Haunted By The Demon

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Chapter 7 You are crazy!

Chapter 7 You are crazy!
Noah pov

Sweat trickle down my back as Lilith saunters closer to me with an excited smile. Glancing at Acham, I see that her eyes are red, burning with anger and hate. How am I going to get out of this? Lilith places a hand on my bare chest, and I look down at her hand. Her skin is so pale that it’s almost white, but her fingers are pitch black, fingers that can turn into long, razor-sharp claws.

" Mmm.” She purrs, dragging her fingers over my chest, and I look into her blue eyes.
" I thought that all demons had horns?” I blurt out, and she frowns

" All demons do, but I am the only one who can take on a completely human form no matter where I am. Acham and some other demons can also look human in this world but never outside it.”

" So why do you take on a human form?” Smirking, she steps away, and before my eyes, she changes. The black color on her fingers spread up her pale arms, to her shoulders, and up her neck. Two large horns appear, along with claws that are several inches longer than a wolf’s. Her whole body grows in size, making her at least two heads taller than me. Smiling, I see that her teeth as turned into fangs that make a wolfs look like toothpicks. Licking her red lips, she smiles, her blue eyes shining in the dark.

" Perhaps, you prefer this?” She says, and I look her up and down, getting a glimpse of her perfect breasts hidden behind her long blue hair. I can´t deny that the woman is sexy as fuck, even in this form, but now she’s also scary as fuck. Not that she wasn’t before, but this makes it all so much more real.

" The Alpha is scared.” She says, and then she returns to her human form. Letting out a breath I didn’t know I was holding, I look away from her, ashamed that I got scared. An Alpha is never afraid! Never. I need to stop being a pissy wimp, or I will never be able to become one.

" I am not scared!” I snap, and rolling her eyes, she walks closer to me.
" Well then, what is it? I don’t see your manhood standing?” Looking at her like she’s crazy, I shake my head.

" Are you a shy boy?” She purrs, and I grit my teeth.
" I am not a fucking boy or shy, but I don’t want crazy chicks staring at my dick. Give me some fucking clothes.”

" Was your plan to pleasure me with your mouth and fingers?” Lilith asks with a serious expression, and I almost choke on the air. Coughing, I look over at Acham that looks like she is one second from exploding. Which, in this case, might be a good thing? Or my death? Either way, I need to do something.

" Darling, I am an Alpha, and unless you can show me some submission, my dick will be soft. Sorry, that is just how nature made us.” I tell Lilith with a smirk and see Acham take a step closer to me. It’s not true, and I am sure that if the demon queen wants it, she can have me hard in just a few seconds.

" It’s such a shame to cover all that deliciousness up, but I guess it’s not too much to ask for.” Lilith says, turning to Acham.

" Clothes, now! Clothes, wordy of a King.” Acham’s eyes widen while terror spreads inside me. A king? Staring at the demon, I wonder if getting torched in that Flame isn’t my best option here.

" Yes, my queen.” Acham mumbles, giving me a sour look before she disappears, and then Lilith turns to me with a sweet smile.

" Come here.” She says, and I tense up but walk closer to her, stopping one arm’s length away.

" You are shy.” She giggles, and the urge to bite her in the neck overwhelms me. Closing the space between us, she presses her chest against mine, and I swallow hard when I feel her naked breasts against my skin.

“Never, ever try to fuck with me. I knew that you lied to me when you said that you changed your mind. I am not giving you clothes out of kindness. I am giving you clothes because I have no interest in watching a boy’s soft dick. And the next time you try to play me, I will hurt you and enjoy it.” She growls at me, and I grab the back of her neck, leaning down.

" Don’t threaten me!” I snap in her face, and she chuckles darkly.

" Or what? You seem to be a little stupid, pup. You are not strong enough to do anything.” She hisses, and I growl at her. Then the scent of her arousal hits me like a train, making me dizzy and almost disoriented. What the fuck is this?

" Don’t you think that I can make you beg, Alpha?” She coos as I struggle to keep my thoughts clear from dirty images.

" I think that you are nothing but a bitch that uses magic tricks to get what she wants. Why don’t you try not to use it and see what happens!” Placing a hand on my side, she digs her fingers into the flesh.

" This is not a magic trick. When you make me horny, my scent will make you harder than you have ever been before. Fucking me will make you euphoric. And if you can´t keep it in your pants, then that is not my fault.” Staring at her, I try to convince myself that I need to let her go, that I need to step away from her, but her scent is everywhere, making my wolf go wild inside my head. The worst part is that she is right. I have never been this hard for a woman before. Never have I wanted to touch a woman as much as I do right now.

" Keep making me horny, and you will soon be a drooling puddle on the floor, begging for me. But do you think that I would give it to you when you are this bad?” She asks, her fingers sliding down to my hip, and I show her my now extended fangs.

" I would never beg for someone like you.” I say in a low, angry growl, but the words are there, teasing my mind. I tighten my hold on her neck when she stands up on her tiptoes with her eyes glued to my lips.

" But what if I begged you?” She purrs, her warm breath flowing over my lips, and it makes my wolf even wilder. Parting her lips, she licks them, and then she makes a humming sound.

" I don’t want you.” I snarl, my grip on her neck tightening even more, and she moans, pressing her body harder against me. Her scent grows stronger, intoxicating, and I have to fight the urge to lean in and kiss her.

" No, you don’t.” She teases, rubbing herself against my hard dick making me growl again. But this time, the growl isn’t directed towards her but at myself.

" Here are the clothes!” Acham says a little too loud, and Lilith pushes me away, angrily turning to her friend.

”It took you long enough!”

”I am sorry, my queen, but not many things here is fit for a… um, king.” The last word comes out in a bitter tone, and she turns her gaze to the floor. Lilith takes the clothes from her before tossing them to me, and I hurry to pull them on.

”What is wrong, my dear?” Lilith asks her friend, cupping her cheeks as I struggle to tuck my dick inside the pants.

”Am I not good enough for you?” I hear Acham whisper, and I look at the woman.

”What is this nonsense? You are perfect.” Lilith says, kissing her softly on the lips. Acham glances at me, her eyes angry once again.

”Then why do you need a man?” Acham asks, and Lilith glances at me with her head tilted. Her eyes travel down to my pants, stopping at my yet not soft dick.

”It has been a long time since I had a man. I miss it.” Lilith says, and I turn my back to them, crossing my arms over my chest.

”And when Lucifer gives me what I want, then I will need one.”
”My queen, you can’t be serious about having a baby? And with a wolf? You can´t!” Acham shrieks, and my eyes widen. Spinning around, I stare at Lilith in horror and see that she now looks furious.

”I am the queen. Never tell me what to do!”
”But…” Acham says with a wild look in her eyes.

”My queen, why him?”

”Because my dear, a child with him will be powerful. Imagine the combined magic of the Moon Goddess, The first she Alpha, and mine. She would be the most powerful demon.” Geez! Fuck! Did she bring me here as a breeder? Now I definitely need to keep it in my pants around her. Then she turns to me with a smile.

”And your dreams would come true. You could be the Alpha of The Alphas, with my help.” My heart starts beating wildly in my chest. I want to be the damn Alpha, but it’s Nyx who doesn’t even want to be next in line. Shaking my head at her, I laugh.

”You are crazy, I am not helping you, and I am definitely not making you pregnant.” This seems to make Acham less tensed, but Liliths eyes flash red.

”You will, as soon as Lucifer gives me what I want.”

”I will help you, my queen.” Acham says, and I give her an are you serious look. Didn’t the woman want Lilith all to herself? This makes no sense at all, but then again, not many things about these two make any sense. Or is she just saying that to cover up what she really wants to do, which is killing me.

”I know that you will because you are perfect.” Lilith tells her, and the two women start kissing. I back away and out of the bedroom, not wanting to see them go at it. Well, I do, but right now, I don’t trust myself not to ask the crazy woman if I can fuck her. And one thing is clear my dick needs to be miles away from her.

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