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Prince Of The Night ON HOLD

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I take in ragged breaths as I run. The darkness is there.

A man stands in front of me, face hidden in the shadows. “Soon, my love.” he murmurs, his voice sounding like velvet on stone. Deadly, yet so, so beautiful.

“Who are you?′ I ask.

He laughs, a sound that makes my heart burst in happiness.

I gasp as he disappears, melting into the darkness. For some reason, I feel hollow and empty without him. A new presence is there now. Sinister and menacing. A darker and more powerful, dangerous one. One that threatens to swallow me whole.

I scream as I start to disintergrate.

The pain is excruciating. Every fibre of my body feels like its burning lead.

“You are a creature of the night now.” says a new and unknown voice, one that makes me shiver in terror.

I drop to my knees as the pain reaches my waist. Sweat drips down my pale face.

“You shall meet your fate soon.” continues the voice. You do not even know who you are.” mocks the voice.

I scream once more and sob as the pain reaches a bursting point. I cover my mouth with my shaking hand, not wanting to show my weakness.

“Trying to be strong? It is futile. I will break you!” hisses the voice.

Then everything disappears, and the gorgeous man from before hold my face in his soft, warm hand. “It is alright. Nobody can harm you when I’m there.”

I look up and gasp. He is absolutely gorgeous. Grey eyes meet mine, along with a chiselled jaw, sharp features and dark hair. There is a light stubble on his jaw, and after a moment of hesitation I run my hand across it. He sighs in pleasure and leans into my touch, making goosebumps erupt all over my skin.

“Who are you?” I whisper.

He smiles at me, looking even more Adonis-like. “We shall meet soon, love.” he says.

Then everything dissolves, and I wake up to the lilac walls of my room.

I wake up gasping, sweat beading on my forehead. Who was that man? What was that pain?

“It was just a dream. It was just a dream.” I repeat to myself, running a hand through my jet-black hair.

Then why did it feel so real?

I get up and walk inside my restroom, and splash my face with water.

“You alright, love?” says Adam from behind me, sleepily sprawled on the bed.

My gut wrenches with guilt. My loving long-term boyfriend was sleeping right next to me while I was dreaming of another man.

“Yeah.” I say.

But I couldn’t argue with the fact that ‘love’ sounded better coming from that mystery man’s mouth than it did with him.



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