Noble Sin | VII Deadly Sins Book 1

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March 25, 1975

A young woman panted, as she held onto the small bundle in her arms for dear life. Running blindly through the dense forest surrounding her, the moon was her only source of light. She prayed to the gods above that the trees would be willing to conceal her and provide her with protection. Looking back, what she saw made her tremble with fright. The woods were crawling with soldiers― all sent to capture her by any means necessary. The bundle in her frail arms began to wriggle.

She was exhausted beyond belief, yet had no choice but to keep going. Her sore-blistered feet pounded against the cold wet ground. It would only be a matter of time before she was spotted and she dreaded the moment with every ounce of her being. Her once long flowing, honey blonde hair was now dirty and limp. The tired complexion that spanned across her features made her look as though she were merely a few seconds away from dropping dead to the ground.

All she wanted was to be free. Free from the ties that bound her to an indescribably treacherous future. Did that make her selfish? Perhaps. But nonetheless she could not help but want more than the future that she had been condemned to long ago.

Ducking behind the trunk of a large tree, she stopped to regain her breath. Reaching a trembling hand up to her temple, she brushed off the beads of sweat that had gathered above her brow. Not even a full minute had passed when she discerned the sound of footsteps nearing and was forced to set off again.

Her shift—once a pearly white but now stained with blood and filth—caught onto a fallen branch. The woman lost her balance and stumbled over the branch. That minor misstep alone was enough to cause the being cradled in her arms to emit a loud whimper. Within seconds, audible footsteps could be heard coming towards her way at an inhuman rate. Tugging on the garment with her free hand, she tore it from the seam, scraping her hand on the branch and injuring it in the process.

Using up the last of her energy, she increased her pace all whilst doing her best to fight off the exhaustion taking hold of her.

Just a little longer. We’re almost there. Then all of this will be over. No more running, she encouraged herself painfully. The beating of her heart was racing at an uncontrollable rate, but she somehow still managed to find the will to keep going. Although completely drained, her will alone was enough to keep her going.

The newborn in her arms had now begun to cry inconsolably, each cry growing louder in volume by the second. Before long, she was completely surrounded without room for escape. Soldiers emerged from all around her and in her desperation, she clutched the child closer to her chest. Her ragged breathing soon drowned out the cries of the child, until it was all she could hear.

On the verge of tears, with her heart lodged in her throat, she was still too weak to defend herself and had no escape route whatsoever. Staring at her with dark soulless eyes, the soldiers drew closer, unsheathing their lethal weapons. She took a few steps back only to stop abruptly when it dawned on her that there were others standing behind her, pointing their steel weapons at her back. In a last-ditch effort, she turned around in a desperate attempt to search for a sliver of hope but ultimately failed to see anything that could save her from her dreadful fate.

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