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Chapter 9

The woman combing Nora’s hair couldn’t help but pity the young woman before her.

A very beautiful girl, and very lucky indeed. How she managed to survive is beyond me, uninjured nonetheless. Her kind does not belong here. She will be lucky if she somehow manages to survive what’s to come, the woman pondered.

The door was suddenly slammed open, the loud bang startling the young girl out of her daze.

“It’s time,” The impatient male that entered growled at the woman, causing her to avert her eyes downwards in fear.

“Of course,” she answered quietly, gently helping the young girl to her feet and guiding her out the door.

“Please do not try anything rash...” the woman hesitated before whispering to the younger female in broken English, her thick accent slipping through, “It will do no good for either of us.”


The haunted look in the woman’s eyes almost seemed to beg Nora to heed her words. Sweeping her eyes over the older female’s facial expression, Nora couldn’t help but get the impression that there was a double meaning to her words. Despite feeling slightly disconcerted, for some unknown reason, Nora still felt the need to nod her head slightly, to which the woman beside her released a puff of air in response. They walked down a long hallway and stopped before a heavy metal door. Jackass opened the door without hesitation and shoved Nora in.

“Luckily, I won’t have to put up with you anymore,” he looked down at her with distaste, before walking away and shutting the door behind him.

On the other hand, Nora’s new female acquaintance chose to stay behind a few moments longer before carefully placing a tentative hand on Nora’s shoulder.

“Child, you looks to be a strong one. My best advice to you now is to not be too willful. You will only make things worse. Trust meh,” she murmured into Nora’s ear before rushing out of the room. Nora was confused as to what she meant but had the feeling that she would find out soon enough. She looked around and only then she noticed a strange male busying himself with a leather sack. The middle-aged man wore very similar clothing to that of her captors. The small dank room was lit by an oil lamp residing on a long granite table in the center of the room but even in such horrible lighting Nora still managed to make out his long blonde hair and dark brown eyes.

Nora felt chills run down her spine the moment he halted his actions and turned fully to observe her. His gaze was like that of a predator’s, waiting for its prey to make the first move. The damp air was suffocating. It was only then that Nora realized the room she was in wasn’t a room at all but a cell. Cracks ran along the granite floor and dark splatters of an unknown substance coated it. Her stomach churned in revulsion once she realized what they were.


Chains were bolted to the wall behind the man and the floor surrounding that area was decorated with what looked to be bloodied claw marks. Nora stepped back in fright, her lungs constricting as her back ending up flat against the door. Nora’s eyes widened in unease as he offered a smile with a sinister look in his eyes.

“It... has been a long time since I’ve been given the pleasure to domesticate another such as yourself,” he commented nonchalantly, causing a sickening feeling to settle at the pit of Nora’s stomach.

“Usually they always arrive here half-dead... I’m honestly quite pleased that’s not the case this time. I think you and I are going to have a lot of fun,” he remarked almost as if he was trying to reassure her of said fact whilst slowly edging his way towards her in a dangerously lighthearted manner. Nora immediately scrambled to the furthest corner of the room away from him in response before shooting him a withering glare.

“Oh? Defiant, now are you? What a brave little one,” he chuckled to himself.

“Unfortunately we can’t have that,” he taunted as Nora pressed herself against the corner. His eyes gleamed in content, as he stalked up to Nora. Removing the gag off from her mouth with one hand, he pulled out a switchblade from his pocket with the other, resting the sharp blade threateningly against her abdomen.

“Now darling, how about a few introductions? Name?” he inquired as though he was genuinely interested in getting acquainted with her. Nora hesitated in apprehension, very conscious of the knife that was currently prodding her stomach.

“N-Nora,” she stuttered, blinking rapidly, perturbed by the sight of his hollow eyes in the poor lighting.

"No-rah? Strange... but then again you’re not exactly from around the parts, to begin with,” he pondered thoughtfully more to himself than to Nora as he twisted the knife deeper into Nora, causing her to choke on her own saliva as it pierced her skin.

“Well, I have been called many things throughout my lifetime, but since this is a special occasion, perhaps I shall give you my true name? It has been a while since I’ve actually given my name to anyone. You should feel honored. So how about it?” he inquired cheerfully, twisting the knife deeper into Nora’s skin with a sudden jerk, after having been met with silence. Nora wheezed in pain as blood dripped onto the floor.

“Well, you’re quite the rude little one, aren’t you? Did no one teach you to speak when spoken to? In any case, you will learn as everyone else does. All in due time,” he beamed, “Now how about we try this one more time?”

Unfortunately, Nora was unable to register his words as her focus was solely on the knife currently protruding from her stomach. With her heart pounding loudly, Nora raised her leg without a second thought and slammed it between the man’s legs. Said perpetrator, immediately dropped to the ground and groaned in pain. Nora bolted towards the door only to remember that with her hands tied the way they were, there was no possible way for her to be able to open the door. A pair of arms shot out from behind her and flung her away from the door. The air was knocked out of her as Nora’s. Her breaths came short rapid bursts as she coughed in pain. Dark spots clouded her vision, to which Nora blinked several times in an attempt to clear it.

“Such spirit,” he let out a small laugh, his dark eyes wild with an insanity that scared Nora down to her core. He dug his fingernails further into her skin, causing Nora to whimper in discomfort.

“We can’t have that now, can we? Seems as though I have to dole out punishment so soon already. Such a pity,” he mocked, “and here I thought that we could get through this ordeal in a civil manner.”

The ruthless man wrenched Nora’s head back and dragged her across the room by her hair despite her protests. He then cut her bindings and quickly clamped down the handcuffs on her wrists. The cold metal bit into her wrists, chains rattling as the man proceeded to chain her ankles as well.

“Get your hands off of me!” Nora snarled in his direction despite the dark spots that marred her vision.

“Oh sweetheart, I can tell already that we’re most certainly going to have a lot of fun you and I,” he grinned down at Nora. The elated male got up and turned his back to her, walking to the side of the door to reach down inside his leather bag, pulling out several objects that were hidden from her view.

“I believe it’s about time we get started,” he mumbled under his breath as he strolled back to Nora. His lips stretched wide into a wide smile as he caught the direction of Nora’s gaze to which she scrambled backward against the wall with dread. The dim lighting shone on him, making his features become more prominent. His hair was long, probably a foot below his shoulders, skin a sickly pallor as though he rarely ever saw the light of day and he was well built based on the way his muscles were pronounced against his clothing. Though his face was quite angular, it was evident that his nose had been broken at least once long ago.

Nora froze as she caught sight of the objects in his hands. Her mind blanked as he neared her. Kneeling down before her he chuckled once more.

“Why so quiet now? There is no need to be frightened. This won’t hurt. Well, it’s not going to hurt me that is...” He grinned once more, reaching towards her and pulling her off of the wall towards the center of the room. Raising his leg up high up he then kicked Nora from behind, causing her to drop on all fours and groan in pain. With one swift motion, he slashed into her back, splitting through her skin whilst tightening his grip on the whip he held in his other hand.

Nora heaved in shock upon impact, unable to cry out in pain. Blood poured out of her wound and spilled onto the cold hard ground. Her back burned in anger as he brought his weapon down onto her back once again harder than before. Nora croaked, forgetting how to breathe for a moment as the blinding pain clouded her senses. The sword-like weapon cut down upon her person several more times, completely shredding the back of her shirt, and drenching her entire backside with blood. The sadistic man skillfully wielded his torture device in a manner that cut her deeply enough for Nora to feel unspeakable pain but not to the extent of killing her. Having tired of the long dagger, he set the blade aside without a moment’s thought.

Nora’s back screamed in white-hot agony, rendering her body immobile. The man tightened his hold on the weapon he had kept in his other hand before bringing it down upon her with full force. The loud sound of a whip cracking as it came into contact with Nora’s back, stunned her once again. Her fists clenched at her sides in utter agony, nails digging deep into the palms of her hands before an earth-shattering cry tore from her throat. Nora could feel the blood pounding through her ears as he brought down his whip, cutting deep into her skin as the whip rained down upon her too many times to count. Completely drained of energy, she was unable to prevent herself from falling unconscious into her own pool of blood. The young woman’s body crumpled in a heap, having fallen into a complete state of oblivion as it made impact with the ground.

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