what happened to the others. I was too focused on my best friend disappearing before my eyes.

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