Blood Stone Luna

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Chapter 3 – The Ball

Olivia was useless after her mate come in and turned her world upside down. I scrolled through Facebook for the rest of the dinner. Liv went up to her room, so I took a walk out to the garden I had spotted earlier from the balcony. I pushed open the french doors from the lobby. I walked past the pool where some girls were dipping their feet in the water. I politely nodded as I headed to the garden. The walkway was lit with soft lanterns. Beautiful flowers covered both sides. The aromas all swirled together were intoxicating. Near the center was a bench. I sat for a while, just absorbing the tranquility. But then my mind began to race with what-ifs. What if he doesn’t like me? What if he rejects me? What if he’s not even here? No. I’m not going to allow myself to do this. Liv was right. I am an incredible woman, and my mate, no matter when I meet him, will absolutely adore me. I walked back towards the pool. I’m sure Liv would be spending the entire ball wrapped up in her mate’s arms. I needed to make some friends here, or I would be spending tomorrow alone. I stepped way out of my comfort zone and approached the girls at the pool.

“Can I join you?” I asked.

“Of course. The waters a little cold, but it’s not too bad,” a gorgeous blonde replied. “I’m Emily. This is Charlotte, Rachel, and Summer.”

“Hey. I’m Madison. Everyone calls me Maddy.”

We talked for over an hour before I realized how late it was. I was glad to have made some girlfriends. We all headed back to our rooms to rest for the big day ahead. By the time the elevator reached the third floor, I could barely hold my eyes open.

My alarm goes off after the most fabulous night of sleep I’ve had. This bed is so soft and so comfy. I jump in the shower and get ready to meet Liv. I hope she isn’t so caught up with her mate that she bails on our last day of sunbathing. Right on cue, I hear a knock on the door. I opened the door to find Liv as well as Taro.

“Taro wanted to join us. I hope that’s okay.” She giggled as he pulled her body closer to his.

“Of course. I want to get to know this handsome hunk who has stolen my best friend from me.”

The three of us joked for the full hour. I was relieved to know that Liv was in good hands. Taro was the Gamma of his pack. He was a good leader, and he was good to Olivia.

We agreed to meet in my room to get ready. Liv claimed that my balcony had a better view. So Taro helped her bring her things over. She hung her pink garment bag next to mine, and I felt the tears being to well up in my eyes.

“Liv, promise me you won’t forget about me when you run off to Prince Charming’s pack?” I sob.

“Maddy, you know I could never forget about you. This is not the end of our friendship. It’s just where we take different turns. Who knows, you may end up with someone from Taro’s pack!” Liv pulled me into a hug. “Now stop that crying, we don’t want your eyes to get puffy.” She pulled out her robe and started up our favorite playlist. She always knew just what I needed.

Three hours later, we were doing the finishing touches before slipping into our gowns. “Don’t forget your sexy lingerie. You don’t want your mom’s gift going to waste now, do you?” She giggled as we pulled out the drawstring bags. I removed the straps and pulled the delicate fabric over my body then slid the satin bow onto my left thigh. Goddess, have mercy on me tonight, I pleaded silently. We stepped into our gowns and zipped each other’s zippers.

“Selfie Time!” Liv squealed as she pulled her phone from the desk.

“Oh, let’s stand out on the balcony!” I suggested. We struggled to find the right angle. Neither of us thought to bring our tripods. We took turns posing on the balcony as if we were having a photoshoot for Vogue. Just then, we heard a knock on the door. I peeked through the peephole to see a very nervous looking Taro.

“Go hide in the closet. It’s Taro.” I whispered, pushing Liv into the closet.

“Taro! I’m so glad you’re here. Liv is almost done. You can wait out on the balcony if you’d like.”

“Sure. Yes. That will be fine.” He replied nervously

“Here, let me take a picture of you for her.” He posed in typical male fashion - hands in his pockets. “Okay, now turn around.”

He raised an eyebrow but complied with my instructions. I went over to the closet and pulled Liv out. She let out a tiny gasp as she saw her mate. I smacked her on the arm and motioned her to be quiet.

“Hey, Taro,” I yelled. He turned to reply, but the moment he laid his eyes on Liv, he was frozen. I giggled as they rushed to each other. He carefully brushed her hair behind her shoulder and began leaving soft kisses up her neck to her face. “Now guys, we need to discuss two things before you go any further. One, we worked hard on her makeup; don’t mess it up before we even get to the ball and two, no making babies in my room!”

“Yes ma’am,” Taro replied, making Liv laugh.

Taro being the complete gentleman that he is, ushered us both to the ballroom, holding each door open on our way. The music was playing, and the dance floor was packed. Liv and I handed our drinks to Taro as he found his way to a table for us. Liv took my hand and dragged me to the middle of the dance floor, where we found Emily. I took a deep breath and let out all my stress. I was going to enjoy myself tonight. The three of us began to dance, and soon Taro found his way back to us. Olivia was having way too much fun grinding her hips against him, and I could tell he was fighting every urge not to take her right there on the dance floor. I leaned over to Emily and yelled, “I bet they don’t last an hour,” looking towards the two love birds.

“Hell, they won’t last thirty minutes before they’re ripping each other’s clothes off,” she replied.

We danced for at least twenty minutes before the DJ decided to play a slow song. That was my chance to get a drink and sit down before my feet went completely numb. I made my way over to the refreshments and chose a light pink frothy punch. I downed the first cup quickly, dehydrated from the dance floor. I refilled my glass and headed towards our table. It was so hot in the ballroom they had just opened the windows along each end to allow the summer air to flow through. A sweet breeze flowed through the room, gently blowing the loose curls around my face. Suddenly I was surrounded by a beautiful scent of evergreen and freshwater. It was much too strong just to be floating in from outside. I had to find it. I felt like my life depended on finding the source. I tried to sniff the air inconspicuously.

Then as if someone else was controlling my body, I turned around. The rest of the room had faded away into a fog, and my gaze locked on a pair of cool grey eyes. As the lines of Elvis Presley’s Can’t Help Falling In Love played distantly, my legs began to move on their own. In mere seconds I was just fractions of an inch away from those passionate grey eyes. His hand, rugged yet gentle, cupped my face, and he ran his thumb along my cheek, sending chills down my back. We stood frozen, locked on each other’s eyes for what seemed half an eternity. He finally whispered, “Hello there, gorgeous. May I have this dance?” His warm sweet breath washed over my lips and made my stomach quiver. I begged my body to reply, but it refused, merely absorbing the moment. I felt his hands reach for mine, and my body finally cooperated. He took my hands and placed them around his neck before innocently wrapping his arms around my waist. We gently swayed to the rhythm, not uttering a single word. I faintly heard the music coming to an end. I knew he had registered what was happening when I felt his heartbeat quicken. He leaned down to whisper in my ear, “Will you join me outside in the garden?” A smile spread across my face as I let him lead me out to the garden. He walks toward the center of the garden to find a secluded bench and sits, pulling me carefully onto his lap. I cuddled in close to his body, the fresh summer air a stark contrast to the humid ballroom. I know absolutely nothing about this man, yet I would be content spending the rest of my life sitting right here cuddled on his lap.

He reaches down and lifts my chin to draw me back into those never-ending pools of grey. “I’m Jacob. Jacob Alexander.” he says, “My friends call me J, but I’ll be content with whatever your beautiful lips want to call me.”

I feel the heat rising to my cheeks. I look up at him through my lashes “M- Maddy,” I stammer out, “Madison Rene, actually.”

“Maddy, that’s a beautiful name. But it seems like it’s missing something...” He trailed off.

Suddenly all my insecurities come flooding to the front of my brain like little red devils dancing around, reminding me of all my flaws.

He pulled me closer and whispered in my ear, “Madison Rene ... Abbott. That sounds nice. Or would you prefer Mrs. Jacob Abbott?” I giggle like a schoolgirl as he brushes away every fear that had crowded my mind.

I let go of every single fear, worry, or insecurity. I had found him. I had found my mate, and he adored me. Liv was right.

“What if I prefer, Jacob Alexander Johnson?” I said, raising an eyebrow.

Surprise flashed across his eyes, and he laughed—a beautiful soulful laugh. I could listen to that laugh for the rest of my life.

“If that’s what you want, baby girl, that’s what you’ll get,” he replied, pulling me even closer and wrapping his arms around me.

I pulled away from him enough to look at his face. “Okay, lightning speed questions. You ready?” He adjusted himself, straightened his tie, and cleared his throat.


“How old are you?” I blurt out


“What pack are you from?”

He hesitates but replies, “Blood Stone Pack.”

“Favorite Ice Cream?”

“Rocky Road all day.”


“Yes,” He doesn’t elaborate, but I don’t press for more.

“Do you like my dress?”

“Goddess, Yes!”

“Good, then let’s not put it to waste and get back inside and dance some more.” I wink and place a quick peck on his cheek. But as soon as my lips left his skin, they were pulled back in like a magnet. I was placing soft kisses all along his jawline and up to his ear. I felt his dick harden underneath me, which only seemed to intensify the magnetic pull. A deep growl escapes his lips as I begin to nibble on his ear lobe.

“You keep doing what you’re doing, and your dress will be on the ground in shreds,” He says breathlessly.

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have done something you didn’t want me to do.” I try to pull away from him, but he draws me back closer. Taking his hand and running it up his muscular thigh to his rock hard member.

“Does it feel like I didn’t want you?”

I drop my head convinced I had made a fool of myself.

“Listen to me, baby girl. This body is all for you whenever you want it. Don’t ever think you have done something wrong by touching me. Okay?”

“Okay,” I sheepishly smile back at him.

“Now, I would love to stay here and continue this all night, but for now, I have a better idea.” He helps me stand up, then takes my hand and pulls me back toward the ballroom. The closer we get, the louder the music becomes. I recognized the classic pop hit by Flo Rida, and my hips began to sway. Excitedly I ran in front of him, pulling him with me singing the lyrics in perfect timing.

“Shawty had those Apple Bottom jeans.”

“What? What are you talking about, Maddy?” Jacob asked

“Boots with the fur” I just kept singing.

“It’s the middle of the summer. Who’s wearing fur boots?” He continued.

“The whole club looking at her.”

“They had better not be looking at you.” He growled protectively.

I just laughed and dragged him onto the dance floor. I positioned myself in front of him and strategically began to rotate my hips grinding against him. He managed to pull me closer to him and kiss my neck.

“Can we get a drink, J?” I ask batting my big brown eyes up at him

“Of course, Baby Girl,” His smile sending chills down my spine all the way to my pussy.

We went to the refreshment table, and J grabbed a beer for himself and a glass of punch for me. We headed to the table Taro had reserved earlier. As we walked to the table, I saw Taro and Liv snuggled up to each other, whispering and giggling. As soon as Taro saw us, he sat up straight.

“Alpha. Maddy. Come sit!” Taro motioned as he scooted closer to Liv.

“Alpha?” I questioned as I turned to J

“I didn’t want you to like me just because of my title. That’s why I didn’t mention it.” He said, dropping his head.

“J, you are incredible. Alpha or Omega, I don’t care.” I see that I’m not the only one with insecurities. That makes me even more comfortable with him.

“Maddy! I told you we’d end up with someone from the same pack!” Liv let out a squeal and pulled me into a hug.

Just as the aching in my feet had subsided, Nelly’s voice filled the speakers. Nelly is just one I can’t turn down. J downs the rest of his beer as I pull him back to the dance floor. The beer must have done him some good because he was loosening up and dancing with me. He ran his hands down my sides, landing on my hips and lingering them as I rolled them against him. I turned around to face him and ran my hands down his tight chest, grazing the skin above his belt. I bit my lip as I pulled my bare leg up against his. His eyes widened; he held my leg in place and crashed his lips into mine. Goddess, this man is amazing.

“If you want to stay and dance, I’ll stay here all night, but I would love to take you somewhere more...more private,” J said with a wink.

“I would love that,” I replied. Before I could even register what was happening, he had picked me up and was carrying me out of the ballroom. “Wait, J. Put me down.” He looked at me, confused.

“Before you mess up my hair, will you take a picture with me?” I asked, pulling out my big brown eyes again.

“Anything for you, baby girl” He pulled out his phone and took a series of selfies before carrying me to the elevator. He pressed the button for the fifth floor, and I was somewhat relieved that he wouldn’t be seeing the mess I left in my room from getting ready. As the elevator doors closed, he pressed me back against the wall with my hands above my head. He lets his hands trace the outline of my body like he was trying to memorize every inch of it. The elevator dinged, and the doors opened. J swooped me up again and headed down the hallway to his room. I stared deep into those gorgeous grey eyes as he pressed his lips against mine, running his tongue along my rim. I open slightly to take in his tongue, and he was even more delicious than I could imagine. He was fumbling with his room key while trying not to break our kiss. I pulled away for air.

“Do you need a woman’s help with that?” I slyly asked as I took the room key out of his hand and opened the door.

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