Dream Land

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The one place that no one has seen. The place where everything you ever dreamt of is real. The place every dreamer dreams of visiting. One place that everything you love exists.

Fantasy / Adventure
Writing Wolf
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I wished my mom goodnight and headed up to my room. Closing the door behind me, I laid down on my bed and pulled the covers over me.

I closed my eyes and slowly fell asleep. The darkness was welcome and I smiled as I sunk into my bed that could have been mistaken for a cloud. It was that comfortable. My sleep was going well and then I felt the warmth of the sun on my face.

Slowly I opened my eyes and stretched before sitting up in bed. I reached to the foot of my bed and pulled my shorts on along with my shirt. I got up and stretched some more. This morning I was feeling lazy so I grabbed my hat and put it on backwards.

I rubbed my eyes as I walked down the hall and down the stairs. Well I thought I was doing all that until I tripped and fell face first. I prepared myself to fall down the stairs but all I got was a face full of sand.

Quickly getting up I looked around and started to freak out. “Where the heck am I!?” I looked all over the place but had no idea where I was. All I could see for miles was sand, but it was a peach colored sand.

I saw mountains in the distance and sand dunes a few feet in front of me. My heart slowed down after taking a few deep breaths and closing my eyes. As I took in the air I noticed that it smelled like lavender.

Oddly, my all time favorite smell in the world.

I began to walk up one of the dunes and I’m glad that I did it. In the distance I saw a silhouette of what looked like a person. A relieved smile made its way to my face and I began to run to the person.

“HEY!” I called out, waving one hand in the air to get the person’s attention.

The closer I got the more I could see the surrounding area. I stopped running and walked up to the person. I tapped on their shoulder since they hadn’t turned around.

“Where is this place?” I asked them but still no answer. “Hello?” I walked around to see their face and was shocked at what I saw.

The boy in front of me was an old friend of mine. My friend that moved away back in second grade. He was unmoving but his face had that smile that was always there.

“Timmy?” He looked up and his smile got wider.

“Benny! It’s been so long!” He pulled me into a hug. “Come on, let’s go!” He grabbed my wrist and pulled me away.

Timmy dragged me around for a little until he fell and the ground just swallowed him. I was in shock and looked at where he was standing. I looked around and started to freak.

“Calm down Benny.” I heard his voice and frantically looked around for him. “Follow your fluffy friend.” I heard his small giggle and then his voice was completely gone.

I stared at the place in front of me, all sand. I huffed and sat down. There’s no point.

It was about an hour after I sat down and gave up when I heard it. I looked above me and saw two helicopters. My eyes grew wide and I quickly got up. I frantically waved both hands above my head and yelled up at the choppers.

I began to run towards where it looked like they were landing. My body stopped when I got to the top of one of the dunes. Down below I saw my childhood bud. He was always there for me after my dad died. He was a gift that same day.

It was my teddy bear. Only this time he was huge and I don’t mean like one of those big bears you can find in stores, this bear was the size of a building.

I stared in amazement as the bear made its way in my direction. For some odd reason I didn’t feel scared of the big bear.

When it got to the dune it was at my height, it’s head tilted to the side. He brought one of his big hands and placed it next to me, slowly he moved it next to me and I felt the soft fluff of the teddy bear’s hand. I ran my hand through the fluff as he slowly lifted his hand with me still holding on. He pulled me to him and I cuddled into its face fluff. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the warmth and comfort that the bear brought.

I slowly found myself falling asleep and hearing the voice of my father.

“Goodnight son.”




I slowly opened my eyes and looked around, I was in my room.

I felt a smile grace my lips as I turned to face the bear that sat on top of my shelf. Walking over to the shelf I took the bear and felt my smile grow.

“Happy birthday dad.”

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