Haunted By The Demon

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Chapter 5 What do you want?

Chapter 5 What do you want?
Lucifer pov

As soon as the dark dead world lays before us, we are surrounded by snarling demons. But their fear for us keeps them at a distance.

“Where is Lilith?” I say, my angry voice making the demons let out ear-deafening screams while they stagger back.

“Pussies.” Azrael mutters, and I give him a stern look that makes him roll his eyes. Soon Liliths small frame is seen in the crowd of demons. With swaying hips and a sweet smile, she approaches us, followed by Acham. Stopping at arm’s length away, she looks me up and down, making a noise similar to a moan, and I give her a warning glare. She has tried to seduce me many times, and she is a beautiful woman, but I have no interest in her. Sure there was a time when I almost fell for the temptation she is and can make you feel, but now, I am happy that I didn’t. It would only have complicated things further.

“Such an honor that a powerful man like you ask for me.” She says in a purr, and I cross my arms over my chest.

“Skip the bullshit. What do you want with Noah?” I ask, trying to hold back the anger. Smiling, even more, she giggles.

“Luc, the Alpha wanted to come here. He told Pim so.” Snorting, I shake my head.

“Don’t try to fool me and say that you didn’t force him with the magic you can use outside this world. Ivy knows that he has no desire to be here. She can feel it, and I feel it through her.” I growl, and her smile grows catlike, and I understand that she doesn’t really want Noah here. She’s only doing this to punish me.

“Oh, Luc, I don’t know what to say more than it hurts my feelings that you think so little of me.”

“You don’t have any feelings!” Azrael snaps, and her eyes turn angry as she looks at him.

“Now that was plain rude. I actually like the Alpha, and no one but me is allowed to touch him.”

“If that is true, then why can I smell his blood?” I growl, and she stiffens.
“Noah is young and cocky. You know that. He doesn’t want to understand that my friends are way more dangerous than he can ever be. But there’s no need to worry about him, he just had a small accident when he walked off on his own, but he will be just fine.”

“He will die here.” I say, holding back the urge to snap her neck.
“I guess that it all depends on how long you will let him stay here.” She says, with a devilish sparkle in her eyes.

“If he dies, if anyone touches him again, then I will destroy all of you.” I warn her, and she sucks her bottom lip into her mouth with a sigh.

“I will do more than just touch him.”

“Lilith, I am warning you. Stay away from Noah.” My magic slips out along with my words. My anger is rising fast, and the air grows hot around us, making all demons except for Lilith back away.

“I want him, and he desires me as much as I desire him. He will be mine.” She purrs, and I see Acham stiffen, her eyes widening as she stares at Lilith from behind. Exchanging a glance with Azrael, I see that he’s thinking the same. Acham doesn’t like to hear that. A jealous demon is even more dangerous. They might not be able to feel love, but they are extremely possessive of the things they desire, and everyone knows that the two women are lovers.

“What is that you want?” I ask, and she looks up at the pitch-black sky.

“You already know that. I want to be able to leave, and then you will give me the power of love.”

“Why do you want the power of love?” With sad eyes, she looks down at the ground, but it’s not fooling me.

“I desire a child, and without love, I can not carry one.” She says, and my head snaps back. A child? Demons reproducing would become a disaster, and her children would be able to leave this world to create chaos.

“Never!” I snap, and Azrael nods in agreement, and Lilith’s eyes turn dark with anger.

“What will happen to your children when their mother gets overwhelmed with pain for losing her twin? It would be awful if those babies never got to see the light of day.” She growls, and with one hand, I grab her neck, feeling the muscles immediately break. Just a little more, and she will be dead. In the corner of my eye, I see Acham disappear, and seconds later, she stands there with Noah, whose eyes are big as she presses her long sharp claws against his throat.

“Never threaten my woman or my children!” I growl in Lilith’s face before releasing her. Laughing through her coughs, she falls to the ground.

“I might not be able to kill you today, but one day I will send you to the Empty Space. As you know, it’s a far worse place than this, far worse than Death.” I spit out, and for a second, fear shines in her eyes, but she quickly recovers, jumping to her feet glaring up at me.

“If I die or disappear, then all my friends will be released, and if that happens, their orders are to join Nefiri to bring you all down.” She says, and that is what I feard. I look over at Noah with an apologetic look before mind linking him.

“We will bring you home, but I can not do that today. You need to stay strong, stay alive. Be careful and don’t challenge the demons.” He swallows hard but doesn’t answer. The look in his eyes tells me that he feels betrayed by us, and it hurts, but right now, I can’t do anything for him.

“Now, leave before I change my mind about the pretty boy and start feasting on his flesh!” Lilith snarls and Azrael grabs me before I get the chance to step up in her face again.

“We will be leaving now, but remember that this is far from the last time you see us. You don’t want to anger us more than you already have.” Azrael tells her, the warning in his voice is deadly cold. Then he pulls me away before using his magic to move us back to the Black Marble Halls.

“That went better than expected.” He says, and I glare at him.
“Better? How on earth was that better?”

“Well, Noah is alive, a little roughed up but alive, and the demons want to fuck him.” He says, shrugging like that isn’t disturbing at all, but in a way, he’s right. It could have been worse, way worse. Still, I can only glare at him, and he chuckles, shaking his head at me.

“I guess you never fucked a demon. Let me tell you that they are creative creatures. Vicious but creative.”

“I don’t want to hear it!” I snap feeling even more worried. What happens to Noah if he becomes their toy? If the demons fancy him, then getting him out of there won’t keep him safe. They will continue to haunt him for as long as he lives.

“How long do you think that Noah can survive there?” Azrael asks, and I rub my forehead.

“I don’t know. Perhaps a few months since he carries the Moon Goddess magic. His bond to Ivy and him being an Alpha also makes him stronger. At least I hope he has a few months.” Azrael nods, looking away from me.

“Luc, if he dies, then it will hurt Ivy, perhaps your babies too.”

“I know.” I answer in a sigh. I don’t want to give Lilith what she wants, but if that is what it takes to keep my woman and children safe, I will. But what will the actual price to pay be? It won’t just be what Lilith asks for. It will be far worse. The demons are sneaky, and Lilith never starts a game without having a plan.

“You need to start considering breaking the bond between Ivy and Noah.” He says, and my eyes widen.

“Ivy would never agree to let me break her bond to Noah.”

“I know, but we still have the power to do it no matter what she tells us.” He says, and I swallow hard, looking at my friend. That is the last thing I want to do because it would weaken Noah, and I don’t think that Ivy would ever forgive me if I did that.

“Luc, I understand that this is the last thing you want to do, and I am not a fan of the idea either. I don’t want to sacrifice Noah, but if something happens to those babies or Ivy. It wouldn’t just be a disaster for you, but all of us. Besides, we don’t know how angels react to losing their destined mates, and you are far too powerful to be the first to try it out. I vote we break that bond between them immediately. You can blame me.”

“So you think that Pim will be okay with this?”

“No, she will have my balls, but she will eventually understand because she’s the missing piece of me.” He says, but the look on his face tells me that he doesn’t honestly believe it himself. Placing my hand on his shoulder, I look into his bright blue eyes.

“Azrael, I appreciate your offer, but I am not going to blame you like a coward. If I decide to do this, then I will tell her so, but I am not making this decision without talking to Ivy first. I can’t go behind her back like that. And it will be my last option.” Smiling a relieved smile, he nods at me.

“Well then, let’s go and see the ladies.” He says, trying to look cocky. Perhaps someone forgot to tell the Death Angel that he’s far from a cocky asshole when his woman is around? I guess someone did forget, and I won’t be the one telling him. An Azrael that is not being all over the place and up to no good is one of the best things that has happened to me, and if I tell him that he lost his touch, then I am sure that the brat that lives inside him will come out and I get another mess to deal with.

“Yes, let’s talk to them.” I say with a smile, and he narrows his eyes at me like he senses what I was thinking about, but I know that he can’t have heard it, and this is a secret I am prepared to keep from my best friend for a very long while.

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