Falling into Love Literally

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Quickly, I position myself, I-I can catch her. Luben, you need to do this. Her body drops at a fast speed, and I prepare as her body falls into mine. also is most likely to be in a series. She fell. Into Love. Literally.

Fantasy / Drama
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He listened to her crying. He’s been watching her. In reality, he’s been watching everyone, really. Of course he’s been watching everyone. Everyone’s seen Love, one way or another. But as cowardly as humans are, He has to pair them.

“The Cupid.” They call him. But it was a name the humans gave him. He calls himself Luben Kama, both names meaning love. But Luka for short. Of course, even though he tells the few people he’s interacted with, people always called him Luke. So now, to the humans, he’s “Luke”.

Luke stands against the wall, as he hears her cry. Claudia Deirdre Haydens.

Though he was just the god of love, he knew what her name meant. Disabled, sorrowful, Haydens. Claudia Deirdre Haydens. His heart aches for her. She was one of the few that suffered too greatly for her to handle.

Ever since the start of her birth, her parents abused and ignored her. She escaped only to be grasped again.

She was a normal child in school, receiving average grades and no suspicious behaviors or attitudes. She never dated.

She had a few friends, though none of them were truly friendship. The girls only let her hang out with them because of pity. She figured, and left. She received hints of friendship from her best friend, Jamie, who was a friend she made from her part-time job as a janitor in a mall. Now, she lives alone, in a dirty cheap apartment.

Luke doesn’t normally get close to humans for too long. Number one, Mother would be waiting. She has a temper when I “ignore” her.

Even the humans understand the need of being independent Luke says in his mind, as he hears the girl shift in her crying position. Besides, if Mother gets angry, it might trouble the poor girl.

Someone knocks on her apartment door. Quickly, she cleans herself up, fixes her hair, rubs her eyes, blinking them to stay from crying again. It was her daily routine.

If no one comes, she cries for hours. When someone turns up, she cleans herself up, and becomes her outer “Claudia”, or “Claudie”.

He sighs. Since Claudie was with someone, she’ll be fine, and take care of herself. Carefully, he shifts from the place where he was standing : against the outer wall of their apartment.

No, no one sees him. Usually. They freak out seeing a man standing outside of a leveled apartment building, which lifts pretty far from the ground. But all he has to do is distract that person with whoever comes around and the person becomes love struck.

No, bow and arrows are too dangerous. Instead, he uses strings. Strings of yarn, bright red yarn. It isn’t visible to humans, and only cut by specific scissors. Though, if the pair were meant to be, the string wouldn’t break.

In rare times, if it was poisoned love, it would break by itself.

A woman screams, and he knows he’s been caught. He points at the woman, and the string gets attached to her. Looking around, he looks for a partner. A man turns the corner. Lazily, he points at the man. They bump into each other, and the first person obtaining the string falls in love first.

The coffee drink the woman was holding spills on the man’s clothes, and she apologizes, asking for his number when she could repay him. He sighs. It was all too familiar of a scene to witness everyday.

Ah. My Mother. He remembered. Quickly, his hidden wings came to view, and he spread them.

He jumps off the apartment building.

He flies.

Quickly, he turns towards his family’s human apartment.

“We have to fit in, Luben.” His mother had said, when they moved into the regular apartment as the little Luben was only 6. “Since it’s been dangerous in our old home, we have to live like the other humans.”

He flies into the window of his room, and walks into the living room, where he sees his Mother : Mother Nature.


btw deity is replacement for god haha yeah i dont use the word god.

also....does the book cover look weird...?

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