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Gateway to Aethera | Wynonna Grimm Book 1

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Wynonna Grimm isn't one that's fazed easily. Whether it pertains to having to deal with your every day run of the mill debt collectors or even handling the most demanding of customers, Wynonna always manages to take everything at her own pace. Having been shrouded with bad luck throughout all twenty-four years of her miserable life, she has learned one valuable lesson. That it's without a doubt an absolute necessity to have not only a plan B... but a plan C, D and E as well. Unfortunately for her there's only one thing that she had never in a million years ever planned on: Dying. Therefore the moment a novice grim reaper confesses to have "accidentally," reaped her soul, as the little shit just so kindly put it, Wynonna was dumbstruck to say the least. Thus she is now left with only two options: Accept her fate and move on to the spirit realm... or steal her dead corpse back from out of a morgue in order to cross onto the Otherside, the land of Aethera, realm of the Fae, in hopes of restoring the broken chains between her body and soul, but doing so will mean to abandon everything that she's ever built for herself without looking back. Embroiled in the midst of the corruption that is the elven court, between being mistaken for an enemy spy and dealing the antics of a rather inflexible elven psychopath, Wynonna is definitely going to need all the luck she can get.

Fantasy / Adventure
J.Z. Mejia C.
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Hello everyone, just wanted to remind you all that this book is also a work in progress and that as of right now what I have so far is still an unedited version. So as a fair warning, whatever grammatical errors you may come across, rest assured that I will get to them in due time. As such I'd also like to be clear when I state that all ideas presented within this book do not reflect my views on society. Furthermore, once again I'd also like to emphasize that this story is a work of fiction, meaning that all ideas presented are simply a product of my own imagination and are not meant to undermine the values and beliefs of my audience. Other than that, I hope you all can enjoy! :)
Yours Truly,
~Miss Author~

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