Haunted By The Demon

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Chapter 4 Worries.


Chapter 4 Worries.
Lilith pov

The Alpha pup is a looker, but damn, he causes me nothing but trouble. Two in one day, actually, which is two too many. Bringing him here was a mistake, but I can’t just return him without getting what I want. I need to keep him somewhat safe because if I or anyone eats him, I will most definitely not get what I want. Huffing in anger, I walk outside. Soon I see Acham. She stands before three of my night demons. Her red hair glows like fire in the darkness as she scolds the trouble makers in front of her.

Grinning, I watch her swipe her long claws over their faces. She’s a perfect demon, vicious but obedient, an excellent lover, but still not enough. No, I want the things I can never have. I want what Lucifer has. I want to be able to love. Demons don’t love. We desire, we lust, but we can not love. We were created during Lucifer’s darkest time when nothing but anger and hate could be found in his heart. It filled our souls, our minds, and we crave nothing but darkness.

One day, he realized that he had created monsters. He sent everyone except for me away from his world to protect it, to protect the other worlds. I stood by his side, worked for him until I understood that this place, this world, made my friends worse. It numbs the little humanity he managed to give us. Here we are nothing but the rulers of the darkness, those who haunt your dreams, and I am their queen.

I hate to admit that I could have handled my talk to Lucifer better. Trying to cut his wings off in anger might not have been wise, but I never thought he would send me here for thousands of years, with no chance of returning. The thought makes me let out a vicious growl, and everyone around me stiffens. No one wants the wrath of Lilith against them.

I might not be able to hurt Lucifer personally, but I can hurt those he cares for. His Little Wolf will be mourning when her twin brother dies here. The bond the twins share is strong, and I bet that the bitch is already sensing his pain. If she’s hurting, then Lucifer will hurt. Perhaps his woman will grow to hate him when he can’t save her brother. The thought makes my lips twitch, and soon my revengeful thoughts make me smile in a way I haven’t smiled in a long time.

Lucifer pov

Loki is dead, but when you solve one problem, more appears. I fear that the problem with Lilith is worse than the trickster ever was. She might have helped Pim and us, but she only did it for selfish reasons. The demon queen always has a plan and does nothing for free.

Noah’s whole family is worried sick, and even though Ivy is trying not to show it, I can feel how much it affects her. It affects her more than anyone, thanks to the twin bond she shares with Noah. With my mate being pregnant, I am more scared than ever, scared that the stress of what’s coming will affect her and our unborn children in a bad way.

“We need to talk to Lilith.” I tell Azrael, who gives me a look that says what I think. There’s nothing I can say that will change the Demon’s mind. Sure, I could go there and demand that Noah goes free. But by doing that, I know that Noah will die. She might be far from as powerful as an angel, but with her followers protecting her, she will be able to kill Noah in the blink of an eye.

“She wants to be able to leave the demon world for longer than a few hours, and she wants to be able to use all her magic when she leaves.” Az says, and I nod. I can’t let that happen. If I allow Lilith to leave her world and use all her power outside it, then all demons will be able to leave. With the threat of the Shapeshifters and Nefiri, right now, I can’t afford to have hoards of vicious demons to deal with.

I don’t was to sacrifice Noah, but as a leader and with the promise to do everything I can to protect my woman’s family and pack, I might not have a choice but to make that decision. But I pray that it won’t come to that. Iphi and her mates understand my reasons, but their pain made me question everything about myself. After everything with Michael, no matter what I do only seems to bring more problems. I have a gnawing feeling that all that is happening is because of me and that Azrael tampering with Naida’s birth is something we will pay for in terrible ways.

Naida’s vision is on constant repeat in my head, just like Pim’s words echos all around me. “Death! They are going to die!” was the word she spoke. Azrael might deny it, or perhaps he can’t sense it, but I know that what she said will happen. I know that one day, we will lose people we can’t afford to lose. If I lose my Ivy, my children, I fear what will happen to me, or rather I fear what will happen to the world. The pain and hate I felt after Eliza overshadowed everything, and if I had not lost most of my power, I would have torn down the world. I would have destroyed everything I once created. If I lose Ivy, then I will become everyone’s biggest threat. Nothing and no one will be able to stop me.

“Try not to worry so much.” Az says, patting my shoulder, and I raise my eyebrows.

“Azrael, don’t you see it? Don’t you see that this is only the beginning?” The look on his face tells me that he knows, but all the pain he has suffered is making him refusing to see it.

“We can only take one day at the time, and believing the worst will cloud our minds.” He says, looking away. He’s right. We need to stay in the presence but not preparing for the worst can bring us all down.

“Nyx needs to step up. We need to speed up his training. I want you to help him find and control the magic that I know is inside him.”

“Luc, you don’t understand. Nyx’s magic is partly gained by being created in the In Between. The magic of death is too powerful for a wolf to control. It can turn out to be our biggest mistake.” His words make me want to tear my hair out in frustration.

“Can’t you control it if he is unable to?” The deep frown on his forehead worries me even more, and when his bright blue eyes meet mine, I stiffen.

“I don’t know if I can. I mean, I can, but it will be hard. The magic of the In Between is mixed with the magic of the Moon Goddess and the first Alphas and the first mates. His magic is so mixed that it’s unpredictable and unstable. Even if I can force it back, it can do a lot of damage before I manage.”

“If I could take back the magic of the In Between, I would, but I have no idea how to do that without hurting him. Worst case, it could kill him if I try, and we need him. No one else is powerful enough to be the Alpha of the Alphas after Iphi.”

“No matter what we do, we always run into dead ends!” I growl, and my magic almost burns the room. The door to my office slams open, and a worried-looking Ivy storms inside, looking me up and down.

“What’s wrong?” She says, glancing at Azrael, but for once, Azrael doesn’t tell her anything. I will keep this from my mate right now, hoping that after talking to Lilith, I will have some good news.

“Nothing, we were just discussing our strategy.” I tell her, and she narrows her eyes, walking up to me.

“Don’t lie to me!” She warns me, and I pull her to my chest, nuzzling her neck.

“Don’t worry. I am going to make it right.” I tell her, but it feels like the biggest lie I have ever spoken. I can sense her hesitation. She doesn’t believe that I can, and I don’t blame her.

“All I am asking is that you try.” She says, taking a deep breath.
“I will do everything I can. Azrael and I are going to the demons world now.” Her eyes find mine, shining with determination.

“I want to come.” Smiling, I shake my head at her.

“Little wolf, it’s too dangerous. You are pregnant, and I don’t know how the Eternal Flame will affect the babies. So you and Pim are staying here. You can never leave this world until we have solved this.”

“Damn, I feel completely useless.” She says, and I hug her harder.
“You are never useless, and I need you to take care of things here because I can’t be everywhere at the same time.”

“Okay, I will but don’t keep me in the dark. You need to tell me everything.” She tells me in a stern voice, and I smile, feeling Azrael’s eyes on me and that he feels as guilty as I do.

“I will, Little wolf, as soon as I have something to tell. Right now, we only have speculations.” It’s not really a lie. All we have are fears and our intuitions saying that darker times lie in front of us, in a future right around the corner.

“Well then, go. And tell that bitch that when I get my hands on her, she will be one sorry Demon.” Ivy says, and I chuckle, kissing her before Azrael, and I use our magic to travel to The hole of darkness and dread.

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