Alpha Dimitri

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Dimitri is a cold alpha. He has never truly known love and most certainly never loved someone. Imagine how he feels when he bumps into his mate for the first time at school. She's absolutely stunning but she has a air of mystery . Will he let down his walls enough to love?

Fantasy / Romance
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CHAPTER 1 : The Cold Alpha

A/N : this is my first werewolf book and this is unedited . I'd appreciate constructive criticism and look forward to writing this.

Dimitri POV:

I grumpily walk down the Halls of the school with my beta right on my tail. He was trying to get me to pay attention to him and the meeting I have to hold later today. I turn snapping my eyes flashing grey, he backs up and bowed his head in submission. "Enough." I growled so he would get the point . I don't have the patience for this today. Today marks the anniversary of my parents death.

He sighs and looks at me "alpha I know it's a difficult day for you but this peace treaty is something we've been trying to achieve for year's." I look at him and sigh knowing he's right . "I know Mark but I really can't focus on this. Wait till after school and we can talk then " nodding satisfied mark grins and then yawns ."school needs to be later in the day I'm tired " I look at mark amused and turns into the English class.

Mark files in after me and goes straight to the back where to the teachers dismay lays on the floor and starts snoring. I grin and chuckle sitting in the seat next to where he's sprawled and listen to the teacher start class. My eyes begin to droop and I begin to yawn.

I haven't been sleeping too well. My mind flashes back to the nightmares and I shudder . I walked into the bedroom where my father and mother sleep, excited to show them the breakfast I cooked for them. The door creaks open the bacon and eggs smell wafting as I step into the room. I cry out as I slip the plates falling shattering out of my hands and I look at the red pool I had slipped in. Blood. Lots of it. I screamed and screamed as Jonas my brother comes running in and he looks at me covered in blood pale then looks into the room where my father was laying in pieces on the floor and my mother with her throat slit in the bed. I was crying everything turning black as I pass out.

Shaking my head I come back into focus as the classroom door slams open and a frazzled girl steps in. I take a good look at her , she had gorgeous silver hair , emerald green eyes, a cute oval face and Ruby red lips. Her hair curled and swayed near her hips and my eyes narrow as I take in her smell. Honey and pine. Mate. My wolf dances in my mind and I growl lightly at him wanting him to chill .

She looks at the teacher shy and drops her head handing him her schedule . He smiles welcoming her and tells her to take a seat. Looking up she scans the classroom and picks the chair in front of mine . My eyes close as I take in a deep breath and sigh content my wolf finally calming. Poking her putting on a goofy grin I tried getting her attention. She flinches and pulls away from my touch and my wolf growls annoyed.

Turning to face me she smiles shyly. "Hello I'm new here . My name's Bailey." I roll my eyes and mutter no shit . She looks hurt then turns back around and my wolf growls at me for being a dick. I quickly poke her again trying to get her attention and I look at her in shock when she stands up and walks out the classroom. Everyone gets quiet and the teacher looks unbothered by her leaving

As class begins back again I look at the door that she had exited. was it my fault she had left?I'm wait impatiently for the class end and as soon as the bell rings I rush out the room to find my mate. Her smell was fading and I realized that she had left the school.

After a long day of classes the day has finally ended and I hurried out of the school hoping to catch a glimpse of where my mate might have went. John catches up to me and begins harassing me about the meeting that I had promised that I would attend to after school.

nodding in his direction I slowly make my way to the car so we can get back to the pack and I can go to the meeting. I'm looking forward to tomorrow where I can see my meet again at school.


A/n : I hope everyone enjoyed the first chapter I know it was a bit boring but I promise It will become a lot more action filled and interesting please leave a comment and like the story if you like it thank you.

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