Death Goddess Reborn

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Chapter 3 - Tree house?

While her new parents were having a heated discussion about something, Ambai started dozing off into lalala land. She tried to stay awake but it was physically not possible for a tired baby.

When she woke up it was almost dusk and two beautiful suns were near the horizon. 'Wow that was the nicest sleep I had in years. I guess there are perks for being a baby.' I worked in the corporate sector too long and the numerous night shifts just destroyed my health. So in this life I decided to lead a healthy life, sleep well, eat well and have funnn' (>#<)

My eyes were still blurred, I try looking around my surroundings to try to guess where I was born. The entire room was covered in thick branches and the windows were framed with thick vines 'Oh my god am I in a tree house?' I look closer and even the furniture's were made out of the thick branches. 'Wait a minute, the walls look like thick trunks of some tree.' That's when the realization hit me that I was actually inside a tree and the entire house was built inside the trunks of a huge tree. I heard the door open.

"Oh my little prince has risen, inform the wet nurses to come as soon as possible" Said the women in brown drab grown. Little stout women soon hurried into the room.

She was passed a wet cloth, "Here, clean yourself before feeding the prince" Said the lady in drabs. The wet nurse did a quick job of cleaning herself to feed the hungry prince.

I was quickly held by the little stout lady and here came the traumatizing part. Ambai's face was stuffed with the little woman's bosom. 'I Refuse to be breastfed, never! Ever! This is just too embarrassing (0^0)°. Ambai clamped her lips firmly refusing to eat.

"Ms. Yelli the prince is not suckling. Shall I try opening his prince's mouth" asked the little woman.

A Frown marred Ms. Yelli forehead. If the prince still refuses to eat it will be very bad for the prince's health. "Mrs. Ku please inform the kitchen to heat up some goat milk. Let's try bottle feeding his highness. Please inform her highness about the prince's situation"

Hunger clouded my vision but still I was firm in my decision to not suckle on some women's bosom. I heard the woman in drabs Ms. Yelli instruct the maids to bring goat milk. 'Thank the lord, I thought they were going to force feed me with human milk. At the thought of milk my tummy gurgled. I will be a good bottle baby (^×^)^ bring me the milk I'm super hungry '.

Kaye's pov:

"Rukle I still can't agree with your decision about our son. He is the prince of our clan, it is not fair for him to be raised elsewhere" sobbing I said to my husband. "Have you thought how I will feel as a mother for my baby to be raised by other" i could not control the anguish at the thought of losing my son. I see my husband's hands trembling at my remark. "There should be some other way, some way to protect our son. We are both very strong. We can protect him. If not we can leave this clan, go elsewhere and live a normal life. Please, please don't take my son away from me" tears drowned my cheeks as I pleaded my husband.

Eyes red my husband said "It is irresponsible of me to leave my kingdom. Just as my son needs me, this kingdom needs me too. I can't think of any other way to protect him". My strong husband who has never shed a tear in his life started crying before me and I didn't have any way to console him.

I wiped my tears away as I thought "Maybe one of our priests might have a way to avoid the prophecy, maybe he can do a spell to shield him from this disaster. Anything but sending my son away, please" I tried pleading my husband. I found my husband hesitating a little, rethinking his decisions. "Let's find the head priest, maybe he might have a solution for this dilemma" Said Rukle after a moment of consideration.

As Erudite's parents head off to meet the head priest, the nursery returned to its peaceful state thanks to one cute prince that decided to eat at last.

'Emm goat milk tasted soo good, does normal goat milk taste that delicious? There is a saying that everything tastes heavenly for a hungry man, I guess it's TRUE after all' Ambai thought as her hunger was quenched.

"Ms. Yelli the prince has taken his dinner then shall we give him a bath" asked Mrs.ku

Standing by the mantel Ms. Yelli moved towards what I assumed to be the bath room and ordered "Prepare a bath for his highness, make the water temperature lukewarm. The weather is getting hotter by the day after all"

I mentally prepared myself to be manhandled ;( oh by the way, have I told this before 'I, Ambai am a certified virgin and no one has ever seen me naked. I never had a boyfriend either. I was waiting for The ONE before all this covid situation happened'. So just the thought of people bathing me gives me goose bumps. But I have will endure. I don't want to be a dirty baby after all


"Ohh the bath is ready; now let's get our little prince clean shall we" Ms. Yelli said in baby voice. 'Wait, was she addressing me as a prince? Did I hear wrong?' dread filled me at the thought of such possibility. I started fussing, kicking my legs trying to get a good look between my legs. 'Darn these clothes are on the way'

"Patience my little prince, let's get this clothes off you shall we" Ms. Yells said coddling me. I was then gently immersed into warm water till my neck. Ms. Yell then started to gently scrub my dry scalp. 'Hot bath and a soothing massage what more do I need. I change my mind, being bathed is not as embarrassing as i thought'

My eyelids started drooping uncontrollably. I tried staying awake but a baby's body is too weak. 'I'm gonna need as much sleep as possible to grow into a healthy lady' Ambai thought as sleep invaded her eyes.

If only Ambai had looked between her legs she would have had the greatest surprise. But I guess that is for another day.

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