The Dragon's Abode

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Part 1:Chapter 3

It was early morning, the little girl and her grandmother woke up earlier than usual.

"It's getting colder the windows are misted." Said the grandmother.

Winter had drawn near and the air had gotten less humid.

The little girl looked out the bedroom window to the forest.

Mist?... She thought.

An idea crossed her mind.

She ran to the kitchen and climbed up a stool to reach out for a jar from her grandmother's cupboard.

Outside, the sun was yet to peek out from beneath the hills. The skies were cloudless and the wind was calm.

The stool wobbled as she raised herself to her toes. Her grandmother decided to watch what she was up to from the bedroom. The little girl lost her balance but grandma was fast enough to run to the kitchen. She held the stool in place and the little girl jumped off the stool. They both let out a sigh of relief.

"You silly girl. You should have called me if it is out of reach." Her grandmother said.

The little girl looked down avoiding eye contact with her grandmother.

"I'm sorry grandma..."

"Now what do you need?"

"That jar!" The girl exclaimed pointing to the jar on the cupboard.

"Hmm... since you'll be taking it to the forest ... Why don't I give you a jar I used to collect herbs with when I was a little girl?" Her grandmother said touching the little girl's nose.

The girl scrunched her little nose.

"Is it a beautiful jar, grandma?" She asked.

"Sure is..." Her grandmother said as she stood up to open the topmost shelf in the kitchen. The little girl's eyes gleamed as she saw the most beautiful rocks and crystals in her grandmother's shelf. At the corner of the shelf stood a jar whose lid is adorned with chunks of obsidian. The jar was empty but it shone as if a thousand fireflies live within it. Grandma reached out and took the jar down from her shelf.

"It is yours now... Open it." She said as she handed the jar to her granddaughter.

The little girl opened the jar and light left the jar. The light encircled her and disappeared gradually. The girl was confused as to what had happened.

"Now that light is a part of you..." Her grandmother said.

"Will I be as kind as you then, grandma?" The little girl asked.

Her grandmother smiled.

"You already are the kindest, little one. Now it's time for you to go on your little adventures, remember to talk to the river spirits before you play along the river so they'd grant you protection. Run along now."

The little girl waved goodbye to her grandmother and left for the woods delighted with the jar she was gifted with.

The birds chirped as the first rays of sunlight touched the Earth. The girl held the jar close to her chest as she ran. The forest, the river and the cave with it's dragon awaits the little girl. She ran until she reached a nearby stream. She then opened the jar and rinsed it. As she sat beside the stream she dipped her little feet in the water, shivering slightly from the cold, while she took the hem of her dress to wipe the jar dry. The jar seemed gigantic in her tiny hands and she held it carefully afraid if she might drop and break it.

She then brought the jar to her mouth, sucked in a lot of air for breath and exhaled all the air she could from her tiny lungs into the jar until the insides of the jar became fogged. She quickly and tightly closed the lid and ran to the cave to where the dragon slept.

From within the cave, the Dragon had anticipated her arrival. His silver eyes were wide open when he heard her approach the cave. The little girl came running towards him. She had both her hands behind her back.

"What is it?" The dragon asked.

She shuffled her legs and brought both her hands forward.

"I made mist ... For you." She replied grinning from ear to ear.


"In this..." She looked down at the jar in between her hands the jar was no longer fogged.

"...jar. Wait...." She said, quickly turning back and opening the lid. She then breathe in the jar as fast as she could.

"That jar..." He thought.

"Seems familiar..."

He was sure what it was but he shook the thought off.

"That's not mist, silly." He said laughing as he watched the girl amused.

"When the windows looked like this grandma said they're misted ... So I thought..."

"Hmm... Well she's not wrong. Your grandmother gave you that jar?" The dragon asked.

"Mhm... isn't it beautiful? She said I can keep it." The girl replied smiling.

"It truly is..."

To think this girl would be related to her...

"Do you ever come out from the cave?" The little girl asked the dragon.

"I used to once upon a time but then I grew too large that if I leave the cave I'd cause a ruckus in the village so I decided to not go out. The people feared me nevertheless" The dragon replied.

The girl raised her hands and twirled on her toes mimicking a bird or rather, a dragon.

"But you're not as big now you can go out and fly. I wish I could fly too. But I'm not a dragon ... And I don't have wings..."

"I don't have wings either. Do you think I can fly?" The dragon added humorously.

"Of course, grandma told me most dragons can fly even without wings. They have magick." She replied.

"Well they soar with the wind with a little bit of magick." The dragon laughed and as he did his giant mustache shook and his nostrils flared.

"I wish to see you fly one day. I have a feeling you can."

"You sure are more confident in my ability to fly than I am. This is my newly formed body you see and it would be unsafe to fly around with everyone having an instinctive fear towards serpents like myself." Said the dragon.

"I wasn't afraid I'm pretty sure many villagers will accept you as well" The girl replied.

"You, little one, are different." The dragon replied. "Your innocence has led you to accept everyone as they are... I'm not so sure I'm a welcomed presence in this village. They'll never let me live if they find out about my existence once again."

The little girl heart hung heavy with sorrow for the dragon. The world was a beautiful place for her and she can little but imagine how hard it is to not be a welcoming presence. She thought hard and came with a conclusion. She held her head high with her tiny hands on her waist.

"I shall keep you safe." She said. "I will not let anyone come near this cave."

The dragon had never before seen kindness in a long time. And it was indeed the first time he had ever felt warmth in this world. It amused him how a little girl could give him assurance with the confidence in her eyes. He looked at the girl before him untainted by the world and it's teachings. And for the first time in a long time, the dragon smiled.

"Then I can trust you on that, little one..."

The little girl contented with the dragon's reply, closed her eyes and nodded her head. In her innocence, she had no idea that her words brought light to the dragon's world and that she will be his salvation yet she earnestly thought she would do whatever she could to protect her kind fish.

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