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In the World of Tumbel former outlaw now rancher Liam "The Devil" Antrim now lives a normal life. but then a mysterious spring of murders appears all over the peaceful town of Darkwater so now Liam now searches for clues to find the one who the murder that sprang lose in his town.

Fantasy / Mystery
Sinister Evil
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In the world known as Tumbel where every land is filled full of deserts, savannas, plains and prairies. in a big city known as The Grand City of Tram where a bank robbery takes place. three man runs out of the bank with large sacks of money. they run to their horses to escape from the police. They run until they reach a forest when one the robbers then shots one of the other robber in the stomach and they left him for dead this man was infamous outlaw named Liam “The Devil” Antrim and this is his story.

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