Haunted By The Demon

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Chapter 2 I take what I want



Chapter 2 I take what I want
Noah pov

Twisting my body, I groan and blink slowly. My eyes feel scratchy. Staring up at the darkness above me, I let the memories come back to me. The creepy voice, the red-head, and then the bitch Demon trying to kill me. But there’s something else. Something I can’t remember. I focus hard and groan when pain slices my head. I don’t know what it is, but it’s like it has been hidden from me. I bet it’s the work of the demon.

I snap out of my attempt to remember when soft moans are heard, and confused, I sit up. I am still on the stone bench where Lilith told me to sit, but I am alone in the room. More moans, louder this time, are heard, and I slowly stand up. My eyes travel in the direction of the sound. Slowly I start walking towards the huge gap in the stone wall, and my eyes widen when I see them.

Lilith and the red-haired bitch are lying on a bed that is so big that a giant could easily sleep there. I stare at the two demon women trying not to like what I see. But damn, isn’t it all men’s dream to watch two women kiss? Perhaps not all men, but it sure as shit is something I enjoy watching.

Both women are standing on their knees, and I watch Acham’s black tongue lick and suck its way down Lilith’s neck until she reaches her breasts. Growling, Lilith grabs her hair, pulling her head up, and kisses her while she slips her hand in between Acham’s legs. Swallowing hard, I try to convince myself to turn my back and try to get out of there, but I am frozen to the spot. Their kisses get more urgent, and Acham gasps and squirms when Lilith pushes two fingers inside her.

“This is all you get!” Lilith growls against her mouth before she pulls her hand away, making the other woman whimper in what sounds like disappointment.

“Please, my queen.” Acham says, and Lilith’s eyes turn to me. Her pupils have changed form, looking like a cat’s, and when she smiles, I can see her razor-sharp fangs.

“Please, my queen.” Acham begs again, and Lilith’s eyes snap back to her as she makes a hissing sound.

“Begging won’t help. You are here for my pleasure!” Lilith snaps, yanking hard at the other woman’s hair. Acham bows her head, and Lilith smiles sweetly before stroking her cheek. I might not always be the nicest of guys, but the way she treats Acham rubs me the wrong way, making me dislike the woman even more.

“Pleasure me.” Lilith says in a soft tone, but still, it sounds like a threat. When she lay down on her back, parting her legs for her friend, I try to leave, but I realize that I can’t move. All I can do is stand there and watch them. Acham lowers her head between her legs, and Lilith grabs hold of her head, pressing her harder against her pussy. Thoughts I don’t want to have about them swirl inside my head, and my dick is growing fast until I am painfully hard. I would do pretty much anything for a pair of pants right now. Lilith pushes Acham’s blood-red hair to the side to give me a better view as her friend’s tongue is playing over her clitoris with fast and hard strokes.

My eyes travel from Acham’s mouth to the bitch demon’s eyes that are shining with a devilish gleam. Lilith lifts her hips to give her friend better access, and Acham’s hands travel up her thighs towards Lilith’s glistening folds. The bitch growls as Acham forces three fingers inside and starts to thrust them hard.

“Just like that!” Lilith says, her voice changing from sweet to something more dangerous.

Lilith’s back arches, and then her whole body shakes as she reaches her climax. Speechless, both my wolf and I stare at them. I clear my throat as quietly as I can, but Acham pulls away, looking at me.

“He’s beautiful, isn’t he? A toy to keep.” Lilith says, her eyes traveling over my body with hunger and anger start shining in Acham’s eyes.

“Yes, he is.” Acham says, but something tells me that the demon already hates me and wants me as far away from here as possible.

“She’s mine!” I hear Acham say in my head, and my eyes widen. Just because I like what I see doesn’t mean I want that bitch. All I want is to kill the demon, and as soon as I get the chance, I will.

“I haven’t been with a man for a long time. Come here, pup.” Lilith says to me, spreading her legs for me, and I snort at her.

“I rather die than touch you!” I snarl, and then Lilith is standing in front of me, looking up at me.

“Are you saying no to me?” She snaps with venom in her voice, and I chuckle

“I am telling you to fuck off!” I answer her, and she wraps her fingers around my dick, stroking me slowly. I growl at her, but I can’t deny that it feels fucking good.

“I will make you beg and then crawl like the weak thing you are.” With an angry roar, I wrap both hands around her throat, digging my claws into her neck. Slamming her up against the wall, I squeeze her throat hard. But no matter how hard I squeeze, I can’t hurt her. She laughs and strokes me faster. Angry, I grit my teeth liking and hating it at the same time.

“You will regret that.” She says, and then she lets go. To my horror, I almost order her to continue, but then I am lying on the bed. Soon I am tied to the bed by my hands, and with Lilith glaring down at me, I try to get loose, but no matter how hard I pull at the ropes, they don’t budge.

“I could so easily take what I want from you, but hearing you beg for it will be more fun.” She says, and growling, I try to shift. No matter how hard I try, I can’t. It’s like my wolf has been tied up too. Lilith laughs and lays down by my side, soothingly stroking my chest before turning to her friend, that glares at me.

“Leave!” Lilith snarls at her, but Acham stubbornly continues to glare at me. Magic starts to swirl in the air, and seconds later, Acham is flying through the room, her back hitting the wall with a thud. My eyes widen as I watch her stand up like it didn’t hurt at all.

“I said leave!” Lilith says, and this time her voice is like a resounding echo, the voice of a demon. Bowing her head Acham leaves the room. Then I hear her voice in my head.

“You will pay for this!” I try to answer her, but when I open my mouth, nothing comes out, and I see and an evil smirk on Acham’slips just before she disappears out through the large hole in the stone wall. I try to shift again, but nothing happens, and Lilith sighs before she speaks.

“Save your strength, Alpha. You will need it because my world is going to kill you unless I do it first.” I turn my head to look at her, my heart beating fast from both anger and confusion.

“Yes, pretty boy, you will die here. Slowly, the Flame will draw the life out of you. No matter how hard you fight. So do yourself a favor and enjoy the last days of your life. Beg me.” She purrs and drags her now extended black claws over my chest. I snarl at her when blood starts trickling down towards the sheets. I am not afraid to die, but I have no desire to leave this life just yet and the thought that I might just have days left makes me both scared and angry at the same time.

“Let me loose!” I snap, and she presses her lips to mine, humming as she forces her tongue inside my mouth. I part my lips and extend my fangs before I let them sink down hard on her bottom lip. When her blood flows over my tongue, I scream. Her blood is like acid, and it burns my whole body. Laying down on her back, she giggles.

“You can fight me all you want, but no matter how hard you try, you can’t kill me. And hurting me will only hurt you.” She coos as I try not to scream from the pain her blood causes me. Lightheaded, I mumble curses, and she makes an aww sound. I need to kill her. But how do you kill a demon?

“The next time you try to hurt me, I will feed you a hint of the Flame’s ashes. Then you will never dare to even think about hurting me.” She says and licks my cheek purring like a kitten.

“The Flame?” I ask in a groan as more pain explodes in my body.

“The Eternal Flame and my muse.” She whispers in my ear, and I wonder how a flame can be a muse?

“It’s my muse because it’s deadly, dangerous, and shows no mercy or regret.” She tells me, and I look into her eyes and see that her pupils are now back to normal, almost looking human. But damn this chick is crazy.

“You can hear my thoughts.” I say, and she rolls her eyes.
“Yes, of course. You can’t hide anything from me.”

“Why are you doing this to me?” I ask, feeling the pain slowly fade away.

“Because I take what I want, and I want you. I want your cock inside me, and I always get what I want.” Turning my head away from her, I snort.

“I know it hurts the Alpha ego not to be the one in charge but don’t you want to feel good before you die?” She asks, and I feel dick go soft as cotton. She growls disapprovingly, and I give her an are you serious look.

“What do you expect, that I would be dripping pre-cum when you threaten to kill me or say that I will soon be dead?” I snap, and she smiles. Geez, this woman is like a damn rollercoaster, one second sweet, the next a deadly dangerous psychopath.

“A girl can dream, can’t she?” She says, lightly dragging one claw over my chest stopping just below my navel.

“You can dream all you want. I am never going to fuck you!” I spit out, and she glares at me.

“Who said that you are going to fuck me? I am the one who will fuck you, and you will love it!” She snaps, and then I am alone in the room. I guess the queen isn’t used to be told off or receive a no, but I will never give into her. Never, over my dead body! I yank at the tiny ropes, trying to get loose while I wonder how it’s possible that these tiny ropes can hold me in place. It has to be some kind of magic.

“Noah, come.” I hear the creepy voice from earlier whisper, and my head snaps to the huge gap in the wall.

“Who are you?” I ask, using my Alpha voice.

“Noah, come!” The voice almost screams, and my ears start ringing from the loud words. I yank at the ropes needing to get loose, and when I yank at them, they break. I stare at my hands in confusion. What the fuck? How could I suddenly get loose?

“Noah.” The voice whispers and I jump to my feet, walking towards the whispering voice. My wolf goes crazy in my head, telling me to run the other way, but even though I try to resist, my feet are taking me towards the voice. The need to get there is so strong that all other thoughts disappear.

Leaving the bedroom behind, I walk through narrow hallways, listening to the voice getting closer for each step I take. The voice grows urgent, and I hurry my steps, needing to get there as fast as possible. When I see a flash of the chaotic burning inferno, a sharp pain stabs my shoulder, and I fall to the ground. Landing on my stomach with something huge and heavy on my back. I howl out in pain when a chunk of my flesh is torn from my body. I fight hard to get loose and manages to push the heavy thing off me. When I roll over to my back, I come face to face with a hideous creature, its yellow eyes seem to burn my brain, and before I have time to react, I feel its magic slip inside me. Making me calm, with a desire that the creature in front of me will eat me alive.

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