Second Chances - #2 of "The Lottery Mate"

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Chapter 2

Lesley’s POV

“You’re a WHAT?!”

The Bear-Man exclaimed in shock. His eyes were just about to pop out of their sockets so wide they’d gotten and his jaw was hanging close to his navel.

“Told you I was new to this territory,” I shrugged. Really, if they had just about two cents of wits about them, they could have figured it out themselves. Rogues do have that nasty little habit of going nuts when they lose their connection to their alpha and pack. And even if a rogue is banished – which I guess these guys though I was – they don’t cross into other’s territory. One phone call and they’re either back out in the cold or killed…

“Now you’re pulling MY leg!” he exclaimed, eyeing me suspiciously from top to toe. He took a couple of steps forward and I could feel his wolf reach out for mine. As usual she kept hidden, not liking his intrusion at all!

“But your weak!” he continued and frowned, like there was something he didn’t understand. Well, come to think of it, there probably was…

“My mate would argue otherwise,” I spat, feeling the anger and resentment towards Cedrick surge though my blood like poison.

Conniving, lying, cheating son of a bitch!

My heart ached and instantly my throat closed up, as I was pushing down the tears. “I want you!” resounded again and again in my head, but it was all just a lie. A lie to fool a naïve, stupid girl…

I’ll be ok, I started to chant, willing my body numb and ignore the bitter sting of betrayal. No matter what, I’ll be fine…

I was so deep in my thoughts that I didn’t notice the Bear-Man step closer and reach out for the color of my T-shirt.

“HEY! Hands off, buddy,” I exclaimed, jumping away from him and almost fell off the chair. The Bear-Man managed to stop me from falling and pulled me back up in a sitting position. And while doing that, he of course also managed to pull the oversized shirt down, to expose my neck; where my mark was supposed to be.

“You’re not marked,” he said, eyeing me like he didn’t believe me. Which was sort of understandable. An alpha seldom waits for long to mark his mate. A sure a fact as the fact, that an alpha never has eyes for anyone but his mate.

Guess facts just aren’t what they used to be…

“Not shit, Sherlock,” I mocked and was slowly regretting telling him what I was. He didn’t believe me, and something told me, that there probably wasn’t a surplus of unmated alpha wolves around here. A couple of phone calls and they’d throw me back into Cedrick’s arms. And right now, he was the LAST person I wanted to see.

I needed to think of something – fast!

And that’s when I had – if I do say so myself – a brilliant idea!

“Hmm, let’s make a deal?” I quickly offered and had to crane my neck almost 90 degrees to look at the big wolf. He had to be a gamma or the second son of a titled wolf. They often became worriers with important positions within the pack…

“Like what?” he asked, raising one eyebrow.

“If I spill my beans, I get to stay here as a guest until I decide to leave again,” I suggested--- only to be looked at like I’d grown an extra head! “Oh, come on!” I tried to tempt him, although my patience was running low. It was cold, I was hungry, thirsty, the T-shirt didn’t exactly do much of covering much and--- I really had to GO! As in number one, go! “It’s a pretty sweet deal, isn’t it?”

He didn’t reply, but his eyes changed color to silver. He was mind-linking someone. With everything I had in me, I tried not to swallow the sinking feeling that was taking over my gut. I had no idea what was coming now. And I hated the nervousness that was slowly turning into fear and creeping down my spine. In truth, I had nothing to negotiate with. I was just a strange wolf, in a different territory and currently chained to a chair…

“The Alpha is on his way,” the Bear-Man informed me.

“I sure hope it’s your alpha,” I muttered--- ok, yes! I was a nervous talker! Sue me! I was at this point deeply regretting trusting Bear-Man! And all for a meal! And to think we judge Esau for selling his birthright for a bowl of oatmeal. Hell, I’d give up mine at this point for a jar of Nutella…

“From what I’m told,” he frowned, taking another look at me, with a whole different gleam in his eyes, that I didn’t like one bit! “Hmm, you’re afraid of your mate?”

Confused, I looked up at him. For a second, I didn’t really know what he was getting at--- until I remembered! Shit! I told him I was a Luna, which made my mate an alpha (dah! I know!) But if I had fled from my mate – unmarked, I might add – there was of course reason to believe that that said alpha was not acting like a mate – or an alpha! If they found out that I’d been mistreated or if I confessed that he mistreated the pack… They would attack and wipe them out!

No warning. No mercy…

It was one of the most sacred laws of the werewolves race: The strong protect the weak! If not, you were forcefully removed from power and it was given to someone more suited. Any wolf who resisted was kill…

It was the same thing that would happen to my old pack if I said anything. What I had to protect them from…

“Hmm, or because I’m chained to a stool and he’ll never let me live this down?” I smirky replied in a sarcastic tone. Desperately hoping to hide the shiver of fear that crept down my spine.

“Or that,” suddenly sounded from the door, making both our head snap towards the man in the doorway. And I hadn’t already met my mate, I’d say--- thoo-thoo! The man was tall, easily filling the doorframe with his bulging muscles and impressive build. His hair was a dirty blond color, that was pulled back into a ponytail at the back of his neck and his icy blue eyes were the color of snow. And currently those eyes were causing shivers to run down my spine – and no! Not of the good kind…!

I gulped but hoped he didn’t see it. He looked at me like he was staring down an enemy and although I tried to meet his gaze head on, I felt the power of his alpha wolf oozing off him in thick waves. That’s when I realized that this had to be Alpha Darren of the Don River Pack. I never paid much attention to rumors about others’ packs, with the exception of the Don River Pack. That’s how I knew that Alpha Darren was a strict, but fair alpha. He’d taken over the pack about 10 years ago when his father retired and was known as “The Peacekeeper” since he often was a liaison between packs whenever there was a conflict.

In shot: the man was a living legend!

If I wasn’t so scared right now, I’d totally fan-girl the shit out of myself right now…

“I’ve never heard of a Luna Lesley,” Alpha Darren continued as he stepped into the room, never taking his eyes off me.

“Not marked and no official ceremony,” I shrugged, hoping I kept a straight face and met his cold gaze head on. “So it would be strange if you had.”

“You want to stay as my guest, Luna?” he asked in an mockery tone.

He didn’t believe me! Great…! (Note: sarcasm!)

“Pretty please?” I replied with an exaggerated sweet voice and batted my eyelashes at him.

“Any specific reasons to why you don’t want to be with your mate?” he continued--- and straight to the point.

“Well, for one thing, I’m 16,” I replied – praising myself lucky for all the years I’d spent lying about--- well, just about anything! Usually werewolves were like human lie-detectors, but with enough training, you could fool them… I hoped…! “We’re not exactly on the same page with my Luna-responsibilities and me finishing high-school!”

He threw a quick glance at the Bear-Man, who discreetly shrugged his shoulders. I felt a wave of relief wash though my body. Well, so far so good: they didn’t realize I was lying…

Alpha Darren took a deep breath before he walked over and took a seat in the chair in front of me.

“We’re not a dating service,” he replied, got giving any indication on whether he intended to let me stay or not.

“I’m not asking for advice,” I deadpanned, hoping I didn’t seem too eager and willing to stay. “I’ll stay out of your hair; you’ll pretend I’m not here and when I’m done catching up on my homework, I’ll leave,” I offered.

“I never met anyone who was this eager to get to school,” he replied, seemingly unimpressed. Mentally I rolled my eyes at him. I hated to admit this but--- My idol is an idiot!

“Oh! You’ve never met people before?” I gasped, exaggerating my surprise and knowingly mocking him. He narrowed his eyes at me. He didn’t like that--- and I had to bite the inside of my cheek not to laugh out loud.

Pft! Alphas…

“What’s your catch?” he continued the interrogation.

“No catch!” I answered and this time truthfully. “I’m just overwhelmed at the moment. And choosing between algebra or running a pack with absolutely no experience to back that up except my fucking mate being an alpha…!” I pretended to think about it, before returning to Alpha Darren, with a ‘duh’-expression: “I’m definitely choosing going to school.”

He eyed me cautiously--- and I was just about to jump out of my chair. YES! He believed me…!

“Normally I can smell when somebody is lying,” he said and his cold gaze burning holes into mine.

“Oh, really?!” I continued to mock him. “That’s so amazing--- oh wait! No it isn’t!” I leaned over the table. “We’re wolves! We all have that ability.”

A loud snort suddenly sounded behind us. We both looked up and I noticed the Bear-Man trying to hide his grin – very poorly…

“And as you can see,” I added with a smirk, returning my eyes to Alpha Darren. “I’m all around free entertainment. And who doesn’t like a good clown?”

“I don’t think you understand the situation you’re in,” he replied, clearly not liking me making a mockery out of his people. And himself included…

A Luna caught by another pack, my wolf smirked. Apparently now she’d decided to help me out and I could sense she had a plan. Wouldn’t that be considered an act of war?

I like the way you think, girl, I replied, quickly putting our plan in motion…

“A Luna caught by another pack,” I answered while putting on my fake-thinking face. “And wouldn’t that be considered an ‘act of war’?”


Both men exclaimed, looking from me to each other and then back again. Confused…

“Kidnapping a Luna from her territory,” I deadpanned, glancing between them. “I always thought it was considered a grave offence.” I sighed dramatically. “Oh, but if only I was a guest here, this entire mess could be avoided.”

Alpha Darren frowned, before turning to the Bear-Man, who didn’t look to happy about the position he was finding himself in.

“She’s right,” he confined, looking all kind of nervous, while the anger was raising in his alpha. Said alpha then took a deep breath before his fiery eyes met mine again. He glared at me, as if willing me to take it back--- and I had to concentrate to keep a straight face.

Oh, those alphas…

What I – however – couldn’t wrap my mind around, was how they knew I wasn’t--- ordinary! I could be lying about being a Luna, yet they seemed to be willing to believe that on a wimp…

You just went though a heat, my wolf helpfully informed me. Our mate’s scent is all over us and they can sense its power.

Oh, I muttered--- feeling rather stupid. I---I should have known that…!

“I can’t believe I’m playing into the hands of a teenager!” Alpha Darren frowned, narrowing his eyes at me.

“If it’s any consolation, it’s a very smart and evil teenager,” I shrugged and continued to mock him, feeling overly confident. Much to his frustration…

“Fine,” he grinded between his teeth at last. “You can stay until you finished your--- homework.”

I couldn’t help smiling, when the Bear-Man pulled out a set of keys and unlocked the handcuffs around my wrist. Coded silver! Takes away the wolf’s abilities without hurting the wolf – nifty!

“Thank you, Alpha Darren,” I sighed – this time actually grateful, as I rubbed my soar wrists.

“How do you know my name?” The alpha asked, looking rather surprised. I couldn’t help but grin.

“You honestly think that I idolize a pack and not know who’s currently running it?” I shook my head. “Alphas are so arrogant!”

“Careful, Luna Lesley,” Alpha Darren growled, but all my previous fear of him had evaporated. He wasn’t angry with me, just frustrated with me. He wasn’t going to hurt me. I don’t know how I knew that, but I just did…

“I said I’ll be your guest and I’d stay out of your way and I intend to keep that promise, don’t worry,” I replied in a calm manner as my eyes met his. “But I’m still 16 and have absolutely no respect for authority whatsoever. So, there’s that.” I smiled as I continued my warning: “For any insults unintentionally slipping my lips, I apologize in advance.”

Alpha Darren glared at me for a while, as if wondering to himself what he was going to do with me. Then he just sighed and shook his head, apparently giving up entirely. I sympathized with him: I knew that trying to understand a woman gave most men a headache…!

“Come on,” he said and got up. “You’ll stay in the guest bedroom in the pack house.”

“Sounds chirpy,” I smiled, hiding the sinking feeling in my gut.

Great – another guest bedroom.

Well, at least things can’t get any worse than this…!


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