Haunted By The Demon

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Chapter 1 Locked up


Chapter 1 Locked up
Noah pov

As soon as we got here, Lilith told me that I would be kept underground. The only light I saw was a small glimpse of fire in the corner of my eye. When I tried to look at it, I desperately wanted to look at it, but Lilith grabbed my chin roughly and pushed me down the stairs to her dungeons. Faster than lighting, she was by my side, hosting me to my feet before she threw me inside a cell and locked the door. I shifted and tried to force myself out through the thick bars. Laughing, she looked over her shoulder and said.

“Not even my demons can escape these bars. So spare yourself the humiliation of proving how weak you are.” Then she disappeared. Still, I tried, and then I tried some more, feeling more useless each time I fail. Eventually, I had to give up, and I shifted back to my human form and sat down on the ground. The time that has passed since the demon bitch brought me here against my will feels like an eternity. It must have been days if my grumbling stomach is anything to go by.

Besides the many empty cages and stone walls, there’s nothing but darkness around me. If I hadn’t been a wolf, I wouldn’t have seen anything here because there’s no light at all in this world. Even though I am deep under the ground, I can still hear demons scream and fight in the distance. At times, their screams reach such ear-deafening octaves that the pain the sound causes me is excruciating.

When I first saw Lilith in the witch’s house, I must admit that all I wanted to do was grab her ass and fuck her senseless, but now I want to rip her head off. She used demon magic on me and forced me to tell Pim that I wanted to come to this hell hole. Then she locked me, an Alpha, inside a cage. I hate the blue-haired bitch so much that my wolf is in a frenzy needing to kill her.

So far, I have managed to control him and hold my wolf back, but the anger inside me keeps rising, and I know that as soon as she lets me out of here, he will take over.

“Let me the fuck out!” I roar, my angry voice echoing in the darkness for the millionth time. Growling into the darkness, I lean my head against the cold stone behind my back. I should never have promised Trey to keep an eye on Pim, and I should never have followed her to that damn forest! This is all their fault! And the Angels fault! Without them, I would be the next Alpha inline, and now I am here. Trapped and humiliated.

A creaking sound makes me jump to my feet, and when I stand up, I stare at the door that slowly slides open. I narrow my eyes and focus my senses, but I can’t see or sense that anyone is here.

I feel my wolf push hard against the little resistance I have left as I carefully walk towards the door. With a deep frown, I stare at the now open door. No one but me is here? Is this a demon trick? Not that it matters, I am not staying to find out! I think before I let my wolf take over, and I shift into my huge gray wolf. Growling like a crazed dog, I burst out through the door and towards the stairs. My whole body is in fight mode, and I am ready to kill anything in my way. When I reach the top of the spiral stairs, I still haven’t bumped into anyone, and I stop. Where do I go? How do I get home?

Taking a deep breath, I start to sneak towards where I remember that we came from. The screams from the demons are closer now, and I have to block out most of my hearing to be able to focus. I walk past several large black stone arches leading inside rooms that I haven’t seen before, but I try to focus on remembering where we came from. After I have rounded a few corners, I feel my own scent and realize that the house or whatever I should call it is like a maze and that I must have been walking in circles. I try to focus, trying to let my wolf guide me out of here, but it’s like something is disturbing my senses. Something alluring.

“Noah.” I hear a creepy raspy voice whisper behind me, and I spin around, snapping my jaws, but there’s no one there. I shake my head, and more creepy whispers of my name are heard to my right. I don’t know what it is, but it’s clearly not coming from a person that I can see, so after double-checking that I am alone, I slowly start to follow the voice that is whispering my name.

Each time the voice whispers my name, I feel more and more drawn to it. Like it’s a temptation that is impossible to resist. A temptation I don’t even know if I want to resist. As I follow the sound of the creepy voice, my head feels like a blur of confused emotions and a strong need to get to that voice.

“Come, Noah.” The voice whispers almost in a seductive way, but it has nothing to do with sex. It’s a nonsexual temptation but already so strong that my inside vibrates. For each step I take, my heart beats faster and faster, harder and harder. Soon it pounds so hard in my ribcage that I can hear it. My steps get lighter, almost like I am carried towards where this voice wants me.

The air around me changes, and I know that I am close to being outside the maze or house or whatever it is. When my paws connect with the ground outside, I lose my breath, and the light of a chaotic burning inferno stings my eyes. I close my eyes in a yelp, but my paws continue to move like I am no longer in control of my body. I can feel the air grow hotter for each step I take, and I blink rapidly to see where I am going, but the burning inferno is impossible to look at. The temperature rises more, and sweat starts to tangle my fur, then I howl out in pain as sharp claws dig into my neck. Everything happens so fast that I have no time to react.

I feel myself being moved at an inhuman speed. The air around me grows cold again, and a longing to follow that voice is now so painful that it cuts into my soul stabs my chest. I wanting nothing but to follow that voice. I need to follow that voice. I struggle against the one who has captured me. I snap my jaws biting down hard as I let my claws draw blood. A woman screams in pain, and then I am slammed down to the ground so hard that several of my bones break. Howling from the pain, I am forced to shift, and I press my lips into a thin line to keep the scream inside.

I hear a woman curse, and then I feel Lilith’s presence. As soon as I sense her, the longing to follow the voice is gone. Gasping for air, I roll over to my back, and a severe headache hits me so hard that it feels like my head is about to be cut in half.

“Stupid Alpha pup!” I hear Lilith spit out like she tasted something nasty, and then I am dragged to my feet. I try to resist, but the headache is making it impossible for me to fight back. I blink rapidly, and each time I look into Lilith’s eyes, I feel cold thrills run up my spine. The demon is holding me up in the air for several minutes like I weighted nothing before she growls in my face.

“Sit the fuck down and don’t move!” With those words, she throws me down on a stone bench. My still not fully healed bones protest and makes me grunt in pain. More pain stabs my head, and I thread my fingers into my thick black hair, pulling hard at it in a desperate attempt to ease the pain.

“Darling, are you okay?” I hear Lilith ask, and when I manage to open my eyes, I see Lilith cupping a red-haired woman’s cheek. No scrats that! It’s not a fucking woman. It’s a demon. The redhead smiles sadly, pouting her lips.

“It hurts, my queen.” She says, and points at where I managed to bite and claw her. I would have snorted if I wasn’t in so much pain because the bitch is exaggerating the best she can.

“It’s a good thing that we cant catch rabies.” Lilith says, her eyes turning to me, blazing with anger as she lets go of the little redhead. With two long strides, Lilith has my chin in a firm grip, her long black claws painfully digging into my skin.

“The next time you even think about hurting Acham, I will eat both your arms before I pull out all your teeth!” She says so calmly that I understand that she means it. My eyes widen in shock, and she laughs, her thumb roughly sliding over my lips.

“You are gorgeous, so not eating you will be hard even if you are a good boy.” She says in a seductive purr, her eyes traveling down over my naked body, and for the first time in my life, I feel the need to cover myself up, but I resist the urge only because I refuse to let this bitch scare me.

“And the next time you try to fuck with me, I will kill you!” I growl back, yanking my head out of her grip. Less than two seconds later, she has wrapped her fingers around my throat, and with a growl, unlike anything I have ever heard, she cuts off my air supply.

“Now, you are going to listen to me, boy. Never threaten me! And if you do as I tell you, then you might get to keep all of that yummy flesh attached to your body. I am not the only one here that wants to eat you. And when I say eat, I mean I want to tear you apart, feast on your blood and flesh. So if you value your life, then behave yourself. I do not tolerate obedience. I do not forgive. I kill before I ask my questions because the lack of answers is more fun.” She says, her voice sweet as sugar. I claw at her hands when my lungs feel like they are about to explode, but she doesn’t let me go. Instead, my vision turns blurrier and blurrier, and eventually, everything goes black.

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