Death Goddess Reborn

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Chapter 2 - Ambai reborn

A bright light appeared in the empty room, it was blinding. "We don't have much time to discuss this, you have to go now" urged the baby deity.

"Wait, wait a minute I have more questions to ask. Waitttttt" screamed ambai as she was pulled into the light.

I found myself in a warm dark place again, but this time it felt good. I tried to open my eyes as when I heard a soft voice talking to me. The women's voice was filled with love, but I didn't understand a thing. 'What place is dark, warm and filled with love' I thought to myself. That's when the realization hit me; I am actually a baby in another mother's womb!!(0^0)

That bloody cheat of a deity, I knew something was fishy with this deal. Everything said was too good to be true and I'm a baby now, yet to be born.(*_*)

I felt sad and happy at the same time, happy that I get a chance to have a new life again, sad because I miss my real family. Not that this women carrying me is not my mother and all, this situation just feels surreal to me. It takes time to get use to.

I felt the kind woman/my new mothers hand on her belly; oh man this feels weird but fascinating at the same time. I try to reach out and touch her through the flesh.

"××××××××××××××××!" Exclaimed my mother, I think she was happy that I literally punched her in the belly. (^@^)

What's weird is I can actually feel her feelings reaching me. 'Man If this is how baby's felt no wonder they are attached to their mommy, it really is a surreal connection'.

"Grooòoo!" Omg did my little stomach just grumble, okay this is too weird to process. 'Okay mommy your little baby is hungry, give me some food nowww' I tried kicking her. 'Is it considered disrespectful to kick your mommy? Maybe I should just roll, she might feel it' and I tried rolling from up to down.

It is really a small space for a baby I guess it was tight fit to roll down. 'Squeeze squeeze my way through, god this place is too tight for me' I felt something tearing and liquid gushing around me. This is the moment I knew I screwed up (0₩0)

I was going to be born!!

Everything was too fast; I am going to be born now. I don't know whether to cry or laugh. I feel my small head near my mother's nether regions (÷,÷) and I try to squeeze myself though the small opening but I felt something pulling me back.

Something is constricting my neck, so I could not squeeze any further. 'I really got tangled in my own umbilical cord, god am I such a klutz (;|). I got to detangle myself now, because it's getting hard to breathe with all the liquid gushing around me.' I reach for my neck to get the umbilical cord out of the way, but what strength can you expect a 3 pound baby's hands to have. I really felt like slapping myself in the forehead for being distracted. I felt myself drowning that when my survival instincts kicks in as I put all my strength to free myself and to squeeze out of here.

"Waaaaawaaaaawaaaaaa", I cry. It really hurts to be born. 'Okay, stop being a cry baby, literally. So what it hurts a little just bear with it' I told myself. I stop crying to open my eyes to the new world I'm in.

Kaye's pov:

"Wake up my lady look at your little prince" Told my maidservant. I take a look at my little treasure, he is so beautiful. I at last feel what it means to be a mother, because at this moment I felt I will live and die for this little one. After 10 years of marriage we have finally been gifted with a beautiful treasure.

"Am I late? are you feeling okay?, is the baby healthy?" My husband Rukle rushed into the room throwing questions after questions. "Come here my dear, look at our little treasure" I called as he rushes to me.

"He is soo tiny, look at him I can lift him with just my palm" he was lifting and playing with the now wailing baby. "Enough honey you might upset his stomach, give him to me I'll try to feed him"

That's when I noticed my beautiful treasure has opened his eyes slightly and looking at us in wonder. "Honey look look he has opened his eyes, he is looking at me see. Hello baby, I'm your daddy" Rukle points to himself" and this is your mommy, isn't she beautiful. I know your beautiful too my little baby"

Watching my husband coddle the new-born, I could see the love in his eyes. At last I felt our family is complete. I snap out of my thoughts as my husband mumbles. "What shall we name you, Luke, no no Rubert. That doesn't sound right"

"Erudite, let's name him Erudite" I told my husband. Erudite means one who holds great knowledge and I could almost feel knowledge seeping out of the little ones eyes.

"That sound wonderful, let's name him that. Little Erudite welcome to this world"

I opened my eyes to the new world. I guess everything is too bright for a new born baby. I look at the brawny man that is presently carrying me. He has long red hair in French braid and a long beard, it reminded me so much of Dumbledore (^��^).

The kind man looked at his cute son's gummy smile. The child was too beautiful, like a little elf. "Kaye look at our son, he's smiling like an angel, look look!". The child looked just like his loving wife, he has curly blond hair and cute button nose but his eyes seem peculiar.

He was happy one second then became very worried as he carefully looked at his sons eyes. It was iridescent green. Dread filled him as these eyes reminded him so much of the prophecy.

"Glistening gaze of dampened green jewel

Strings along the avid fool

Not so kind, but not so cruel

Instead a different kind of ruin"

This prophecy has been told for generations to Generation that everyone in the clan is well aware of.

"The child with green eyes shall bring upon ruins to the world.

A beauty that no one can resist, that everyone will be fighting for thy like a fool. "

There had been no child with green eyes born in their clan for centuries now. Everyone thought that the prophecy was a myth and was long forgotten. But me being the prince have access to all ancient texts, I found the prophecy intriguing. Now I knew that the prophecy had something to do with my son's life, I wanted to hide him from this world.

"Rukle honey what's wrong? Is the boy alright? What's wrong honey why are you being quiet." Kaye started getting worried because her husband has had that expression only during war. It looked like he was mentally preparing for war. "Honey speak to me, what is going on?"

"Kaye our son might be child of the prophecy. No, I am pretty sure the prophecy is about him. We need to protect him somehow."

Like this a happy event turned into a very dire situation.

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