Noble Sin | VII Deadly Sins Book 1

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Lust. Gluttony. Greed. Sloth. Wrath. Envy. Pride. Twenty-seven year old, high school dropout, Nora is someone who knows best how cruel the world can be. From a young age, having been left with no choice but to raise her younger sibling as her own, without the support of a mother or a father she stood against the unknown and moved forth against all that fate threw at her. But this time, not even Nora was prepared for what the gods had in store for her. Suddenly ripped apart from her only family and abducted into a foreign land, she is faced with an age old grudge against humanity and the scorn brought upon by the actions of the very first of her ancestors. Despite the many obstacles that she is now left to face, Nora has no choice but to endure the hostility of an entire race in order to some day be reunited with her sister. Though there is no doubt that she will make plenty of enemies along the way, she will soon come to find that the ones who seem to hate her the most might be the only ones who can save her from the dangers that face her every way. Thus she will have no choice but to ally herself with those who embody the unholiest of sins, in order to break free from the chains of fate. All Rights Reserved.

Fantasy / Adventure
Jissel Mejia C.
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Hello everyone, just wanted to remind you all that this book is also a work in progress and that as of right now what I have so far is still an unedited version. So as a fair warning, whatever grammatical errors you may come across, rest assured that I will get to them in due time. As such I'd also like to be clear when I state that all ideas presented within this book do not reflect my views on society. Furthermore, once again I'd also like to emphasize that this story is a work of fiction, meaning that all ideas presented are simply a product of my own imagination and are not meant to undermine the values and beliefs of my audience. Other than that, I hope you all can enjoy! :)

Yours Truly

~Miss Author~

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