Ordinary Life (of a Blood Sucking Night-Crawler)

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March of The Seraphim

“Aaron!” Natsumi ran towards the raven-haired freshman, who watched his fate with glazed eyes. However, her pace was halted as Tarje grabbed her arm. Her heated glare panned to him. The blonde’s pure eyes were locked with the line of seraphs. “He’ll be fine. Keep your eyes on the threat at hand.” Her mint-tinted hair whipped from one side of her face to the other as her chocolate orbs followed his gaze. In her vision were the black-haired twins, both summoned identical silver-plated swords. They sprinted towards them in unison. Natsumi sighed and she held her crystallized hand out for her partner. “Let’s get this over with.”

Tarje removed the metal bottle Alex gave him from his belt. He unscrewed the cap and the sweet scent of pollen rose into the spring night. The liquidity contents of the bottle floated into the air as the blonde’s eyes lit up with a fiery crimson. Natsumi’s skin was cleansed of blood and dirt as the flower-infused water washed over her hands. The ebony-haired woman at the front of the group glared her crystal eyes at them. She turned her attention to the twins, who already began their attack. “Andrew! Michael! Be careful! Don’t get poisoned!” Natsumi gave the woman a teasing smile. “Too late.”

Teal bangs flew in the wind as Natsumi’s pointed quartz fingers connected with the twin’s torso. The boy froze and blood sprayed from his lips as a scream echoed into the night. “Andrew.” The copy of the boy, most likely Michael, mumbled his anger through clenched teeth as he ran up besides Natsumi. Michael swung his silver sword, aiming it at the girl’s chest. She didn’t have time to move or block. Her eyes widened slightly, but she tried to contain her fear. Just as Natsumi saw the blade flying towards her, the momentum was halted. A ribbon of water wrapped around the boy’s hands and torso, freezing as it touched his pale skin. The blue-tinted girl ripped her hand from Andrew and turned to the brother. Her scarlet eyes darkened with annoyance and frustration. With one swift motion, the twins went down.

Both Natsumi and Tarje directed their attention back to Alex, but all became distracted as an abrupt, harsh, gale whipped passed them. All eyes turned to the very back of the clearing. There was Aaron. His smoky, blackened aura was the darkest it had ever been. The unnatural wind swirled around his body, dispersing the ashy mist enough to see his raven hair dance around his cold crimson orbs. Aaron caught the olive-haired angel’s javelin between his hands. The spearhead had slipped out of his grasp a bit during its descent, and the inside of his arms now held deep, vertical gashes. On top of that, his skin began to burn as it came in contact with the metal. Despite that, the fledgling held his ground. His stance never wavered and neither did his grip, almost as if he didn’t didn’t feel the agony flaring in his arms.

The angel was stunned, her eyes were fixed in a widened shock as her body hung in the air. She felt a potent fear sink in her chest as she faced the hatred staring back at her. The angel only had moments to brace herself as the surface splintered around the boy. The ground rumbled as large slivers of rocky earth rose in the air. The shards flew upward. The girl with the emerald bangs yelped and then shrieked in excruciating pain. The fragments tore through her skin and embedded into into her limbs, stomach, and wings. Such a force pushed her further into the air. The shock made her loosen her grip on her spear, which slipped into the hands of Aaron. Completely unfazed by the smoke rising from his fingertips, he re-positioned his grip to the handle and turned the head upwards. The angel began to fall back to Earth. She tried to stop her descent, but her wings were immobilized. The last thing her azure eyes saw was the blade of her own javelin as it pierced through her chest. Blood rained down on the fledgling, though he wasn’t conscious enough to notice. The girl choked on the red liquid as it flooded her lungs. One last cry as the energy drained from her. Aaron simply threw her body to the side and ripped the spear out of the her chest.

“Mika!” The angel with the short fuchsia hair screamed at the top of her lungs as she summoned her weaponed, a silver bow. With tears streaming from her cobalt eyes, she pulled back the string. As she did so, a sliver of light formed where the arrow should be. The girl took a moment to line it up with her target, the raven-haired murderer, before letting go. The arrow flew towards its prey. The boy had not noticed and, therefore, its momentum was unaffected on it’s journey. However, the arrow never got to the boy. The magenta-haired girl lowered her bow and her eyes widened. She found her weapon in the hand of the tall, dark-haired boy. His eyes were blaring with a crimson hue.

Crystal orbs glared back at Alex. The girl looked to the large man with long locks with straight lavender hair. He glanced at her pleading eyes and nodded. Stepping out in front of her, he called on his powers. A long katana appeared in his hands, it’s curved blade wrapped in a white fabric sheath. Withdrawing the sword from its protective cover, the boy pointed plated blade towards the paragon. His azure orbs panned back to the pink-haired girl, who then looked to their leader, the raven-haired mistress for approval. “Sawyer?” The girl with the short cotton-candied bangs pleaded. Sawyer crossed her arms. Her back straight and her face stern, she nodded. “Be cautious, Aria. He’s the prince.” She eyes darkened. Alex was the only one standing in the way of the fledgling paragon. Aria gave the boy the vicious grin and raised her bow. “Catch or kill. That’s our order, right?” Sawyer remained rigid. “If you kill Alexandru Tepes, we’ll have his father to worry about. Just get passed him and retrieve our cargo. Dead or alive, it doesn’t matter to The Council.” The two nodded and readied their weapons. Aria pulled back her bow as her swordsman prepared for battle. “Yes, ma’am.” With arrogant smile, she released the string between her fingertips, freeing the arrow to complete its mission.

The beam of light flew towards the paragon’s left shoulder before he caught in his right hand. Alex could barely move his other arm as the silver acid sank deeper into his wound. However, that only slightly affected his movements as threw the arrow to the ground. The beam was clearly made of a different kind of poison as his hand erupted in smoldering pain, despite the fact he was no longer holding it. Alex gritted his teeth, trying ignore the numbing sensation crawling up his hand. While he was mildly distracted, the violet-haired swordsman crept into range. Gripping his katana with two hands, he swung the blade towards Alexandru, again to his left side.

It took an unusual amount of strength for him to block the blade, but he would never show that. The sword slashed into the boy’s palm as the momentum dissipated. An agonizing heat flooded his veins, but Alex stood his ground. Fiery crimson stared back at cool oceans of sapphire as the paragon faced his enemy. A scarlet river flowed freely from his open wound, but the Tepes blood never reached the ground. Instead, the ribbon of red coiled around the silver. Smoke wafted into the air as the blood ate away at the metal blade. The swordsman’s eyes widened. His stoic aura dispersed as the stream of poison blood spiraled towards him. The lavender-haired man hissed in pain as the red acid hardened around his body. He tried to pry the ribbon off him, but it would liquify to his touch, only to solidify again. The burning soreness turned to complete anguish as the blood cemented into shards that pierced the seraph’s flesh. With a cry of pain and anger, a pair of snowy white wings bursted from between his shoulder blades. Unlike the deceased emerald seraph, blood sprayed from his back as his wings pushed to the surface. As they settled to their full wingspan, the ruffled feathers glistened with scarlet in the light of the distorted moon. The bottom tufts of the wings changed. They puffed up as they transformed into a heavy metal alloy, looking silver in color.

With a murderous glare, the lavender seraph slashed his weaponized wings towards Alex. He did not get far as pillar of water wrapped around the wings and froze them to the ground. However, because of the impeccable strength of the seraph and the short distance he was apart from the paragon, that wasn’t enough to stop the momentum completely. Tarje halted the force with his bare hands, tearing the skin from his palms and fingers. He was somehow able to slip between Alex and the angel before the wings connected. The blonde ground his teeth together as tried to suppress the pain. He stared into the eyes of the winged swordsman, his own malicious glare was so potent that the angel could see the red hatred radiating off of him. He reflected the glare back at the boy. However, his swirling eyes of blue suddenly widened as he felt a sharp, piercing agony puncture his upper back. He looked down to see pointed turquoise fingers sticking through his chest. The man barely had a minute to react before the pain overtook him and his knees gave way.

As the seraph fell, Alex and Tarje saw teal locks of hair sway in the wind. Natsumi’s eyes were glowing with unnatural vicious, anger and her body glimmered with a bright magenta hue. Both boys felt uneasy at how uncommon this sight was. As her orbs fell upon them, her aura faded as she gave them her signature gleeful smile. The three took in one long, unified breath, almost forgetting where they were. It had been a stressful night and their collective energy was running low. The various wounds made it worse. They couldn’t go on for much longer. Alex portrayed as much in his swirling eyes. Though silent, the exemplars understood his message. Natsumi and Tarje nodded together. It was time to finish this.

While the vampires were having their silent break, a blur of white, silver and blue dashed passed them. The seraph with the snowy silver hair, eyes glowing an azure hue, outstretched his wings and rocketed behind the trio. His target was only apparent when they turned. In the line of fire was the fledgling, who was in a state of bare consciousness. He had not moved and his crimson eyes were hidden behind long, ebony bangs. It seemed like no one was at the wheel, allowing the harsh, smokey wind to grow into an uncontrollable typhoon. Despite the obvious danger, seraph refused to alter his path. He remained steady as he approached the boy.

“Aaron!” A concern cry flew into the raging wind as Natsumi chased after the angel. Her speed increased as the imminent threat advanced on the boy. That seemed to awaken Aaron, at least enough for him to raise his eyes to silver-haired seraph. Those fiery orbs were cold, confused, empty. All traces of personality were extinguished. The angel was unfazed by this and simply smiled. The glow of his cobalt eyes grew in intensity as his body morphed into someone familiar. A thin, short form wrapped in a freshman uniform. Her long brown hair tied in a tight ponytail and her hazel eyes were kind, inviting. She smiled as she saw realization light up the boy’s eyes and the hue return to it’s normal shade. “Emi?” His voice was quiet, uncertain. The wind died down as Emilia approached.

“Stop! It’s a trick! It’s not her!” Natsumi yelled in an attempt to get through to him. However, Aaron didn’t seem to be listening as his guard fell completely and he dropped the angelic spear in his hands. Emi wrapped her arms around his torso. He tried to return the gesture when he felt an infectious, burning pain erupt from his side. Aaron looked down to see a small, silver dagger sticking through the right side of his waist. A cry of confusion and pain escaped his form as the pain spread and he fell to his knees. Emilia crouched in front of him, revealing her wings. Her small hand forcefully grabbed his chin and pulled upwards, until their eyes were locked with each other. The image of Emi began to fade as Aaron’s glowing anger returned to his swirling eyes and with it came the ashy storm. The seraph gave the fledgling a malevolent smile as his illusion faded completely. “Good night, young prince.”

Aaron’s scarlet eyes widened and fear took over his mind as he saw the angel’s blade coming towards him. His thoughts were infected, all rationale overturned. He could only think of one thing, everything else was purged from him. One thing. Survival. The wind picked up to a mighty gale that matched the chaos taking place in the boy’s soul. The dagger came closer, but never hit its target. The silver-haired seraph froze as a feverish soreness flooded his chest. He felt a warm liquid stain his clothes. His crystal eyes panned down. There was the silver-tipped spear of Mika resting in his chest cavity. It had somehow moved on its own to meet with his body. He took one last uneven breath before he went down too.

Aaron’s vision became shaky and blurry, the edges of which started to fade into darkness. Despite the fact that he was no longer in direct danger, his fear never subsided. In fact, the chaotic tangled mess of emotions accelerated his heart until it felt like it was going to burst from his chest. The boy placed a hand atop his heart and tried his best to breathe, but every inhale was wobbly and his exhales were worse. The hurricane became more unsteady, slicing the foliage and unearthing the soil, as his mind slipped into an endless spiral. “Aaron! You have to calm down!” He could barely hear Natsumi’s voice over the roaring gusts. She had stopped dead in her tracks, unable to get past the wall of wind into the eye of the storm. “Listen to her, Aaron. Calm your mind.” A blanket of warmth wrapped around the fledgling as Alex appeared beside him. Despite this new comfort, Aaron’s mind refused to listen. Alex could feel as much as the boy rested against him. He could hear the foreboding drums thump against his chest. ”Breathe.” The paragon commanded and he felt a forceful exhale from the raven-haired boy’s lungs. With each breath he took, more emotions existed his system until he could feel a heavy weight lift from his chest. The wind dissipated and Natsumi ran to them.

Her worried eyes were relieved to see Aaron still conscious. The blue-haired girl sat on her knees and wrapped her arms around the freshman’s neck, squeezing as she did so. “Thank god you’re alright. I’m sorry, I should’ve been closer.” Aaron hissed as she put pressure on his bleeding wound. “Natsumi...” He said, weakly. She realized her mistake and untangled herself from him. Natsumi gave him an apologetic smile. “Sorry.”

“Looks like the pack left a straggler.” All eyes turned as a sharp groan of pain escaped the blonde. Behind him was raven-haired leader of the seraphs, Sawyer. She held a disgusting smile. The long sword she pocketed from one of the twins pierced Tarje’s rib cage. A look of shock spread across the faces of the trio. “No...” Natsumi stood, her voice barely a whisper. She had never sounded so pained and defeated. Aaron’s eyes ignited. His heart pounded against his eardrums and the edges of his vision tunneled until he could only see her. He gritted his teeth as he sat up in newfound hatred. His aura darkened and the gale returned. His eyes glowed brighter than they ever had before as the angelic weapons that were strewn about the battlefield wobbled and floated into the air. They halted for a second before the spear, dagger, long sword, and katana connected with the woman’s body from all directions. The loudest shirek they heard that night escaped the edges of the treetops and into the twilight.

Ripping the sword from Tarje’s back, she stumbled backwards, causing him to fall towards the ground. Natsumi rushed over to him, faster than she’d ever gone, and caught before he hit the cold earth. “Sawyer!” Aria, the last remaining seraph wrapped her arms around her and, revealing her wings, she lifted into air. Sawyer reclaimed enough of her consciousness to glare her pure eyes down at Alex. “Don’t think this is over, Tepes.” With that, they vanished into the sky.

Aaron’s vision became so fuzzy, that he was forced to close his eyes. Once the darkness had hit him, an overwhelming spell of exhaustion washed over him as he rested his head against Alexandru’s chest. His breathing and heartbeat calmed the boy until he could no longer feel the coldness of the night around him. The last thing he heard clearly was Alex consoling Natsumi, who seemed to be in a great deal of distress. “Everything will be ok.” Aaron could feel the paragon’s breathing became uneasy. He paused for a moment to steady it. “He’ll be ok. Trust me.” The conversation continued, but Aaron was no longer listening. The words turned to mumbles, which turned to random sound his tired mind couldn’t decipher, before fading completely into the silence of sleep.

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