Hidden Souls

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There’s a certain type of spark in the air. Electricity seems to be flowing from one room to the other and each time I touch a light switch or a doorknob I’m instantly shocked. Something big is coming only I can’t hone in on what it could possibly be.

My energy is back to 100% and I somehow feel stronger than I was before. Not in the sense that my muscles have gotten bigger or I could lift a bus. More in that my phycological capacity has surpassed what it was before the explosion at Brimstone Market. I feel a door has opened somewhere within me and a new understanding of something has surfaced… though I don’t know what it is. All I know is that everything is different.

Candace spent a few hours with me after she helped to calm down my fever. She told me about how her and her brother traveled all the way here from South Carolina to find Miri. Apparently, Miracle has a keen sense for supernatural creatures and is able to distinguish the extremely powerful ones against the more dormant kinds. She contacted the twins through a letter and they left without a single word to their parents or younger sister. According to her they left only a month after the Awakening, meaning they’ve been gone from their family for more than a year.

I never realized how lucky I was to have had the extra time with my parents that I did. For me it’s only been a month, missing them more and more each day has become a sad normality. Faster than I would like to admit, a year will have gone by of not seeing them. Then two, and after that who knows how long.

The only thing I can do is keep telling myself that it’s for their own safety.

When Candace left, she told me that after I was back to my full self, I should come to room 13 on the east side of the bunker. She didn’t tell me why or what the room was before she made her way out.

It took me the rest of the day to get back to myself as well as come to a realization. I officially accepted what Miri had told me I am; a Banshee. Clearly, I don’t understand exactly what I’m doing or how to control the voices, but I realized denying it was only hurting myself. That’s when the electricity appeared around me.

I followed it to the cafeteria, where a loud of buzzing noises entered my ears. The energy was loud and palpable and it was all coming from the large metal door. As I stared at it, it seemed to pulse from the outside in. My fingertips tingled and the hair on the back of my neck stood on end. The static in my ears got louder and louder as I focused on the door. A deafening crash of thunder flew my ears and I brought my hands up to cover them best I could. My throat began to itch with the urge to scream-

“Lark?” a voice cut through and I was brought back to the present. “Are you okay?” Nat asked me as she entered the room.

After my little experience with the metal door, I made my way to find room 13. It was easier than I thought to track down and I instantly went. It was some type of game room mixed with a billion plants.

There’s a big Tv up against the wall with an Xbox connected to it. Plants and flowers hang from the ceiling and sit on every surface. The only exception is the ping pong table and the desk in the corner of the room. I’m sitting on one of the bean bags in front of the tv, watching -or really spacing out- as Asher and Mitchel play some video game. Candace and her brother haven’t shown up yet.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” I reply to Nat, not really giving her much because I’m still a little mad. She chose Cala’s side after she branded my arms and didn’t try to help or stop her. At first, I thought she was nice. She reminded me a lot of Katie, but Katie would never have sat around while someone else was getting hurt.

“How are you feeling?” she doesn’t sit down, instead she stands rigidly next to where I’m sitting. She’s fidgeting with her hands.

“As good as I could be after being branded.” There isn’t much emotion in my voice, and I never look up at her face.

“Cala didn’t mean it you know… she’s just trying to be cautious. She’s been through a lot and- “

“and that isn’t an excuse. We’ve all been through a lot.”

She’s quiet for a long second. The boy’s game had slowed down and I could tell they were listening in on our conversation. When I looked over at them and gave them a glare, Asher cleared his throat and elbowed the boy next to him. They went back to their game.

“I see you found the hang out spot.” Nat says, changing the subject. “Everyone usually congregates here; you know to cool down and stuff.”

“Where’s the angel?” I ignore her and ask.

“She uh, she had to go on a mission. Reid informed us of another girl that turned, so she’s gonna go try and get her before SIFA does.”

Let’s hope she’s nicer to this girl then she was to me.

“How does Reid know about the new turners?”

“Well, she’s super good with technology, so she was able to hack into SIFA’s frequency and listen to their radio conversations. Also, she’s an oracle. The future is kind of her thing. Especially when it has to do with other supernatural creatures.”

“Wow, so she probably knew I was going to turn before I did.”

“I guess so. She can only focus on certain things; she probably saw you being put in a SIFA van and that’s how Cala knew where to rescue you.”

The air began to tingle again. Energy was wafting into the room from the hallway in curious waves, becoming stronger and more defined with each second.

“When should Cala be getting back?” I ask, getting up from the bean bag. A knot has formed in the center of my chest.

“Uh, any second now. It’s hard to tell.”

I barely let her finish as I rush out of the room. The noise of the game in the background cuts out and I partially hear everyone following behind me.

My feet seem to be connected to the energy and take me down the hallways and back to the cafeteria. The skin on my arms and legs is crawling with the amount of power that is pulsating through the door. I stop in the middle of the room and face towards it. Stopping Nat with my arm when she tries to pass me.

“Oh, good you’re all here.” Miri says as she enters the room but I pay no attention. Keeping my eyes trained on the door. “What it is it, Lark?”

“I- “before I can get anything out, the wheel begins to turn painfully slow. The creaking echoes throughout the silent room, raising the tension. My hands curl into fist as well as the rest of my body clenches in protest. Breathing is hard as my chest feels fully restricted.

The door finally lurches open and a tuft of familiar sunshine blonde hair peeks through. My body relaxes for a moment and hope spreads through my limbs warmly.

“Katie?” I say and step towards the door.

An unfamiliar face makes its way into my vision and the orchestra in my head crashes violently to an abrupt end. The girl looks at me through squinted eyes, a hint of a smirk plays at the corner of her lips but I convince myself I imagined it.

Within seconds, she is shoved all the way through the door and Cala comes in behind her. A look of pure boredom is sculpted into her face.

“Hello dear.” Miri says and walks towards the girl. “There’s no need to be frightened. How about you follow me and we can have a little chat.”

She looks around the room at each of us, her eyes lingering on me for a second longer than the others. It’s so strange. The resemblance between her and my best friend is dizzying. Her build, height, hair, clothing style, it’s all almost identical.

My body jumps with small shocks and a feeling of dread comes over me.

The girl only nods her head and begins to follow Miri down another hallway. Without thinking I rush forward and grasp on to Miracle’s arm. “I don’t have a good feeling about this… somethings off about her.” I whisper, my eyes going back forth between the two.

The room goes silent except for the ever growing static in my ears. Miri gently pulls my fingers away from her arm and turns towards Cala.

“What is your opinion?” she asks her with a small sort of drawl in her voice.

“Why are you asking me? You didn’t care about what I thought when I said we couldn’t trust Lark.” She snaps back and Miri only glares at her. I can tell by the way her body shrinks away that she regrets her answer. She looks up at me and a light seems to flicker in the back of her eyes. “From what I’ve seen so far she’s quiet and we can trust her.”

A mischievous smile forms on her face, directed at me. Panic rises within my chest as Miri nods her head and gestures for the new girl to follow her. They disappear within seconds down the dark hallway.

“What the hell, Cala?” my eyes are wide and my body is shaking.

When she shrugs her shoulders and tries to walk away, I run forward and turn her towards me harshly.

“Ow, what is wrong with you?” she says as if I actually hurt her. “I thought you’d be happy I was giving this girl a chance.”

“No, Cala, you don’t understand. Something is seriously wro-“

“Oh, I understand perfectly. You’re such a hypocrite. Everything you’re saying is exactly what I was and am saying about you now. You’re probably just jealous because you’re no longer the shiny new penny.” Her wings fold into her back and she whips around to leave the room.

Asher comes up and put his hand on my shoulder. I’m sure to ask me if I’m alright… but all I can hear is thunder in my ears.

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