Haunted By The Demon

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Chapter 6 How do I get out of this?

Chapter 6 How do I get out of this?
Ivy pov

“Absolutely freaking not! Never! How can you even think about this? What is wrong with the two of you?” I yell at the two most powerful men alive. Pim stares at Lucifer in disbelief, then her two-colored eyes turn to her mate, and they darken with anger.

“You want to sacrifice our brother?” Pim asks Azrael, who look down at the floor.

“Princess, that is not what we want to do. But you need to know that we can be heading towards a point where we need to choose to cut the twin bond to keep Ivy and the babies safe. We don’t know how this will affect her.” Pim turns to look at me, and I swallow hard. I have felt like shit ever since Noah was brought into that world. And today, I felt weaker, and my body was aching. I know that it means that Noah is injured.

“But why is she doing this?” I ask, my voice small and Lucifer takes my hand, his touch calming the raging feelings inside me.

“She wants revenge on me.”
“I'm your weakness.” I mutter, once again feeling completely useless.

“No, Little wolf, you are my strength.” He says, stroking my cheek, and I give him a sad smile.

“And your biggest weakness.” I say again, and he pulls me to him. I can sense how much this is hurting him and how guilty he feels. Drawing a deep breath, I let him feel all my love for him, and he kisses me on top of the head with a smile.

“This is my fault.” Pim says, shaking her head, and Azrael is by her side so fast that I don’t even see him move.

“No, this is not your fault. It’s mine.” Azrael says to her, his shoulders slumping

“Holy tail, all of you, stop! We are supposed to be the leaders, the four that are strongest, and all I hear is people whining, competing about whose fault this is. Noah being brought there is Lilith’s fault. It’s all on her. The self-blaming ends now, and instead of that, we use the energy to come up with a way to save Noah before it’s too late.” The mere thought that we might not be able to help him sends jolts of pain through me, and I stiffen, feeling lightheaded for a few moments.

“Little Wolf, are you okay?” Luc asks with worry in his voice, and I pull away from him.

“I am fine, don’t worry.” Everyone’s eyes are on me, and even though I don’t hear their thoughts, I know what they are thinking. I know that even if I protest, they will break my bond with Noah if I start feeling worse than I already do.

I don’t want to jeopardize my babies’ lives, but how can I live my life knowing that I sacrificed my brother? As a leader, you will have to make tough decisions, but this is just cruel.

“One day, I will kill Lilith.” I say with determination. As soon as these babies are born, I will go there and kill all the demons if I have to, but no one messes with my family and get away with it.

“I am with you sis, well, I can’t kill anyone, but I will be cheering you on!” Pim says, and I smile at her, grateful that she has forgiven me and that our bond has been restored.

“So, is there something we can do?” I ask my mate
“I can’t give her what she wants. Sure, I could ease her punishment, but that is as far as I dare to go. She’s vicious and sneaky. I don’t trust her not to create chaos somewhere.”

“But Luc, if you give her the ability to love, then won’t she be able to feel remorse if she hurts others?” Narrowing his eyes, he seems to think hard about it.

“Yes, but that is not a guarantee that she won’t hurt anyone. There are many bad people out there that can love. So it’s too big of a risk.”

“How can it be a risk to give someone the ability to love?” I ask, and Luc sighs.

“Demons can’t have children without being able to love. Having demons that can reproduce would be a very bad thing.” I nod at his words, but I can’t help but feel sorry for them. They must be so alone without the ability to feel love. Their lives must be empty and only filled with darkness. No wonder that they are vicious.

“Perhaps we should give her a chance. She might have changed.” I say, and Azrael snorts.

“Someone who has changed doesn’t hurt others to punish another person. She’s nothing but a coward who doesn’t dare to approach Luc without using Noah.” Pim nods, agreeing with her man and I sigh.

“Try not to worry about this. I will find a solution, but right now, Azrael and I need to go to your parents and talk to them about this.” My mate says, giving me a quick kiss before they disappear. Turning to my sister, I look her up and down.

“What if you were right about what you said?” I say, and she narrows her eyes.

“When you said that someone was going to die. What if it’s Noah.” I say, and she looks at something behind me, smiling before waving. Turning around, I narrow my eyes because there’s no one there. I glance back at her with raised eyebrows, and she smiles at me.

“What happens when death dies? What happened when life dies? What if that is why Azrael can’t sens it coming?”

“Pim, Azrael is powerful, and he will never let anything happen to you.” I tell her, but she seems lost in thoughts.

“One day, he will be here.” She says, sounding like she is miles away.
“Who will be here?”

“He’s angry. I can sense it.”
“Pim, who are you talking about?” I ask, alarmed by her words. I have learned that her weird ways are not something to overlook.

“Pim!” I say, raising my voice, and she looks at me in confusion.

“Who are you talking about? Who is coming?” Frowning, she gives me a look that says that she has no idea what I am talking about.

“I feel weird. I should go and lay down before Azrael senses it.” She says and walks out of the room, leaving me there even more worried than when I was before. Who was she talking about? And what if she’s right about Azrael not being able to sense it because they are those who will die? I need to talk to Luc about this.

Noah pov

When Lucifer and Azrael left, Lilith ordered Acham to take me inside the house and guard me. I watch the red-haired demons as she paces the room muttering strange words to herself. Then she stops walking, her eyes turning to me. The hate and anger I see in them make me stiffen.

“I will give her what she wants. Me, then she will see, and you will become nothing but a meal.” She says, and I raise my eyebrows.

“Yes, this is a good idea. I will give her love. I will help Nefiri.”
“Who is Nefiri?” I ask, confused, and she tilts her head with a smile.

“The one that will take over when Lucifer is dead.”
“You are crazy if you think that anyone can kill Lucifer.” I snort, and she’s up in my face so fast that I feel dizzy.

“I am not crazy! And Lucifer will die. He will want to die when we kill your sister!” She snaps, and I dig my claws into her neck, growling in her face.

“You stay away from Ivy!” Laughing, she pushes me away, and I let her realizing that the more I get the crazy chick to talk, the better are my chances of getting out of here.

“We don’t need to touch her to kill her. Don’t you see Noah? Don’t you understand why you are here? You are the key to getting to Ivy. You will weaken her, and what do you think will happen when she loses the babies she so desperately wished for? Her wolf will go crazy, and she will die. Best of all is that Lucifer might have to be the one taking her life to protect the world.” I swallow hard while chills run up my spine.

“So you are going to kill me?” I ask, and she glares at me.

“If I could, I would have killed you as soon as I saw you, but Lilith wants to keep you alive until Luc gives her what she wants. Then you will die. But if I give it to Lilith, then she will see only me, and I get to destroy you. Until then, remember that she’s mine. If you touch her, I will throw you into the Eternal Flame laughing as it turns you into dust.”

“She is all yours. I have no interest in that crazy bitch!” I hiss, and then I am hanging in the air with her hand around my throat.

“Don’t talk about the queen like that!” She yells before throwing me down on the ground.

“Stupid wolf!” She hisses, her voice changing, almost sounding like the creepy voice that I heard earlier. I look up at her and understand that she is the one who tried to lure me to that flame. She must be using her magic on me, trying to make me go there, to kill myself.

“Perhaps I should fuck her and have her kill you!” I say, and her eyes turn red. Okay, that was probably a stupid thing to say. Letting out a scream, she tries to grab me, but I manage to get away before she has the chance. Jumping to my feet, I avoid her attack again. Then she stops, her eyes changing color as an evil smile spreads across her lips.

“You will never be able to say a word about what I told you. You will never be able to speak a mean word about me.” She says, and I snort.

“I will never say a nice word about you.” Creepily tilting her, she smiles sweetly.

“My magic is strong enough to keep your mouth shut. Like your mate, you will never be able to speak a word. You will never be able to tell anyone.” Frowning, I look at her, not understanding what she’s talking about. I know that she’s talking about Lila, but what does Lila have to do with this?

“Oh, I know it is confusing. But Lila isn’t just Lila, she’s Ra´s Goodness, but the stupid Angels don’t know it. But Hathor told me, she’s a good friend of mine.” Not saying a word, I just look at her.

“Oh, I am sorry I forgot that you didn’t know.” My eyes widen more and more as the crazy demon tells me who Lila is. The woman who was supposed to be my mate is partly some kind of spirit called a Goodness. But the most surprising thing is that before she was reborn as a wolf, she used to be the Sun God’s lover. Picturing Lila, I have a hard time seeing that the shy, insecure woman could ever be involved in the things Acham just told me.

“I call bullshit.” I say, and the demon laughs.
“No, pup. It’s all true. She used to be his whore, and he wants her back, but now all she wants is to be the two Angel warriors whore.” She says, and I clench my hands into fists.

“Don’t call her that!” I snap at the bitch.
“And what will you do about it? Try to hurt me? Kill me?” She says in a chuckle, and I grit my teeth. I need to figure out how to kill a demon and fast.

“Does it hurt to know that your mate is drooling after the two warriors?” She asks with a smile, and I swallow hard. It does, but I would never give her the satisfaction of knowing that. Images of Lila with the two angels, Remiel and Zerachiel, flash inside my head, making my wolf growl.

“Lila isn’t more to me than a friend, so I don’t give a shit who she drools after.”
“Lies, lies.” She whispers, shaking her head with a satisfied smile.

“I can see and feel that it hurts you. Usually, a broken bond doesn’t hurt, but you are The Moon Goddess grandchild, so a mate bond to someone like you can never truly be broken.”

“That is not true, Ivy broke her bond with Jason, and they have no feelings towards each other. They feel no pain.” She rolls her eyes with a sigh.

“Stupid wolf, the Angel who created pain took that bond away. He took their pain. But that is not the case with you. Yours just broke because your mate is a whore.” She says, and this time I can almost not restrain myself. But trying to kill her will probably only hurt me, so I need to calm down and be smart about this.

“What is going on here?” Lilith snaps, and Acham backs away from me, bowing her head in Lilith’s direction. I turn to the demon queen and try to tell her exactly what’s going on, but instead of the truth, I say

“Nothing, Acham is such a sweetheart and is doing her best to make my stay here comfortable.” Liliths eyes turn to Acham, and with a bright smile, she praises her friend. Desperately I fight to tell the truth, but nothing I want to say comes out. Acham gives me an evil smile, and I gulp.

I am not just only a prisoner here. I am also a prisoner inside myself. Angry, I glare at Acham, then I turn back to Lilith.

“I have changed my mind. I want you.” I say even though I don’t want her anywhere near me. Liliths eyes brighten while Acham´s turn dark with rage.

“Oh, Alpha. I knew that you would come around. Now, it’s time for the Alpha to pleasure me.” She says, and I stiffen. Damn, how do I get out of this?

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