The Angel Who Set His World On Fire

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When 21 year old Athena Morales, a girl with a mysterious past who earned the Love of all she met meets with an unfortunate accident and is killed. Due to some mistake of The Council , she was to spend the rest of eternity in the realm of Hell. When the authorities realise their mistake and agree to send Athena back to her rightful place in Heaven, she seems to have grown quite accustomed to her life in Hell, the King of hell especially has grown fond of her. Will she spend rest of eternity in Hell and solve the enigma of her past or choose to regain her rightful reservation in Heaven?

Fantasy / Romance
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The first time I saw Athena Morales, she was wearing a long , black sundress, her blond hair curled into a messy bun on the top of her chubby round face. She seemed barely eight. She caught my attention soon as she popped up on my radar after eight years. The records claimed her to be dead at the age of five. The body, curiously enough had never been found in the burned out building that summer night.

It had been assumed that the little girl had been dead along with her wasted mother after a fire related accident caused due to her own mother’s carelessness. Mysteriously both the bodies had not come into my custody. It was neither of their fate to die that night. However the events had been dismissed by the Council as a filing accident of some sort.

But eight years later, when the chubby toddler with mesmerizing grey eyes and the perfect little dimpled smile popped up on my radar, I immediately recognised her. she’s captured my interest ever since.

Rumors spread throughout Earth described me as a skeleton with a black hooded cloak and with a scythe. It is quite insulting to be honest, the whole scythe shit isn’t really my vibe .However I couldn’t deny my obsession with the colour black. I looked about twenty in Earth years , with my jet black hair and tan skin . I would pass for a human mortal. The only thing that gave me away was my eyes, the Pitch black soulless voids was testimony to my fate, the Angel of Death.

The image on the computer screen caught my attention soon enough, my most cherished subject, the mysterious blonde human girl who had a special place in my thoughts. I would say heart if I had one

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