Haunted By The Demon

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Chapter 3 Nothing but food.


Chapter 3 Nothing but food.
Noah pov

Unable to look away, I stare into the creatures piercing eyes. My head is fast turning foggy.

“Food.” The creature says in a hollow voice, drool dripping down at the ground as it stalks towards me. I can feel my blood trickle down my back, and more snarls are fast approaching from all around me. The beast in front of me growls, and when he looks away, the spell I must have been under disappears. My head is clear in an instant, and then my eyes widen at the sight of the many demons surrounding me. All of them are staring at me with hunger and not the kind where you will get your dick wet.

“Blood.” One hisses behind me, and I scramble to my feet, growling a warning to them, as the magic inside me sparkles to life. I can barely see it, but the gray fog that belongs to me starts swirling around me, and the demons laugh.

“Cute.” A female voice says, and I look at her. Her eyes are glowing in red.

“And delicious.” Another female voice says, and when I look at her, I see that they look the same, like twins. The only difference is that this woman has yellow eyes.

The creature that bit me snaps his jaws at the two female demons, and with a slap, the woman with red eyes sends the creature flying. The beast screams in pain, and when it lands on the ground, it’s already dead. I swallow hard as both women, naked with swaying hips start walking towards me. I shudder when they smile, and I can see the long rows of their needle-sharp teeth.

“Make it easy for us, boy, and you will die a pleasureful death.” One of them says, and I extend my claws. I know nothing about killing a demon, except for that it’s pretty much impossible unless you are a fucking angel or my twin sister. Refusing to take a step back, I growl at them, and they giggle. Then the one with yellow eyes is standing by my side. I try to move away, but she digs her long claws into my chest, right above my heart.

“Shh, be still, and you get to live a little longer.” She whispers in my ear before sucking at my earlobe. Since I want to live, I keep still, and even though I want to sink my fangs into her neck, I wait. Then the red-eyed demons stand before me, and when I look into her eyes, I feel almost hypnotized, so I look away. When I do, she roughly grabs my chin, forcing me to look at her.

“We like to play with our food.” She says while her lookalike digs her claws deeper into my chest. I groan from the pain, almost falling to my knees, but the two women holds me up.

“So weak, but feisty, I love it.” The red eyes bitch tells me, and I snarl at her, feeling my wolf push harder against my restraint of him. My wolf is hotheaded, and right now, I need to try to be smart, but I also know that my wolf will eventually take over, and I will lose control over him. I have done that many times, during less threatful circumstances. The woman with yellow eyes pulls her claws out of my flesh, and I groan loudly.

Then she starts licking my chest, lapping up my blood, as I can do nothing but stare into the red-eyed demon’s eyes. To my horror, I feel myself getting hard for the two women who want nothing but to eat me. What the fuck is this? That is all I can think about, but the longer I look into her eyes, feeling her sister feast on my flowing blood, the more I want them, both of them.

I want nothing but submit to their wills and then let them eat me alive. Somewhere in the depths of my mind, I know that this is not right, that I need to get the fuck out of here, but that voice inside my head is soon gone, and all I want is to please the two women. All worries disappear, and then I feel nothing but free, almost euphoric.

“Mmm, he tastes so good.” The yellow-eyed demon says, and I take a step closer to her lookalike, pressing my lips to hers. She bites down hard on my lip, making it bleed before she starts sucking. I groan out in delight while she tastes my blood.

“What the fuck is going on here?” A hollow voice screams and both women immediately let me go. Dizzy, and confused I fall to my knees. Pain shoots through my body, making me want to scream, but I bite my tongue.

“The Alpha is mine! No one touches what’s mine!” I hear Liliths voice echo around me as I try to fight off the dizziness. Glancing up, I see Lilith approach the two women. With a few words and a wave of her hand, the two women start to burn. They scream so loud that it feels like my head is about to explode. Gasping, I fall to my side. The pain in my body and head makes it impossible to move. Blinking slowly, I try to stay awake.

“The one who comes close to him dies an even more painful death.” She tells the other demons, then she turns to me, and her piercing blue eyes are the last thing I see before my eyes fall shut.

When I wake up again, I find myself lying down on a soft bed. Confused, I sit up, feeling that my body is aching from pain, which fast increases. I have been injured before but never felt pain like this, and a groan almost leaves me.

“Lay down. You aren’t healing in the way you are used to.” Lilith says, and my head snaps to the right. She sits there, almost naked, her long blue hair covering her breasts while something that looks like a skirt covers her lady parts and the top of her thighs.

“Let me out, you fucking bitch!” I growl as more pain shoots through my body, and she raises one eyebrow at me before standing up.

“Fine, go! Go out there and be torn to shreds. It’s not like I care!” She snaps, her eyes shining with anger. I try to stand up, but the pain forces me down on my back again. Panting for air, I stare up at the ceiling when her face comes into view. She snorts in what sounds like disgust and mumbles something in a language that I can’t understand.

“You are even weaker now because you are stupid. Do I need to tell you that you need to sit and stay like a dog to make you understand that you are nothing but the food here?” She asks, and the anger her words make me feel numbs some of the pain. I jump up, wrapping both hands around her neck, snarling in her face.

“Take me home, now!” She rolls her eyes and pushes me back down on the bed without effort, and when my back hits the bed, I can’t hold back the painful scream. Laughing, she straddles me, pressing her legs hard against my side before she looks at me with her head tilted in a sweet posture.

I try to throw her off me, but she squeezes my side hard with her knees. Almost screaming from the pain again, I try to part her legs, but she’s too strong.

“Are you done?” She asks sweetly when I let go of her legs, breathing hard, trying not to faint as the pain turns excruciating.

“You have been bitten and scratched by demons. Their poison is painful, or am I wrong?” She asks with what sounds like amusement, and I grit my teeth, holding back another groan in pain.

“The more you move around, the more it will hurt you. The longer it will take before you are fully healed. You aren’t designed to live in this world. As I said, the flame is slowly killing you, stealing the magic inside you.” She says, leaning down, and her bare breasts brush against my chest. I show her my fangs in a low growl, but I stay still, once again wishing that I had clothes. Placing one of her tiny fingers on my lips, she lets it slide over my mouth.

“Adorable.” She purrs, and the urge to bite her finger off is so tempting that I can almost not resist.

“You need to give me clothes.” I snarl, and she laughs, grabbing my chin roughly.

“You get what you deserve.” I slap her hand away, feeling pain burn my whole back where I was bitten, and she giggles when I groan.

“Aww, my poor sweet puppy.”

“I am not your fucking puppy!” I hiss through clenched teeth, and she leans further down, brushing her lips over my cheek to my ear.

“Are you saying that you want to be my bad Alpha?” Her voice has changed into a seductive whisper, and the temptation of her words rushes through me. Then the part of me that should be soft around her starts to stiffen. She hums, licking my ear as I try to think away my growing erection.

“Just give in. You know that you want to.” She coos in my ear before moaning softly when my erection press against her butt.

“I don’t want a psycho bitch like you!” I growl and throw her off me. Pain ripples my whole body as she giggling lands on the floor.

“You will die when my family gets here.” I snarl, staggering to my feet, trying to ignore the pain. She stands up, smiling a sweet smile.

“Your family won’t come here because you are not their priority. Nyx and his family are, and of course, your twin sister. The woman who has it all. A powerful man, parts of his magic, and two of his growing pups inside her.” My eyes widen in shock.

“Lucifer can’t have children!” I snap, and the demon chuckles at me.
“Well, now he can. All because your baby sister became one with Death.” She says with an evil smile, and chills run up my spine as I stare at her. Is Pim dead?

“No, stupid pup. She became one with the Death Angel, mated to Death. Life and Death are now joined, and some of the order has been restored,” Lilith says, shaking her head, and the only thing I understand from that is that she must have read my mind.

“So you see, you are no longer important to anyone. You will never be the Alpha. You are just not needed, you are one too many. An Alpha, whose mate has chosen to be with someone else.” Her words make me frown before I, with confusion, answer her.

“I don’t have a mate.” She takes a step closer to me, her eyes almost sad, but I don’t believe for a second that she is sorry at all.

“No, not anymore. She broke the bond to you as soon as she took her first breath in your world.”

“What the fuck are you talking about?” I snarl, taking a step away from her.

“Isn’t there a woman in your pack, who you always look a little longer at? A woman who you care about, but it confuses you?” Her words make me swallow hard, my mouth going dry. There is one woman. Lila.

“Yes, Lila, the one who is drooling over the two angel warriors.” She tells me, and I cringe.

“You should be happy that the bond broke because ít will be less painful for you when they take her.” She says, and then she turns her back to me and walks out of the room, and I sit down on the bed. The pain that is raging in my body is nothing compared to the confusion and pain of thinking that my family might leave me here. And Lila, my mate?

Somehow I know that at least the last part is true. Lila was destined to be mine. I didn’t understand it, or her, but now I do. My wolf hangs his head, whimpering as we realize that what I feel when I look at Lila is a broken mate bond.

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