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Olivia Blake - Story of The Wolf

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**Any pictures in this are not mine. All credit goes to the people who put effort into making them just like I do into making these stories** A normal teen at the age of 16 who's name is Olivia Blake lives an ordinary life. Well... as ordinary as the supernatural stuff goes. On one side of her life, she tries to hide away in her school to be unnoticed. On the other side of her life she tries to keep secret... beginning with her wolf. For 16 years, she's managed to keep these two worlds as far apart from each other as much as she can but what happens when a transfer from another country comes along to Crystal High and starts pestering her non-stop. Will he figure out why she is so unsocial? Will she end up giving up and tell him everything? Will they eventually go down separate paths or will they stay forever entwined after their first encounter...?

Fantasy / Romance
Bloom Tatsuki
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Olivia's POV (Point Of View)


'Waking up to a bloody alarm clock... gotta love Mondays...' I think to myself as I slam my hand down on the clock on my bedside table, swinging my legs over the side of my bed with a loud groan as I sit there for a minute or two. After I wake up more, I stand myself up and slowly makes my way over to my wardrobe, opening it as I rub my eyes to wake myself up fully. Taking one glance at the contents inside, I throw out my normal attire which consists of a skirt, top, hoodie, tights and flats. As I get undressed down to just my underwear, my bedroom door swings open and before I have a chance to react, a deeper-pitch voice to my own yells.

"Rise and shine! It's a bea- OOOF!" My brother gets cut of by a pillow getting thrown at his face by a heavily blushing yours truly.

"Brother... I love you from the bottom of my heart..." I say in a fake sweet voice "But unless you bring food, GET OUT OF HERE NOW BEFORE I STOP YOU FROM HAVING KIDS EVER AGAIN WITH A KICK TO WHERE THE SUN DOESN'T SHINE!" My voice turns harsh within seconds and before he can answer, I turn him around and pushes him out the door with a huge shove and slams it behind him.

Taking a few deep breaths to calm down and get rid of my blush, I quickly get dressed and ties my hair up in a pony-tail before leaving my room, ignoring my brother who's still stunned in front of my door. My brothers a year older than me, 17, and his name is Jason but even so, it saddens me that he doesn't know the truth behind us like I do. He recovers soon after I close the door behind me and mutters under his breath. "Locks were invented for a reason you know Olive-Tree." I cringe at the nickname given to me.

"Well you shouldn't just barge into girls rooms then. I thought you would've learned within the first 1000 times you've done it but I guess humans are destined to repeat the same mistakes over and over again..." I walk right past him and goes downstairs, putting a slice of bread in the toaster and packs my schoolbag for the day as it toasts. Swinging my bag over my shoulder, I catch the toast as it pops up and places it in between my teeth as I start to walk out to my car as it's already 8:15am but before I can get inside, a voice asks me from the door.

"Hey Olivia, want me to take us in to school today?" I think over his proposal and asks in a teasing manner

"Depends, do you plan on being a heart-breaker again today or are the girls safe from you?" Jason turns a little red and rubs the back of his neck, nervous that he know knows that I know that he's been caught being a player.

"H-how long have you known...?"

"A few years"

"Yikes... Do you want the lift or not?" He asks to avoid the subject and I can't help but chuckle at it.

"Yeah, I'd like that." And on that note, we get in his car and he starts the engine before starting the drive to school while I eat my toast.


He pulls into Crystal High's carpark and we both walk get out and walk through the doors, saying bye to each other once he finds his group of friends waiting by his locker. I walk down the hall and past his locker as well, pulling my hood over my head but not before earning a wolf whistle from one of his friends to which is followed instantly by the sound of a slap and a groan but I don't look to see what happened as I then start to hear a faded argument behind me.

Turning the corner at the end of the hall, I soon come face to face with the school library and a smile for the first time today makes its way onto my face. 'The library... my favourite place in all the world to be.' I think to myself as I slip inside, making my way to a table at the very back where all the bookshelves would hide me and I take a seat. Once I'm settled, I take my phone out and plugs in my earbuds and relaxes with my hands behind my head and closes my eyes as I let my music take my mind to a different place for now.

Jason's POV

As I walk up to my friend, I can't help but feel something snap in the back of my mind when I hear one of them wolf whistle at her and I slap him round the back of the head without thinking too much about it. When I do realise what I did, I see him glaring at me in rage and confusion as he rubs the back of his head where I slapped him.

"Hey you big idiot! What the hell was that for?! You've never cared when I've done that to other girls so what makes her so special?!" Josh, the person I hit, yells at me, coming right into my face.

"What makes her so special is that she's my little sister and I'm gonna be very protective over her this year." I reply back calmly but a hidden rage to just punch him shows in my eyes and that makes him back up away from me. After a couple of seconds of us staring each other down, my words finally sink in.

"Little sister...?" He looks back and forth between us until you come out of our line of sight. "That's a straight out lie! You two look nothing alike and have none of the same interests as each other!" He snaps back. It is true though, that we look nothing alike. But that's because I took after mainly my father with my straight, short blond hair but with blue dyed ends and bright green eyes. I'm also a lot taller than her, standing at 6'1 and where she is so antisocial, a trait also thanks to our mother, I'm the complete opposite and knows about half of the school if not more.

"That may be true but I'm definitely her big brother and as of two months ago... also her legal guardian..."

Unknown's POV

As I was walking to my first class as to not be late or get lost on my first day at this school, an unfamiliar scent catches my nose and my hidden ears nearly perk up from underneath my hood

'Damn... her scent is so enticing to me... the smell of fresh roses out in an open field along with pure honey... are you trying to be a tease or what...?" I think in my head as I follow the scent into the library from a distance as to not be caught or noticed. Seeing as the source of it is right at the back, I sigh and follows it. My eyes widen as I notice it was just a girl and I sit a table away, pretending to read a book as I occasionally look up at her to try and work out why I'm drawn to her so.

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