Hidden Souls

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The sound of glass shattering is the only noise I can register beside my own scream. It seems to echo through the room slowly before making its way back and knocking me out of my chair.

I can’t hear the voices anymore. Instead I hear other screams of terror, ones that I knew aren’t just inside my head. It’s easy to tell that the yells are directed towards me.

Looking up from my spot on the ground is less painful then I expect it to be. There’s no glass in my arms or neck, which seems impossible because I know I saw the small shards fly past my face. I should be hurt in some way, but I’m not. My body feels miraculously light and free.

The people on the other side of the room are stumbling as fast as they can to exit. I can tell from one look that they weren’t as lucky as me. Pieces of sharp glass are covering each and every one of their bodies and blood is seeping out of their ears.

The women from before has disappeared.

Though my body feels content, I know it is tired. I can barely stand to my feet. This is worse than when I had to do a three-hour conditioning session at gym. Everything is shaky and my throat is on stings outrageously.

I ignore the tiredness in my limbs and stand to my feet, groggily I grab my backpack and book it out of the room. Most students jump out of the way when they see me, so it’s easy to get out of the building fast.

I have to get home. Whatever that was, it wasn’t normal and I know they’ll be coming for me soon. Hopefully I can grab a few things and make it out of the city before they find me. Otherwise I’ll be as good as dead... or worse a lab rat.

This seriously cannot be happening. I was supposed to be normal. Apart of the 1% that didn’t turn. Turning isn’t even the worst part of this situation. The worst part is that I have no idea what I am... and that scares me the most.

My apartment is relatively close to both my college, so it doesn’t take long for me to get through my front door.

I instantly go into my room and start packing a backpack, putting in a jacket, some socks, beanie’s and small little blanket. I go to my drawer and grab out a small case. Inside are Katie’s broken glasses and the note she had passed me that day.

My phone beeps in my back pocket and I pull it out to find that SIFA has sent out a SC warning (Supernatural Creature). I chuck my phone across the room and continue packing.

There’s a knock on my door and my brother comes in, he’s holding a bowl of cereal and is as relaxed as ever. “You’re home early.”

“Shut up, Plover.” I say and continue rushing around the room, tears are staring to fall from my eyes but I just wipe them away. There’s no time to cry right now.

I can’t seem to find my flashlight, which is only making me more and more frustrated. My frustration gets the best of me and stand up to slam my head against the wall, praying this is just some stupid nightmare.

“Hey hey hey.” He says and walks over to me. “We both know you’re stupid but slamming your head against the wall isn’t going to make you any smarter.”

“And you know this from experience?” I say out of breath. “Something’s happened.” I admit with a slight crack in my voice.

“What?” he says, all joking aside. “Are you okay, were you attacked by a Dark Soul?”

“No,” I gulp and look up into his eyes, tears dripping from my own. “I think I am one.”

He freezes and I can tell he’s resisting the urge to back away from me. After some time for him to compose himself he sets down his bowl and sits on my bed. “What did you do?” he whispers to me, like he’s scared someone is listening.

I sit next to him and take a breath before telling him what happened in class. His emotions switch from confusion, to fear, to sadness in the matter of seconds. Before I can even finish, he starts helping me to pack. He even goes in his own room and grabs me his leather jacket which -although is large on me- is super warm.

“You have to go, Larky.” He says and hands the packed bag. “You know what will happen if they get you… besides I’ve been wanting your room for the last little while anyway.” He tries to lighten the mood a bit but I know he’s sad. If I leave now, there’s no telling when I’ll ever see him or my family again.

I laugh a small bit then go in for hug, letting him comfort me for a small moment. We may torment each other often but he’s my brother and I love him with all my heart.

The front door opens and we pull apart quickly, both scared of who it might be.

“Plover, were home!” my mom calls from the living room. “Let’s start dinner before your sister gets home.”

We give each other a look then make our way out of my room. My mom and dad are in the kitchen, putting away groceries they must have just got from the store. When they notice me a look of confusion passes between them.

My mom’s blonde hair is tied up in a high messy bun and she’s still wearing her kakis from the zoo. She’s vet and works mostly with birds, they’re her true passion. Hence me and my brothers’ names. It’s actually where she met my dad. He was there fixing one of the cages, he’s technician for the city and often does random jobs anywhere he can get them. They’ve been together for 28 years.

I bring my backpack high up on my shoulder and bring my parents attention to it. They still don’t understand so I step forward and take each of their hands.

“I have to go.” I whisper, not sure of what else to say. “I… I turned today.”

My father’s grip on my hand tightens and my mother gasps. I’m relieved though as neither of them look scared.

“I won’t let them take you.” My dad spits, showing me his anger. “I won’t, they can’t just come in here and take my daughter. You’re not dangerous, you’re- you’re.”

I cut off his rant by pulling him into a hug. There’s nothing he can do. I either leave now or they come for me. I wish more than anything that I could comfort him and my mom, tell them that everything’s going to be okay. The truth is though that I have no idea.

When I pull away my dad has tears streaming down his cheeks. I’ve never seen my dad cry before. I’m a daddy’s girl, 100%. I got a lot of my attributes from him, my curly hair, my eyes, even my light brown skin tone.

“Do you have everything you need? It’s going to rain tonight; do you have a warm enough jacket?” my mom butts in and starts fussing over me. “Do you have enough beanies? I know how much you love them and I wouldn’t want you to- “

“Plover gave me his jacket, I packed warm sock and plenty of beanies. I’m gonna be okay.” I tell her, not really believing it myself. I lean in and hug her tightly; afraid I might never let go.

“It’s getting late, Larky. You’ve gotta go.” My brother says, he’s getting antsy. “I’m going to take her to the edge of the city. You remember where we camped in the mountains a few years ago, right? Find a cabin up there and in a few months, we’ll come find you.”

I nod my head, thinking back to how freezing those mountains were. That was a miserable trip but it’s my only option.

We go in for one last group hug then pull away quickly. There just isn’t enough time.

Plover grabs my hand and leads me to the door. We would go down the fire escape but that would lead to more attention than we’d like.

He opens the door and before I know it, I’m being shoved behind him. An air of fear enters our small apartment and I can’t help but lean around him to see what’s going on.

The green uniform instantly catches my eyes and I know instantly that I’m in trouble. A small emblem on his chest of a circle with a sharp S and F inside is clear to me. my breath hitches and I grip tightens on my brothers arm.

It’s a SIF’er.

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