The tail of Gold Island

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SHORT STORY Nerin is a mermaid, Merrick is a pirate. Their paths cross on Gold Island. Will Merrick accept her as she is and love her regardless, or will her heart be broken by a human?

Fantasy / Romance
Constance P
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Chapter 1

Nerin brushed her silky locks with her seashell comb and sang. Her voice was sweet, almost as soft as an angel’s. She had never heard an angel’s singing voice, but her brother, Adriatic, had told her tales of it’s sweetness. She looked out into the horizon, felt the rock move slightly under her strong body. A ship was coming, she felt it in her core. She had to warn the others, before they were seen and captured. She placed the seashell back into the ocean, dove into the fresh saltwater and disappeared into the deep blue sea.

Adriatic had other things on his mind. Especially now that he knew Oceana shared his affections. All he wanted to do was praise her, sing to her and behold her beauty. He couldn’t do that at the present time because he had his sister to deal with.

″Calm down Nerin, no ships are coming our way. I would have felt it.″

She swam her way to him and squealed.

″You never listen Adriatic! You’re just like father was. I am going to warn the others.″

He dove into the water, swam towards her and grabbed her by the arm.

″You will do no such thing. The others only listen to me anyways.″

″Have it your way dear brother, but know that I am leaving.″

She pulled her arm out of his grip and swam away, her tail glistening in the sunlight.

Merrick looked out into the vast openness of blue. The air smelled of salt, his favorite smell in the realm. His crew mates had marooned him, left him for dead. He had a half empty bottle of rum in his hands and his pistol. A lot of help they would be, his pistol was wet and rum was not his drink of choice. Buccaneer ships came daily to the island, so in reality, he wasn’t really stranded at all. He just had to wait until the next ship docked and get on it without being seen. He was a master at that. He had commandeered more ships that he cared to remember, a thief with an eagerness for freedom. He had been the captain of The Liberata, but the crew had turned against him, against the pirate code even, and had thrown him overboard. He had been too good to the crew. His only fault was the way he crewed. He had a strong want for fighting, loved being in a dual. Never a day had gone by on The Liberata where he wasn’t involved in a fight. He loved drama it seemed. Now he was alone on a practically deserted island, with no food and no woman. How long would it be until the next ship arrived?

Nerin swam towards Gold Island. She had been coming to the island for over two years to hide. It was the perfect place, because the trees were bountiful, the air was salty and there were plenty of rocks for her to lay on. The salty air made her skin soft and she could scour for food in the trees. When she swam to shore and finally rested her tail on dry land, it transformed into long beautiful limbs. Nerin was at her utmost freest when she was running along the beach with the wind in her hair. She always brought a dress to wear, it made her feel pretty. When she was in the water, her only option was a top; her tail didn’t need to be dressed. She ran towards the rocks, did a somersault and landed on her feet. She was agile on her legs, she preferred them to her tail, but she couldn’t stay more than one day on land. When she had her legs for more than a few hours, she starting feeling weak and dizzy. Her kind was made to live with other mermaids and sirens. Her kind was not supposed to be on land, they weren’t made to act like humans, but she was special. She felt a need to escape her life sometimes and she chose land for her thinking space. Even if she came on land often, she still had never met a human.

Merrick pushed the branches away from him as he walked through the jungle. He had no idea where he was and he was tired. He had been walking for what seemed like hours and he hadn’t the luck of finding food. He had never been on Gold Island and he planned to search for treasure since he was there. He found a muddy path that lead towards a shelter. He entered the wooden shelter and found a room filled with food and hunting supplies. He usually didn’t depend on others, but in this particular moment, he would use all he could get his hands on. He picked up a spear and carefully examined it. It would have to do. He grabbed a fruit and walked out of the tent.

Merrick took off his boots and walked into the water. He held the spear and spotted a fish swimming by. He held up his spear and as he was about to strike, he heard a loud shriek resound behind him. He let go of the spear and turned around. The person in question was a woman. A woman wearing a long floral dress with hair almost the same length. Her hair was shiny and bright in the sunlight. She screamed words at him, words he couldn’t understand. She looked like an angel to him, something out of a fairy-tale. He was struck by her beauty, he couldn’t move, couldn’t talk. He could barely think of his own name. He walked towards her. She retreated and ran to hide behind a tree. He followed her, walked around the tree, but didn’t find her on the other side. He heard a sound behind him, turned around and came face to face with her.

″Are you real?″

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