Hidden Souls

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I’m transferred out of my body and brought into Katie’s, watching through her eyes. Everything is fuzzy at first but when the vision is cleared, I’m confronted with my own face staring back at me. Instantly I recognize it as the last day I saw her, the day of the awakening. My eyes are wide and understanding of the oncoming sadness.

Before I know it, I’m crashing through the window with her. The landing is harsh and miscalculated. She dodges cars and rams down people as she passes them. Everything is turning red and I can feel the bloodlust dripping off of her. Katie stops in the middle of the road and zones in on the screaming people around her. Almost every single person looks at her in terror as they pass, except for one.

Millie’s sitting in her usual spot. Still holding up bags to the people running past her, completely oblivious to what’s going on. She notices Katie, and worst of all Katie has noticed her. I can only watch hopelessly, a sad truth becoming clear to me.

“Oh, Katie!” Millie shouts out to her and gestures her over. “I have a deal, a very good deal. Good good good. Just for you only ten dollars for Umbrellas!” she holds some NYC hats up with a big toothless smile on her face.

Katie doesn’t say anything just gets closer and closer.

“Eyes… are red?” Millie questions, finally processing the danger.

She doesn’t even have time to grab the pepper spray we had bought her before Katie lunges. I watch horrified as Millie is practically torn to pieces. Her muscles snap in my ears as there ripped off her bones and spit onto the cement. Red crimson splatters onto the wall and fake Gucci handbags. Creating a gruesome masterpiece that would be covered in paint and pictures of our loved ones in the near future. Katies fingers dig deep into her stomach when she finally bites into her neck and begins to suck her dry.

Its horrific to watch as the blood that was gushing from her body slows and then stops abruptly. As there is nothing left to seep out. Millie’s screams die down with an eerie gurgling.

Katie drops her body as if it’s nothing. Not giving a single glance before turning around and moving on.

One after another I watch through Katies eyes as she takes more and more lives. Each victim’s face is marked in my mind. Their screams and deaths stuck in my memory for what I know will be the rest of my life.

Twenty, forty, fifty, I begin to lose count of each teenager, child, parent and grandparent that is lost at her hands. I watch as she breaks bones, rips off heads, even removes the spine from one of her victims. Her emotions become clearer and it pains me to understand that she enjoys sucking the life out of innocent people.

It becomes a game to her. Luring in her victims in different ways each time. Sometimes torturing them for hours on end before killing them, but she always finishes them off in the same way… with blood.

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