Fallen: Angels Amongst Us

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Quinn's life took a drastic change when she was introduced into the world of the unnatural and supernatural. But bodies keep on appearing and threats of her life increases each day can she hold her own and stand against the war that could end humanity or is she just a pawn in the plans of the evil. *What I felt was worse than death. The pain in my back intensified the dark abyss I was in was even worse. I was in a valley, everything was dark, stumbling through the dense fog was hard enough. Taking a breath in I fell to the floor, the darkness enveloped me again but it didn't overwhelm me this time. * *What is Nathan to me, the air became electrified when we were together. His eyes haunting me. I didn't even understand our connection and I wasn't going to ask at least not yet.*

Fantasy / Mystery
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Authors note

Hello everyone welcome to my story! I'm so happy that you took time to read this story. Also, I'm super sorry but the beginning of this story is really rushed and has lots of errors but the more time you give it the better it becomes I promise :), So once again thanks for taking this journey about myths and fantasy with me.

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