Haunted By The Demon

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Some call me an asshole. And it's: True! Do I care? Um, fuck no! I am the king of the world, and I had one goal, and that is to become the fucking Alpha. Yeah, I was going to be the guy everyone wants to be. The man I was supposed to be if there hadn't been for Nyx and his dead father, or Ivy being mated to an fucking angel. Without their magic, I bet that I am stronger than they are! But here I am, among the weaker because I was born into a pack with more Alphas than we can count. I worked hard not to become a Gus kind of Alpha, but then I promised Trey to keep an eye on Pim. Helping my weird baby sister Pim turned out to be the biggest mistake of my life, and before I had time to blink, I was captured and brought to the Demon world. A world that is filled with temptations, all of them dangerous in their own ways. But this world is not for me, not for a wolf, so it is slowly sucking the life out of me. No one is coming to my rescue, I am on my own, and I need to save myself....

Fantasy / Erotica
Sandra Johansson
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This story has moved, and you will not be able to read the completed story here, at least for now. This has happened because someone decided that stealing 8 of my stories was a good idea.

If you want to read my completed and ongoing stories, then you have to join me at Patreon. You will find the link on my wall under the support me button. Or here https://www.patreon.com/sandraj_writing

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The Lash series

Spinoff The Devils series: Lily the devil’s flower COMPLETED
Lily the Devils flower (can be read without reading Lash, but I recommend that you read it)

Saved by the CEO, COMPLETED
Playing with the Mafia COMPLETED
Shattered By The Mafia ONGOING

The Alpha of the Alpha series

The Black Moon COMPLETED
The first Alphas son COMPLETED
Ivy Flame marked COMPLETED
The Betas heartbreak COMPLETED
Tempted by death COMPLETED
Pleasured by angels COMPLETED

Haunted By The Demon - Ongoing


The Alphas Human ongoing


Dirty ongoing

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