Death Goddess Reborn

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"Is death really the end of my journey? How was I fated to die by this darn Covid19" cried Ambai. "Death is never the end, its only the beginning of your journey" a voice said. "I give you a choice because your soul is special, stay here as a soul protecting your family or move on for your next birth. Which option do you choose?" Said the same annoying baby voice. "Okay I've decided, I'll be choosing both options" Ambai said squinting her eyes. "Remember you chose this, it's your decision, take responsibility for it" said the voice as it faded. And this is how Ambai's life ended and began. journey of a cute Indian girl in a fantasy world Cover art from

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Chapter 1 - Death of Ambai

My grandmother always used to say that death is never the end, but I never believed her words. Because I am what you call an atheist, but my family is big on traditions and spirituality. Like very serious, serious enough to take a country trip across India just to visit all the temples. Gods I love my family but they are just too much for me to handle.

My parents and grandparents were a great fan of Mahabarath so they named me as Ambai, but I like to understand that my name comes from a flower known as Ambal (lotus). I am just side tracking on my narrative let's get to the point.

February 3rd of 2020 is when shit hit the fan; a global pandemic that started all across the world had finally started spreading in India. It was tragic, people were scared of the unknown and were panicking in a bizarre way possible. They were telling on their neighbours, suspicious of each other if they were infected or not. Unfortunately my neighbour got infected too, but he was still in the beginning stages so he was quarantined at his home.

People across our neighbourhood started harassing them to move out and go to a hospital, when actually hospitals have authorized the self Quarantine. People can be soo mean sometimes.

My point being I was one of the infected, but my situation escalated soo soon that we were not able to take proper precautions. My lungs got filled up and I died in my sleep. I know tragic right, but this is not the end of the story. It was the beginning how my life turned upside down.

There I was, a ghost watching the paramedics desperately try to bring my dead body to life. I watched my mom wailing and my sisters grieve. I just stood there for hours but no one knew. No one knew I was still there watching and it pained me to no end. It was just the worst feeling in the world because it is not the dead that feels the worst, it's the loved ones left behind to grieve them.

"Is death really the end of my journey? Is death omnipotent? Is it my fate to die young? How was I fated to die by this darn Covid19" I cried desperately to whichever deity that was listening.

"Death is never the end, it's only the beginning of your journey" a voice replied.

I was astonished for a second that my cry of despair has been answered by someone. The voice sounded too young to be deity though. It sounded like a kid's voice.

"I give you choices because your soul is special, stay here as a soul protecting your family or move on for your next birth. Which option do you choose?" Said the same annoying baby voice.

"Wait a minute, first of all who are you? Are you a deity or some ghost just like me? I'm not sure if I can trust you. Second of all why do I get only two options? I personally think the option range is too less for my liking ^_^" I tried reasoning with the voice.

The deity/ the baby deity got annoyed and said "You have only two choices not more not less, if you want you can choose or I'll just give this opportunity to someone else. Decide fast I don't have all day, your soul will diminish faster the longer to take to choose"

'What to choose staying back with my family means I can watch over them and protect them, but the option for rebirth seems appealing too' I thought biting my finger nails. I know it's an annoying habit of mine. 'Okay let's not get too distracted, what to chooseeeeeeee'. I've been told that I make a constipated face when I'm making a decision. just so you can imagine how frustrated I am.

"Okay I've decided I'll be choosing both options" I said squinting her eyes.

"Remember you chose this, it's your decision, take responsibility for it" said the voice as it faded.

I knew it, my guess was right there was a third option, I hope I choose well. Fingers crossed.

I was feeling tired and nauseous, 'Can ghost even feel nauseous' I wonder. I felt around and found I was on rugged floor. I tried my hardest to get my tired eyes to open. 'Why am I in a strange cave? I don't understand I made my choice, I choose to be reborn as well as to stay behind. What is happening? Where am I?' The question inside my head unanswered.

"Hello is anyone here" I called out weakly. Few stones grumbling in the distance made me panic even more, I knew there was someone or something with me in this cave. "Baby deity is that you, did I choose wrong? What happened? I made a choice to stay behind to protect my family. Why am I here? Where is here? Why do I feel so tired? Did you eat my soul? Omg did I sell my soul to the devil" I tried desperately to keep my sanity intact as I Squinted in the darkness waiting for answers.

I think I might have annoyed the baby deity too with my question because he answered back very sarcastically saying "I gave you a choice, you chose this life for yourself. Because of you stupid decision your soul was split up to fulfill your wishes. You are only two third of your soul, your remaining soul has already gone for rebirth. And you wonder why you are soo weak"

Baby deity (pov)

Humans are annoying, that's a fact but this human takes the cake for being the most annoying in the world. if it wasn't for HER soul I would not have chosen this dumb human. Her soul is too weak but that can be trained, for now I got to convince her to sign the contract.

I looked back at the human soul. The stupid human was making a cheap imitation of karate kid pose and seriously why does she have that constipated face? God! It's so ugly. I don't know whether to laugh or cry seeing the human's antics.

"Silly human you are here because you made the choice to protect your family. In 30 years your parents are gonna have a natural death of old age, As of your sisters, your elder sister is gonna have a family of her own and lead a happy life, your younger sister is gonna need you protection the most that's why this deity has brought you here. 3000 years later she is gonna face a calamity and you soul will protect her then. Understood so stopp asking me questions after questions" I hope the stupid human understands cuz I am not wasting any more of my precious time on her. How can one human be so annoying?

"3000 years!!! How old will my sister be? Is she immortal? Omg I can't believe I have the blood line of an immortal. Will I also live that long?" Ranted the stupid human. Have I told you how annoying she is -_-

"Shut up and listen for 2 minutes, your one third of your soul that was reborn will be too weak to survive the so I am gonna send your remaining soul to these worlds, you should complete your task there to retrieve a small part of your soul. Remember only when your soul is complete would you be able to save your little sister. Now for me to transfer the rest of your soul to there I need you to sign a contract with me" I hope the stupid human understands the severity of this decision.

"Huh why should I sign some contact ah? You really are asking me to sell my soul" the human said and started wailing like a banshee. "Mommy I got cheated by a ghosttttt ~_~"

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