A Vampire's Curse

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Cain has lived three hundred years, as far as he's concerned he's seen it all. Until rumors start spreading about vampires getting sick. Soon, the rumors change to vampires suddenly dying. When an old friend comes to visit, Cain learns that a lone female with a royal bloodline carries the cure, he sets out to find her. Rose's life has been nothing short of one disappointment after another. When she meets a stranger claiming to be a Vampire, her entire life is thrown into a tailspin, and she's suddenly caught in a dangerous game of life or death.

Fantasy / Romance
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Bourbon Neat

Rose stared pitifully down into the glass below her. The brown liquid calling to her, whispering in her ear. With a scowl, she placed the cup to her lips and swallowed its remaining contents. The burning sensation traveled down her throat and settled in her stomach, warming her. She shouldn’t have been drinking, she should’ve been at home with her husband, trying to work things out. But even the thought of looking Danny in the face made her stomach turn.

Glancing up she signaled the bartender to fix her another drink. He gave her a sad smile before nodding. Rose ignored his pity. She didn’t need it, what she needed was more bourbon. Leaning back in the wooden bar stool she took in her surroundings.

Sammy’s Tavern was a small dump just outside of town. Mostly locals came to drown their sorrows and get away from the mundane duties of their day to day lives. It was ironic that Rose had ended up here of all places; considering how many nights she was forced into her car to come here and scrape Danny out of one of the outdated booths.

If Rose was honest everything about the bar was outdated. Old western instrumentals played over the barely suitable sound system. The few scattered tables all looked worn their varnish visibly peeling. The once-plush and shiny booths were now flat and faded. Even the bar that Rose currently sat at looked like it had seen better days.

Nevertheless, it was the only place Rose knew she could go and wouldn’t be bothered to socialize on a Saturday night. The bartender placed a fresh glass down in front of her and cleared the old one away. Rose offered him a faint smile before taking a sip of her drink. Running her hand through her shoulder-length fiery red hair she frowned again.

Danny had always said she was anti-social. Not in a kindhearted teasing way like any husband might, but more so in a resentful and bored way. Had Rose known just how dissatisfied he was she might have made more of an effort to be more outgoing. But it was too late for any of that now.

Rose’s mind had been so fixated with her own thoughts that she hadn’t noticed when a man sat down in the chair next to her.

“Rough week?” He asked snapping Rose out of her thoughts.

She looked over at him, her hazel orbs taking in his features. The man was attractive, to say the least. His dark brown hair was short and styled with some sort of plam-aid . He had thick but masculine eyebrows that hovered above his piercing bluish green eyes.

“Rough life.” She replied cynically turning away from him to take another sip of her drink. So much for not being bothered.

“Well, darlin’ you can’t win them all.” The male said waving the bartender over. “I’ll have whatever she’s drinking.” He said smoothly gesturing to Rose.

“That would be a bourbon neat.” The bartender replied shooting a glace at Rose as she finished off the rest of her shot.

“That’s fine.” The man turned to Rose again. “Another one for you?” He asked.

“Sure.” Rose agreed. She was intent on drinking until she didn’t feel so pathetic anymore. Or at least until she felt like she could face Danny.

“One for my lady friend here too.” The male said sending the bartender off again.

Moments later he returned with their drinks and set the glasses in front of each of them respectively.

“Thank you,” Rose muttered lifting her glass to her lips again. After a few moments, she realized the male was still staring at her and she couldn’t help but feel uneasy. “What?” She finally asked meeting his gaze.

“I’ve never seen someone so beautiful in my life.” He admitted confidently.

The compliment took Rose off guard and she felt her cheeks flush. Then she couldn’t help but laugh at the irony. This hyper-attractive man thought she was beautiful, but her husband would rather have sex with other men.

“What’s so funny?” He asked.

Rose shook her head softly but continued to laugh. “Nothing.” She managed. “What’s your name anyway?” She asked once she finally tampered down her own laughter.

“Cain.” He answered cleanly.

Rose folded her lips and nodded. “Nice name.” She replied.

“You planning to give me yours?” He asked. “I mean I did buy you a drink after all.”

Rose smiled again before dropping her head a bit. “Rose Ashwater.” She replied sticking her hand out to shake.

Cain took hold her hand and shook it gently. “Nice to finally meet you, Rose.” He smiled before knocking his entire drink back.

Rose furrowed her eyebrows. “What do you mean finally?” She asked.

“I’ve been looking for you.” Cain replied.

“Looking for me?” Rose repeated stunned, what was this guy talking about. “What are you some kind of private detective?”

“I’m a vampire.” Cain responded nonchalantly.

Rose laughed out loud now, she’d clearly had too much to drink. “Yeah right.” She exclaimed as she finished the rest of her drink before bursting into more laughter.

Cain eyed her for a moment a small grin painted on his lips. “You don’t believe me?” He asked. Rose shook her head. She definitely was not buying what this guy was selling.

“Then let me show you.”

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