Haunted By The Demon

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Chapter 8 It starts now.

(Remember this story starts in previous time)

Chapter 8 It starts now.
Noah pov

As soon as I have left the room, I hear Lilith’s voice.

" Take him to his room. Make sure no one gets in or out.” Seconds later, a furious Acham walks out of the room.

" Follow me!” She snaps, and even though I don’t want to do anything she tells me, getting away from Liliths intoxicating scent is what I need. Walking through long hallways that look like something straight out of a horror movie, I sigh in relief as I no longer can feel her scent. Acham stops in front of a massive stone door and pushes it open with ease. Turning to me, she points into the room, and I look over her shoulder, seeing nothing but a large stone bed in the darkroom.

" Get inside!” She screams, her voice turning to that creepy voice I heard earlier. Glaring at her, I walk inside the room, and the door gets shut behind me with a loud boom. Spinning around, I try to push it open, but it doesn’t even move an inch. Laughing on the other side, I hear her walk away, and not long after that, I hear sounds of things being dragged outside the door. Pressing my ear to the stone, I hold my breath and listen. Suddenly snarls and screams so loud that I stumble back in fear are heard from the other side.

" Shit!” I hiss out and cover my ears as the screams increases in strength. Understanding that Lilith’s demons are out there wanting to eat me, I back away from the door. I hope that Acham made sure no one can come inside here. The screams and snarls continue for what feels like an eternity, but to my relief, the door doesn’t show the slightest tendencies to open. When the screams and snarls finally go quiet, I let out a sigh feeling exhausted. It’s like all energy has been stolen from me. Crawling down on the bed, which I expect to feel hard and cold, but I am pleasantly surprised that it doesn’t. The bed is warm and soft against my skin, and seconds later, my eyes flutter shut.

" Noah, you need to come with me!” Her sweet voice screams, pulling at my arm, and I sit up, staring straight into Lila’s eyes. I have always thought that she’s the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. Strange and too shy, but I have always liked her in a way I have never been able to put my finger on. Now when I know, I understand all my feelings for her. I know that she has never looked at me like that, and she probably never will, but I can feel the bond. It’s there, broken but still there. My wolf whimpers, the pain in my chest growing as I try to understand how she can be here.

" Noah, we need to leave!” She screams, trying to pull me out of bed. Stumbling to my feet, I can’t take my eyes off her.

" What’s wrong with you?” I wrap my arms around her, pulling her to my chest. Inhaling her scent, and I feel my wolf calm down. She’s here. She’s really here.

" Why are you here?” I whisper into her hair, and she places her hands on my chest, pushing me away with a confused expression. The parts of my chest that she is touching tingles and burns, a heat I have never felt before spreading out through my whole body.

" Noah, are you okay?”
" You are mine.” I tell her, and she bursts out laughing.

" Noah, you are crazy.” She whispers with a smile, and a feeling of desperation to fix this takes a whole of me. Pressing my lips to hers, I kiss her hard. Screaming against my mouth, she slaps my chest and pushes me away from her.

" What are you doing? I don’t want you. I love Remiel and Zerachiel!” She screams, now angry, and I see her wolf dancing in her eyes. Pain stabs my chest, and I stagger back, falling to my knees. My wolf howls out in pain, and I look at her with begging eyes.

" Lila.” I whisper, and she shakes her head, backing away with a disgusted look.
" I hope you die here!” She yells, then she opens the massive stone door, and as it closes behind her, it feels like I am falling through darkness.

Screaming, I sit up in the bed, looking around. My heart is beating wildly in my chest that is aching painfully from her rejection.

" It was a damn dream.” I tell myself but the rejection stings as if she was here and said it to my face. Falling down on my back, I cover my eyes with my arm. It can be demon magic. That is what it has to be. Breathing through the pain that ripples my chest, I know that it’s not demon magic. This is real. The pain is real. My bond with Lila is the only thing that feels real. I don’t know why it broke or how that is even possible, but it is a mate bond, I am sure of it. How is it possible that I didn’t understand it until the demon told me? Rubbing my chest, I try not to think of Lila and feel the pain ease somewhat.

Soon I feel exhausted again, almost like something is stealing my energy. That damn flame, of course, and this broken bond isn’t making it any better. Will I go crazy? Try to kill myself? Or die because of this hell hole? Or will I be eaten by a demon? Chuckling at my odds, I remove my arm from my eyes. All I really can do is hope that everyone I love will be okay and that even if I have been an asshole, they know that I love them. The thought makes me both angry and sad. I know that they won’t come for me. Sure, I know that my family loves me, but they will be forced to choose unless something drastic happens, and I will not be the first choice. I hope that Lila won’t feel anything when I die.

Acham pov

I was so tempted to leave the dog’s door open, but Lilith wouldn’t have liked it, so I didn’t. Instead, I hurried to lock him inside the room before I carefully sneaked out of Lilith’s house. Making sure that no one saw me, I hurried past what millions of years ago used to be a blooming forest, but now there are only ashes and charcoal left. As soon as Lilith’s house was out of sight, I used my magic to travel to where I knew she would be, at the End of the World.

With my back straight, I approach Hathor as she sits there and stares into nothing. The End of The World is the place where the border to Nefiris world starts. From the start, he couldn’t cross the border for more than a few seconds each year. But thanks to me bringing him the dust of the Eternal Flames ashes, he slowly began to strengthen his magic and could start to stay in our world longer.

Hathor doesn’t seem to understand that Nefiri uses both her and me to get what he wants, which is more power. He doesn’t love her even though he repeatedly tells her so. No one can love that bitch except for Ra, the stupid fucker has no idea what his sweetheart has done to his Goodness. I wonder what Ra would do if he knew? This is such a mess, and I would have no interest in being involved in this if it weren’t for Lilit. Therefore I have continued to come here and bring them dust of the ashes.

" Didn’t he show up today?” I ask in a mocking tone, and her angry eyes turn to me.
" He will be here when he feels strong enough.” She says, tipping her chin up, and I snort.

“He’s powerful enough to stay in the Human world for hours, and you know that too.”
" What are you trying to say?” She snarls, her magic swirling around me, and I smile sweetly.

" Nothing, he is probably just busy packing his belonging and preparing to come here and live happily ever after with you.”

" Did you bring it?” She screams, and I roll my eyes, holding out the small box containing the ash. A spark would kill us all, but after a fight where I ended up in one of the many piles of the Eternal Flames ashes, I found out that it strengthened me, but only for a short while. Using it on myself, my power grew, but the side effects were so awful that I eventually gave it up, afraid that it might kill me one day. I don’t know how Nefiri can only grow stronger. When I asked him, he just gave an evil smile that made me shiver. I don’t like the guy. He is creepy as fuck. Not that I like any of the Angels. But if Nefiri is the one in control, he would let us out of the world where we have been trapped, so I have chosen the less dislikeable Angel.

Hathor reaches for the small box in my hand, and just when she is about to grab it, I see Nefiri behind her. His evil eyes are staring at the box in my hand like it was pure gold, and I guess to him, it is even better than that. He snatches it before Hathor can take it and she shrieks, spinning around.

" What do you think that you are doing?” He scowls at her, and she looks down at the ground.

" I wanted to give it to you.” She whispers, and I roll my eyes. This is what love does to you. It makes you stupid and weak. The thought that Lilith wants love makes me worried. What if she would start loving the dog? Ewww. But I like her plan about her child being even more powerful than Lilith herself. It might even give us the upper hand against this angel asshole. Then we, the demons, can be the rulers.

“What do you think happens if you touch it? Then Ra will sense it! And if he finds out, and he will talk to Lucifer! We are so close. It’s just a matter of days until we start.” Nefiri screams at her, and once again, she looks down at the ground.

“I’m sorry.” She whispers, and I almost tell her to kick him in his nuts, but if I want to have Lilith to myself, then I need to stay on Nefiris good side.

“What we need now is a way to distract Remiel and Zerachiel. So far, nothing I have tried has worked. They are tied to the Eternal Flame.” He grumbles.

“I have a plan.” I say, and both of them turn to me with raised eyebrows.

“Love makes you do stupid things. All we need to do is create jealousy between the two men. Love magic can do that.”

“It’s too dangerous. If Hathor gets suspected, then it can jeopardize everything.” He snaps at me, and an evil smile spreads across my lips.

“Not if we steal the love magic from Aphrodite. I can steal it and meet up with Hathor in the Human world, where she can cast the spell. Then I keep the magic hidden in the Demon world. No one would ever look for it there.”

“I like it, but the magic would only work in the Human world.” Nefiri says, and Hathor scowls at me. Ignoring the bitch I smile brightly, trying not to show how worried I am that Nefiri will want to bring the magic with him. This is my chance to give my Queen what she wants and still help Nefiri take Lucifer down. Then all I have to do is make sure that the wolf does the deed and make her pregnant. After that, I can finally get rid of the dog she brought to our house.

“How are things going with the Alpha?” Nefiri asks, and the corners of my mouth turn south.

“It’s fucking going. I told him about Lila, so I am guessing that it will all start now.” Nefiri nods, a creepy smile forming on his lips.

“Remember what I taught you about the sealing magic?” Hathor asks me, and I have to stifle a groan.

“Yes, my magic isn’t strong enough and will eventually break. I need to set a new spell each day to be sure that the dog can’t talk.” Nodding, she turns to Nefiri, admiration shining in her eyes. The sight almost makes me gag. I look away. Nefiri strongly believes that keeping the dog will weaken Lucifer because it hurts Ivy, but what if it gets the opposite effect? What if the pain Ivy feels will become like pouring gasoline on the fire? And if Lucifer finds out that I am involved, he will open the Empty Space again, no matter what his woman says.

“How are you planning on stealing her magic?” Hathor asks like she doesn’t believe I have a waterproof plan. Pulling out my knife that’s created to kill even the divine, I wave it in front of her eyes.

“I just cut it out.” A dark chuckle leaves Nefiri, and he looks me up and down like he’s starving. I take a step away from them, not interested in anything he always offers me, which is himself. Eww!

“I better get to it before Lilith starts wondering where I am.”

“Remember that I am watching you.” Nefiri warns me as I disappear. Yeah, suppose Nefiri starts suspecting that I have my own agenda. In that case, he will probably not try to seduce me anymore. Not that he will find out because I am the only one who knows. Yeah, the dog knows, but he can’t say shit about it.

When I see Aphrodites house, I smile. Soon Lilith will be all mine. Soon the dog will be nothing but a sad memory.

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