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The Eyes of Darkness [The Spirit Souls:Book 1]

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Avianna Holt. An orphan child, trying to make a place for herself in the world. Her life seems to take a turn into an unknown lane when she is attacked by dead creatures, only to be saved by a man who claims to be a Prince. This book takes you on a dangerous quest through the magical Land of Terra. A journey that is filled with love, family, betrayal and secrets. Join Avianna in her adventure as she is hunts for the dangerous eyes of Darkness along with the mysterious Prince of Terra.

Fantasy / Adventure
Aditi R.
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The Very Beginning

Long before the age of mankind,on Terra, a dimension identical to our own,there only existed the endless waters, the limitless sky and the relentless sun that travelled through it.

There existed two immortal beings-Jala,the water spirit and Laege,the sky spirit.

They eventually fell in love, being the only forms to have ever existed.

Many myths say that they build a grand palace at the horizon,where sky and the sea meet.

And a few years later Jala gave birth to Torpa, the spirit of land.

She pulled large landmasses from under the Sea, her essence keeping them afloat.

And eventually came up with the common noun "ground" for them.

However the ground Torpa created was barren,made of endless rocks.

Not exactly a sight for sore eyes.

She prayed to her parents ,the spirts of sea and sky to make her creation more beautiful and pleasant.

As a result Ioodus,the spirit of nature and calmness was born.

He gave life to the barren land Torpa had created.The very first tree that ever grew on land was named the tree of life.

After a while, Ioodus became a little too creative and started creating other life forms.

Starting from the smallest of worms to the biggest of elephants.

Then he chanced upon making humans.

But in the beginning, humans were nothing but vile creatures who would roam the land like any other animals he had created.

After experiencing this stage of puberty Ioodus finally became more mature and less creation crazy.As a result, he got bored of creating puny life forms who would do the land no good,make no progress whatsoever.

So he threw a tantrum and demanded his parents to get him a sibling who would help him better his creation, since Torpa spent most of her time running behind elephants and chasing the bees. She was just as brainless as them,he thought ,completely ignoring the fact that he was alive because she prayed for him to be.

Finally the big mommy and daddy gave in and so came along -the third child,Khatog, the spirt of thought,art and knowledge.

After endless arguments between the second born and the third born (while first born was chasing bees)

Khatog agreed to give the gift of thinking to one of Ioodus's creations.

It took Ioodus about 50 years to think which one of his creations deserved the power of thought and he finally grabbed the first human he had created and held it to his brother as if it were a rag doll.

"This."He said.

"I want this to think"

Up at the horizon,jala and Laege took their sweet time making two new spirits.

They named their twin babies Stukar and Darkinis.

Stukar was the spirit of magic and Darkinis of ...well the dark.

Probably it was then that the word "dark magic" started floating around.

Khatog,the smart one immediately sensed that Darkinis was not good news and sent her away to live at the farthest landmasses known.He took her eyes away from her and kept them hidden in a place known to none.

For six months she would live at the northern landmass and for the other six at the southern landmass,which is why the sun's rays couldn't illuminate the farthest landmasses for six months a year.

Stukar was busy creating different spells and teaching them to humans,whose population had increased rapidly by then.

From Ioodus's tree of life, Stukar carved out his wand and filled the land with magic.

Soon enough the siblings started fighting amongst themselves.

The last thing these hot messes needed was another sibling.

So that is what their parents gave them.

Another baby, a spirit of war and destruction named Vnik.

To say Vnik was stealthy and mischievous was an understatement.

He would spark fights between his siblings,He would rip off a tree here and another there and basically follow no rules his elder siblings had ever created.

But his worst quality was his ambition.

He looked at the land Torpa had created and thought to himself how much better would it be if he were to rule the entire land.

But he could not forget that Torpa was the firstborn and her essence was what kept the landmasses floating on water.

He couldn't just kill her.

So he settled on sharing the land with his other siblings.

It was easy to convince Stukar by offering him land of his own.

He had to make Khatog and Ioodus understand that except for keeping the land floating,Torpa had no useful powers and must be done away with at the very instance.

Eventually overcome by greed,the four brothers agreed to cast their sister away.

Khatog designed an unbreakable prison which Ioodus created using his finest woods.

Stukar cast unbreakable curses on the box and finally Vnik imprisoned Torpa and cast her to the bottom of the sea ,where she could never be found by anyone not even Jala,since Stukar had cast powerful magic warding the cage.

The brothers divided the land amongst themselves.

Vnik argued that since it was his idea to cast off Torpa, he should get a larger portion of land.

The brothers agreed and Vnik chose the largest landmass to the East and named it Yooj.

Khatog chose the land just below Vnik's land and named it Doun.

Stukar claimed the Northwestern land which he called Stalwart and Ioodus grudgingly took the South western one called Kahlm.

The brothers eventually chose a few humans to go with them to their lands.

All was going well.

But their rule did not last long.

When Mommy and Daddy dearest found what the boys had done to their daughter they were outraged.

They both marched down from the horizon and yanked the kids by their ears dragging them to the horizon with them and locking them down.

They closed the gates to their palace so no one would ever find where the sky met the water and no one would be able to break in.

Years later, the humans developed and 4 families,successors of the spirits,took over the land that was initially divided amongst them.

Those families eventually became huge dynasties.

The Abernathi dynasty ruled over Doun.

The Halifaxe family ruled Yooj.

The Bancroft ruled Stalwart and Zadlers ruled Kahlm.

Our story starts about thousands of years later.

On the third day of fifth month of the year XX983 the army of Yooj , marched into the capital city of Doun,led by Hadrone Zraae Halifaxe ,the then ruler of Yooj.

The Yoojean army surrounded the city caging the royal family of Down.

The price of Doun's defeat?

The last daughter of the Abernathi dynasty to be married to Hadrone Halifaxe.

On the other hand, Kniv Halifaxe, Hadrone's younger brother found himself tangled in black magic and ambitions to rule the entire world.

The Halifaxes were descendants of Vnik himself ( he messed around with mortal women a lot)

Kniv got a prophecy from a witch in Stalwart that said that his blood was destined to rule the world, to become a god.

Kniv set out in search of Darkinis.

The only spirit left in the mortal world.

When he found Darkinis, he made a deal with her.He would free her from her exile if she helped him conquer the world.

Darkinis knew that Kniv was fickle and vain,only blessed with physical strength . He was nowhere strong enough to be a god.

Yet,she agreed.

Soon enough Darkinis gave birth to a child.

Hers and Kniv's child.

This baby had the blood of two of strongest beings to ever walk the land.

She told Kniv that their baby,whom she named Sinkinv will help him fulfill his desires.

And hence our story begins...

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