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Second Chances - #2 of "The Lottery Mate"

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After catching Cedrick cheating on her, Lesley has had enough and runs away. Here she finds new friends and allies and a possibility at a life, that she can control all by herself. But will it be enough? When Alpha Cedrick finds her, will she forgive him? Can they even have a future together? Can two broken people really make a whole?

Fantasy / Romance
Tamar Leo
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Chapter 1

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Lesley’s POV

“Who many times do I have to tell you?!” I sighed, staring at the grayish and back loft over me. I was tired. And hungry. And hurt. And a lot of other bullshit that didn’t make me the most agreeable she-wolf to be around right now.

“I’m not a rogue!”

I yell it like I believe it, but honestly, I’m not so sure. I mean, the last encounter I had with Cedrick he was less than happy with me, considering I bit his hand and shit. Which I still have conflicting feelings about. Yeah, I felt bad for hurting him, but he was cheating on me! And with Tanja of all people! She’d been talking to me like we could be friends and he told me he had a ‘past’---


It’s not a past when you’re still getting house calls! And they both…! ARG!!! I wanted them both dead so badly I’d happily apply the silver myself!

But the second I saw Cedrick’s blood, I cringed. I didn’t want to cause my mate pain. Even if he just ripped my heart out. Because--- mate-bond, bitches!

Yeah, even I was surprised to find it was still there. I couldn’t explain it, but for some reason, Cedrick was still my mate. He didn’t want me. He cheated on me and wanted someone else--- but he didn’t reject me! I mentally cursed. Probably that stupid, possessive alpha wolf-gene. I don’t want it, but it’s mine, hence no one else can have it…

“Then why did you trespass into our territory,” the beta asked again, looking just as tired of this shit like I was.

“As I’ve already explained a million times,” I gritted between my teeth, giving him a look, I was hoping would put him six feet under. “I’m new here! I didn’t recognize the different smell and I didn’t know I’d run far enough to cross any boundaries. This is all just a misunderstanding!”

“But you’re not willing to tell us where you’re from?”

“At least I know you’ve been listening to something I said,” I muttered, rolling my eyes at him. I wasn’t even sure I wanted to go back!

But our mate is there, my wolf suddenly said, in a voice no louder than a soft whisper. I scoff. Sometimes I can’t believe how submissive she is! Aren’t wolves with alpha blood supposed to be mighty and all-powerful?

Our mate is a cheating asshole and the last person I currently want to be with! I bark back at her, getting her to be quiet again.

“Which pack do you belong to?”

I sighed. AND we’re back to that…

“Just drop me off where you found me and I’ll be on my merry way,” I practically was whining at this point. “Please?”

“Not until you tell me what…”

“What pack I’m from, I knooooow!” I groaned. Were all wolves this stubborn or was I just especially lucky? “Why does shit like this always happen to me?”

“Tell me your pack’s name and this shit will be over, princess,” he actually had the audacity to grin. I growled at him--- but then realized, I had no idea what pack had kidnapped me…

“What pack is this?” I asked, getting a suspicious look from the beta. I rolled my eyes at him. This guy obviously had a cactus stuck up his ass! “Just out of curiosity,” I scoffed in a ‘duh’ kinda tone. He didn’t seem to buy it at first but apparently came to the conclusion that me knowing, wouldn’t hurt anyone.

“The Don River Pack,” he said--- and my eyes all but bulged out of my sockets.

“Like THE Don River pack?!” I shrieked, taking the poor man by surprise. Even my wolf dropped her jaw, knowing we were right now IN the pack that we’d idealize our entire life! “You’re guys are famous for your role in the War of Legends…” I continued and luckily before I made a complete fool out of myself, the critic inside me woke up: “Or are you pulling my tail here?”

“No,” the Beta replied, a small grin appearing at the edge of his lips. Apparently having fans was new to him. “We are that Don River Pack.”

“No shit!” I gasped, unable to hold in my excitement. “It feels like I’m visiting some celebrity.”

Yeah! In their luxury suite no less, my wolf chipped in. She was a bit scared and trying to remind me, of the predicament we were in. But I was too happy to even care. This was THE DON RIVER PACK!!! Mentally I was doing a showstopper-mic-dropping happy-dance…

“Beta Frank,” said a new voice from the door, and a bear of a man walked in. “Getting anywhere…”

“What pack is this?” I quickly asked, hoping I would hear its name again. He looked at me surprised to see a prisoner this happy inside their dungeon. And before Beta Frank could stop him, he answered:

“The Don River Pack!”

“Oh my god!” I squealed, giggling like a mad person. “It’s real!!!”

His eyes went wide, seeing me do a happy dance while being chained to a stool. If I wasn’t so over the moon, I’d laugh at his startled expression, as he turned to his partner.

“Erm--- What did I just walk into?” he asked.

That’s what we said, my wolf suddenly mutters, taking me quite by surprise.

Hmm! I didn’t know you had a sense of humor, I replied, happy to know that she seemed to take all of this rather well. If I lost her again, I didn’t care if he was my mate: I would kill Cedrick!

I do, she replied shyly and tried to hide her smug smirk. Who do you think puts all those crazy punchlines into your head?

I mentally grinned at her. I was also relieved, to know that even when I didn’t know it, she’d been there with me all along.

“Good luck!” I heard the beta say as he left the room, leaving me alone with the bulky bear.

“Oh, come on!” I exclaimed. Why weren’t they more excited about this?! “You’re THE Don River pack! Do you know how many times my dad used to tell me stories about that war?! The Don River pack, The Try-Stade Pack, and The Silver Moon pack…” I felt my heart sink saying the name out loud.

My home…

My wolf went still again as if she didn’t want to interfere. And I didn’t even know why I felt like that. The Highland Pack was my home! I shouldn’t be feeling like this--- But I did!

“You know your werewolf history,” the bear entered my train of thoughts. I looked up and was met with warm brown eyes. “Your dad told you?”

Mentally I sighed. Here we go again


He’s now gonna ask about our parents, my wolf muttered, sighing into her fluffy tail and longing to get some rest. A good meal and 4 hours of sleep sounded perfect right about now…

“Are you gonna ask me questions about my parents now to find out who I am?” I asked, testing my wolf’s theory.

“Yes,” he confessed.

“Fuck, you’re so boring,” I sighed, but still impressed with my wolf.

“Who are your parents?” He asked anyway.

“Six and Feet,” I muttered. “Last name Under.”

“So they’re dead,” he replied, understanding my wordplay.

“Uh, you catch on fast, grandpa,” I mocked, not particularly liking getting my parent’s death rubbed in my face again.

“Any siblings?”

“Lying next to my parents.”

“Your alpha?”

“Which one?” I scoffed before thinking. And then realize what I just said. FUCK!

“Huh?!” he tilted his head in confusion. But before he asked again, I quickly continued:

“Sorry, I’m talking to myself now,” I covered my slip-up, and for additional show and tell, my stomach started to rumble, trying to wake the bloody dead. “Do you have something to eat? I’m hungry,” I asked, but wasn’t expecting to actually get anything.

“Sure,” he answered to my surprise. “What would you like?”

“You’re giving me food and not asking for something in return?” I asked skeptically.

“I’m not here to torture you,” he replied, before a kind and gentle smile spread across his features, making him look like a big, cuddly teddy bear. “Besides, you attract more bees with honey than vinegar.” He laughed softly at his own joke. “Anything, in particular, you’d like?”

Was this guy for real?!

“If it’s food I’ll eat it at this point,” I exclaimed, afraid that he was going to change his mind. “And something to drink?”

Ok, perhaps I was pushing it, but--- but to my surprise, he nodded.

“I’ll be right back,” he said and headed to the door. And instantly my consciousness started to gnaw at me. Damn nice people! Why did they have to be so--- nice?! I hated them…

“Wait!” I groaned, giving up! He stopped at the door and turned to me. I sighed: “If you’re gonna be nice, I have to be nice too, so here’s a bone for you.” I took a deep breath. “My name is Lesley,” I said, and before I regretted it, added: “And the reason why I smell different is because I’m a Luna.”

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