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Isabelle's life takes an unexpected turn when she finds out that her mother has been keeping secrets from her, her entire life. During her journey to uncover these secrets, she encounters an unrelenting force that is hell bent on making her life miserable. In order to defeat that force once and for all, Belle needs to employ the help of people that will forever change the course of her life.

Fantasy / Romance
Fearless Red
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It was well past midnight when I heard hushed whispers down the hall. Curiosity got the better of me as I pushed back my red plush velvet covers and made my way out of the room. I winced as my door creaked when I opened it and padded down the hallway as quietly as I could. I stopped outside my mother’s room. The voices were clearly coming from this room. Without a doubt. I pressed my ear against the door in hope, that I would be able to catch some part of their, apparently, private conversation. However, I had no such luck. I ended up getting annoyed and moved away from the door. I was about to go back to my own room and as I turned the corner that led to my room, I heard my mother’s door creak open. In a desperate attempt to not getting caught, I crouched down in a dark corner on the old and rough carpet that lined the hallway, with my back against the wall.

“She needs to know, Marianne.” A deep voice said. The man sounded worried and frantic. It was as though he had come here as a last resort. The frantic tone of his voice made me anxious.

“No, she doesn’t. I will protect her with my life. She doesn’t need to get involved.” I heard my mother say sternly. She was adamant, and I knew better than anyone that when she set her mind to something, mountains would move, but she would never change her mind.

I heard the man sigh, defeated, followed by retreating footsteps. My mother muttered something under her breath and grumbled about how people could never understand her reasons. Then, she shut and locked the door and made her way back into her bed chamber.

As soon as I was sure there was no one around, I made my way back to my own room. However, that night, I couldn’t sleep a wink. My mind was racing with various thoughts and a multitude questions. Who was that man? What was he doing in my mother’s chambers at such an ungodly hour? Who were they talking about? The only person I had ever heard my mother say she would protect with her life was me...was I the person they were discussing? Something was seriously wrong, if their hushed and anxious tones were anything to go by.

Sleep never came that night, and I saw the sun rise slowly through my window panes. It’s amber rays gradually illuminating everything in its wake, and waking up all organisms in its wake, big or small. Little did I know, that in a matter of time, my mundane life would never be the same.

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