The Eyes of Darkness [The Spirit Souls:Book 1]

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Chapter 1:The Nightmare on My 20th Birthday

'This world is filled with broken people. Maybe that's why we need family, someone to love and someone who can love us in return. Someone who can give us the strength and support so we can put our broken pieces back together and begin again.

In a world filled with sorrow and rage, breaking is inevitable.

When a vase breaks, no matter how much we try to put it together, some pieces of it, no matter how miniscule are always lost. The vase is never whole again. Similarly when a person is put back together, no matter how well the healing process is, the person always loses a part of themselves.

That brings us to the main question-How many times can one person break before its absolutely impossible for them to pull themselves back together.'

I sighed and crumpled the page I was writing on, throwing it into the dustbin.

Staring at the fresh blank page on the desk in front of me, I tried to come up with a less morbid idea for my psychology paper.

The only thing I wrote down in the next 10 minutes was 'Avianna Holt', my name in the top right corner.

I was planted on a chair in front of my study table, wearing a tank top and pyjamas.My brown hair tied up in a loose, messy bun on top of my head, which in turn seemed to be out of ideas and rational thoughts as I stared out of the glass window.

Outside the window, a storm raged. The only noise resonating through my room being the pitter-patter of the rain, falling on the roof and the clicking of my pen.

I kept regretting the decision to do a double major in psychology and Literature, as the pile of unfinished assignments,at the edge of the table,stared at me.

The dark and gloomy atmosphere,didn't help as my thoughts wandered to the fact that I was letting down the rich guys sponsoring my education.

Being an orphan, I had little to no chance of receiving any higher education, thankfully a rich family took me in as their charity case.

I still remember the day, I was told about this. I was over cloud nine,wanting to thank the generous people. But for some mysterious reason, my sponsors chose to remain anonymous.

It saddened me though.The sponsor that I had never talked to or met was the only person I had closest to a family. Somebody whom I could disappoint.

I lived in a small apartment not much far away from my college and my job.

The digital clock on my desk read 11:50.

In 10 minutes I will be in my 20's.

I don't even have my life figured out. I don't even know what I want to become in life.

Yes, I am studying in a well known university but I am still broke.

I never knew my parents.

I was transported from one foster home to another. I tried so much to maintain healthy relationships with the fosters but I don't know what it was about me, I was always transferred in a matter of 6-7 months.

In my life, I never had anyone to call family, except for maybe the kids at the orphanage, I stayed at for a while.

I sighed and looked down at the daunting paper,bot wanting to relive those memories.

All of the sudden, the sky lit up and thunder was heard.I shrugged. I am not afraid of a little lightening.

The lamp over my study table flickered.

That's odd... I thought, checking the switch when the fan started making a weird noise.

I got up and moved towards the fan switch but before I could reach it, my window opened with a loud band and the two small doors started banging. The lights flickered yet again before going out completely.

Turning back to my desk , I reached out trying to find my mobile phone, to call an electrician when all the lights came back on just as suddenly as they had turned off. .

What is going on?

I turned and almost let out a shriek ,seeing the word 'Run' written on my mirror in red color.

My red lipstick lay uncapped on the table and beside it was something shiny and a... bird?

A crow to be specific.

As I got closer, the crow fluttered it's wings and flew out of my room.

Well then....

I looked down to see three shiny triangular blades.

Picking them up,I examined each and everyone of them.

They were made of some shiny smooth material.

I was so engrossed in examining them, that I almost flew out of the window like the bird, when a loud thump was heard.

I took a deep breath.

Something is seriously wrong.It's not everyday that crows write messages on your mirror and leave blades on your table.

For a moment the sound of raindrops hitting the roof was all that was heard.

Maybe this is just a nightmare.

I pinch my arm, only to wince and bite my lip.

Nope, Definitely real.

The thing that happened next almost made me wet my pants.

My bedroom door was ripped off it's hinges and in stepped two figures.

Looking at their faces, I let out a scream of terror.

Their faces looked dismangled,their skin was completely dry, like a raisin and their eye sockets were empty.

Their heads were bald and wrinkled like a drought prone area.

Their bodies were sickly lean and a few bones stuck out from their rotten,dehydrated flesh.

The smell of rotten food entered my nostrils and I almost doubled over in a coughing fit.

I clenched my hands around the three blades I held.

The creatures advanced towards me, which is when I notice their legs.

They were facing backwards. Their knees were bent the opposite way yet they walked towards me.

"Who the hell are you people? "I yelled completely terrified and start walking backwards.

'The freaking cast of walking dead, what do you think! 'My conscience sarcastically answered.

They both tilted their heads and opened their months.A brown coloured gas spilling from their mouths.

I covered my nose with my hand.

"AVIANNA HALIFAXE"They hissed and started towards me yet again.

"Well..Well sir I think someone gave you wrong directions,my name is Avianna Holt.But no worries you can just leave now."I mumbled, stupidly, clenching my fists.

A pain shot through my arm and I realized that I had cut myself with the blades.

And then all hell broke loose.

The rotten things launched themselves towards me, their bony hands aiming straight for my throat.

Call it my instincts or stupidity, I brought up my hands and thrust the blades in their direction.

The things hissed, before they started shuddering violently as if they were going to blow.

And that is exactly what they did.

Their flesh turned into ashes as they combusted.

I fell down to the ground on my knees, breathing heavily, adrenaline pulsing through my veins.

Either I have gone insane or someone is playing a bad prank on me.

Those things.. They can't be real.

Tears streamed down my face as I looked at the remnants of the creatures that attacked me.

Amidst their ashes lay the three blades.

Another loud bang followed and I immediately scurried over to the blades and picked them up,my survival instincts kicking in.

Another set of those creatures appeared at my doorway.

I ran to the window, jumping out onto the fire escape.

Running down the steps,I could hear them hissing indicating that they were following me.

Climbing down the second floor, didn't take me long, considering the flight or fight situation, and I for one was in no state to fight.

I ran out of the alley and onto the road, not minding the vehicles honking at me.

One of the cars almost hit me,the driver started yelling obscenities,but I was too over my head to pay him any mind.I am running for my life here pal, I don't give two cents if I am rude.

Perhaps even my bad luck was having bad luck, because it didn't take the creatures long to catch up with me.

I exerted myself to run faster.

One of them almost grabbed the back of my tank top.

I threw one of the blades at him, which caused him to let out a howl and combust on spot.

'Great, now you are out of one blade'I chided myself.

I didn't realise how far I had come from home, until I was running on a deserted street.

Too occupied with looking back at the creatures, I ran into someone.

I expect them to let go and yell, but the person gripped me tight and dragged me to the nearby alley.

I screamed,closing my eyes and thrashed in the strangers arms, flailing my hand that held onto the blades at him.

"Honestly woman stop it, I am trying to help! "A rough voice whispered.

I opened my eyes,expecting to see another hideous creature but found myself looking into a deep pool of sky blue eyes.

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