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Her Soul And His Blood

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2. Those eyes on her

Suddenly, her door banged. Zella jumped out of the chair jerking her hand breaking a vase. She turned back to see her brother Zad. Zad was laughing at her action.

"Zad how many times have I told you not to bang the door"

"Oh poor one, I forget that you are a little coward who is scared of everything" Zad said with

a sarcastic grin. Zad loved his sister alot, but they always fought alot more.

Zella yelled with sadness, "stop it Zad, you always insult me".

"What's going on kids?" Mr. Christi entered the room.

"Dad, Zad is mocking me."

Zad rolled his eyes and was staring at zella.

Mr. Christi gave him a darted look and said "Zad, behave politely at your sister, she is older than you."

Zad shook his head and whispered "yes dad" and walked out of the room.

"My little angel, come here. Do you like this home?"

"Yes dad, I think it will be a nice place for me. But I feel lonely here."

But deep inside she is scared of something, and she started staring into the balcony and to the endless street.

Mr. Christi gave her a reassuring smile and left the room and before leaving he asked Zella to be in the dining hall by dinner time. Zella took her dairy out, which was gifted to her by her grandmother, which is still wrapped in a gift paper and hasn't ever been opened. Her grandmother wants her to open it on her 18th birthday.

In Slantveer town it will be her graduating year. And studies will be different from her old school.

Zella stared at her necklace, which is a blue hemispheric stone covered by an elliptical ring. It

started to glow and change its color from blue to red. Zella felt a power inside her. Her eyes started to change from green to blue. Blue hue started to illuminate from her body.

"Zella, Are you coming?" A sound from the down floor.

This created a shock in her that everything changed back to normal.

"Yea mom. Just a second" she shouted back.

She wore her pajamas and went downstairs where her parents and her brother were waiting for her. After having her food, she greeted every one and went back to her room. She saw a shadow moving through her peripheral vision. She ran near the socket to turn on the light and found nothing.

'Am I creating myself something, because I am scared of this new place? I have that feeling of someone watching me ever since I got here.' she asked to herself.

She went to the balcony and stared at the bright moon which was smiling brightly at her. The stars seems most beautiful. She saw two birds wrapping themselves together 'how beautiful it is'. Then she started staring at the moon again like a princess waiting for her prince. 'I hope I will meet my prince charming' She started blushing of that thought.

At the corner of the street he was still watching her. And the dark black eyes started to glow. It never looked away.

She again had a strange feeling that someone is watching her. She searched through the street

but couldn't find anyone there. She went inside and lied down on her bed. And the breezy wind swiped her to sleep and dream well...

That black eyes followed her and is staring her from the balcony. It glazed as he is watching her sleep and, it approached her, it came closer and closer...
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