The Eyes of Darkness [The Spirit Souls:Book 1]

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Chapter 2:Knight in Leather tries to Kill me

Before I could get a word out, the hideous hissing sound was heard from somewhere to my right.

With the black clouds shrouding the moon,the place seemed darker than it usually would.

The boy let go of me and turned towards the creatures.He smirked, his facial features looking angelic under the dim streetlight.

Perhaps he angered the creatures even more ,because their growling and hissing magnified and they advanced towards us.

The boy reached in his leather jacket to retrieve an object that I could not see and he advanced towards them.

With agility, he blocked one creature's arm and drove the object, which I now saw,was a knife at the other one.

The creature turned to ashes and soon enough it's friend followed.

I brought my hands up to cover my nose, the stench the creatures emnated was making me dizzy.

The boy turned.His blue eyes widened, ,looking at something behind me.

But I could only see his lips move as he yelled at me and the next thing I saw was a knife moving towards me.

I closed my eyes prepared for pain and death.

But it never came.

I opened my left eye and then the right one, looking down at my chest, running my hands over my tank top, to feel for wound and blood.

But there was none.

I looked up at the boy in front me to find him still staring back at me with his mouth slightly parted and eyes wide with shock.

But I couldn't find a trace of confusion in there.

It was as if he was used to this.

As if it were something that happened everyday like the sun rising,the birds chirping or another celebrity fued.

Turning around I was stunned to see his knife lying in a pile of ashes which were quickly being washed away by rainwater.

"You could have killed me!"I screeched.

The boy walked over to me and picked up his knife.

"I-I saved your life you should be thankful"He said coldly.

It is then that I got a full look at him.

His blonde hair stuck to his face,damp with the raindrops from the unmerciful clouds above, his high cheekbones and long lashes framed his electric blue eyes,sharp jawline and dark pink lips and the rainwater dripping off his perfectly shaped chin.

He wore a leather jacket over a white t-shirt, which looked sort of odd.

"We need to leave. More of them will follow"He said and I almost fainted.

He had a swoon-worthy British accent which I had failed to notice earlier.

Maybe it was because I was running for my life.

He took a hold of my hand and lead me out of the alley.

I followed him dumbstruck and too exhausted to fight back.

"What do you mean more will follow,What were those things?" I asked him, trying desperately to keep up with his pace.

"They are called Dyrsonae. They are children of the dark. " was all he said.

To be honest, all this was going over my head.

I am 99% sure that I am going to find myself in a mental hospital soon enough.

What is wrong with me?

The stranger led me up the stairs of my building and into my apartment.

"Pack your things we need to leave before they find us"He ordered before plopping down on my couch.

"Who the hell are you?!How do you even know where I live. Is this some kind of a stupid prank for a TV show. "I yelled at the man,stomping my foot like a child.

I was soaked with rainwater, my feet were probably bleeding because I ran barefoot like a mad woman through streets.

"I do not understand what you are talking about, but we do not have much time. Please get what is important and let us leave. This is a strange place"He stated calmly while examining the lamp on my table as if it were the most intriguing thing in the world.

I almost lost every bit of self control I had and brought up the blades I had in my hand and threw them at him.

My eyes widened in surprise and my jaw dropped when the blades went straight through him.

He stood up and I saw them embedded in my couch.

The boy looked angry.

"I saved you and this is what you give me in return, you ungrateful wench!"He yelled at me.

"Well, Thank you so much for being my knight in leather jacket!Now get out of my house "I shouted at him.

"Go and get your god forsaken things before I actually do leave you here to die"He whispered ,his voice dangerously low as he stepped closer to me.

His voice scared me.

His eyes showing no emotion but anger.

I scurried to my room and grabbed my mobile phone. I discarded my pyjamas and tank top, making sure that the stranger wasn't peaking through the broken door and pulled on a pair of jeans, a t-shirt and a denim jacket.

When I returned,the stranger was looking at the wall clock, intently.

"How does this work? And the things on the street outside. Is this some kind of magic? "He asked as he tapped the glass of the clock.

How can he go from scary to absolutely insane in three minutes.

This man is definitely crazy and I am twice as crazy to be obeying his orders.

I think I should just call a mental ward and admit myself.

"If you have all your things, we must go. "He grabbed my hand.

I yanked it back.

"Not unless you tell me who you are and how you know me and all this an-"I rambled almost at the verge of having a breakdown.

"I will explain everything to you, Princess. Once we get back to Terra"He said grabbing my hand yet again.

"I don't even know your name and you are coming up with nick-names for me already, and what is Terra? "I asked trying to stay put and not follow him, which was hardly working because he was dragging me out of my house and down the stairs.

"Do not resist going with me Avianna. We need to get back to the portal before more Dyrsonae find us. "He warned.

That had me following him like the paparazzi follow a celebrity.

The rain was still falling relentlessly.

We walked down the road, towards the street where I found him.

"Where are we going?"I inquired,wiping my face as the rain drops fell on me.

"To the portal to Terra. I cannot hold it open for long. We need to hurry."

I was feeling so tired and mentally drained from today's events.

I will not be surprised if I wake up in my bed tomorrow and this all is just a nightmare.

"Here"He announced as he stopped walking.

If front of us was an iron door.

"So this... This is the portal? "I ask, rolling my eyes.

I am insane, this man is insane everything and everyone is insane.

I pull at my hair and fall down to the ground.

There is only so much that one can handle.

My eye sight is getting blurry and my heart is beating so fast and loud, I can almost hear it.

"Avianna! Avianna! Calm down. it's okay. Please look at me." I heard the stranger exclaim as he wrapped his hands around my shoulders and pulled me up.

I looked into his concerned eyes that were staring back at me with concern.

And no, nothing fell into place. Nothing made sense, I still think we are both insane.

For heaven's sake I don't even know this man's name and I am following him across the city like a puppy.

Before I could reply, I heard a loud growl from above one of the buildings.

I squinted, looking up only to see a creature like before.

"Hurry!!!" I yelled and pushed the man back.

"That's what I was telling you earlier but you did not listen, now they have found us because of your foolishness!" He retorted, equally loudly.

I would have loved to shove his stupid head down the toilet but for now he was the only one who was mad like me,my only chance to live.

The man turned around and raised his hand towards the door and chanted,


Standing behind him, there wasn't much I could see, since he was obviously taller than me .The zombie 3.0 creature that wanted to incinerate me, sort of distracted me as it jumped down the building.

I ran to the stranger's side grabbing onto his hand.

His other hand, that was raised started glowing,blue light surrounded his palm.

It then seemed to coagulate in his palm and shot like a laser towards the metal door.

At this moment, if someone told me that the chicken came first and the sun revolves around the earth, I would believe them.

I was ready to believe anything that kept me alive.

The light swirled on the door's surface and formed a black hole like thing in the middle and eventually darkness enveloped us.

It was hard for me to comprehend what happened the next few moments but the moment I felt my feet touch something solid,I doubled over, with my knees on the ground almost ready to throw up.

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath.

I heard a deep groan resonate from beside me.

There,my knight in leather jacket laid,groaning like an animal and clutching his forehead and beside him was the arm of the zombie 3.0


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