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The Legend Of Kevida

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Ever wondered what goes on in the head of the villain? She wasn't just anybody, not even before she became somebody. She held authority, always making the utmost and best use of the demon in her, her eyes, always holding defiance and coldness, never knowing any emotion other than hatred and the overwhelming urge to gain power. What will happen when she is set on venturing into the deep roots of the supernatural itself? It tells a tale of a merciless queen, an impartial hunter and a selfless witch. Together, the three set on an impossible quest but then again, they were a formidable force. Would Kevida get what she really wants before knowing what it was before love, friendship, hate and power is unleashed tamelessly. No one dared cross her, no one was brave enough to stand up to the merciless viper of a woman. Her name, used by parents to tell scary stories but everyone knew she was no fairytale, she was everything a hero was not, she was the villain and this is her story, her Legend and her name is Kevida.

Fantasy / Thriller
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".... and with all the power he had achieved, fighting the demons back to hell and protecting the supernatural, he was made the King of all Supernatural, as we know all him to be, King Aestrek" Cantralyssia narrated to her children, the corners of her mouth formed into a smile as her red haired angel opened and closed her eyes slowly, trying to give her mother signs that she felt the bedtime story was boring.

"Mama...?" Cantralyssia snapped her eyes to her left side, catching sight of the white strands of the other triplet's hair. She widely wondered how someone as small as she was could run to the other side of the bed so quickly, but the thought died down as the rest two followed the action of their sister.

"Yes my darling" Cantralyssia answered her daughter, scooping her in her arms, she adjusted on the bed until she was backing the wall, her back on the head board. With one on her arms and the others by her sides, she felt more relaxed.

"and papa works with him too?" The one in her arms asked.

"Why ask such stupid questions, don't you know the answer already?" One of her sister's answered spitefully, causing the one in her arms to burst into tears.

Cantralyssia was in shock, she knew her daughter was mean but she never imagined she could utter such words, before she could speak, someone took the liberty first.

"Don't talk to her that way she's our sister, and it's not a stupid question, I think it's quite intelligent" The other of the triplet defended, flipping her shining black hair. Miya's statement stopped her sister's crying, the six year olds started a staring contest, each fuming with anger for the other but only one took an immediate action.

"Traxxas" The red haired girl whispered, casting a spell on her sister. A second was all it took before Miya realised something was burning, the heat rising at the nape of her neck jolted her senses into a panic state, making her realise the smell was coming from her.

Cantralyssia almost jumped out of the bed, on seeing the smoke coming from her daughter's hair and the high pitched scream she voiced.

"Mavitre'" The fire was immediately put out as soon as she uttered the spell.

Cantralyssia exhaled loudly as she felt her heart relax only to be spiked again by a high pitched scream, this one louder than the last.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah" Miya screamed, holding her burnt hair in her hands.

"Don't you ever try that again, do you hear me?" Cantralyssia warned raising her voice to a warning tone at her mischievous daughter. The little mischief had her eyes locked on her sister's horrid state on seeing the damage she had caused. She could never be more pleased with herself, she didn't care if she was scolded, she got what she wanted... Revenge.

"Yes mama" The red head replied in a shy tone with her head bowed.

"It's time for bed" Cantralyssia grabbed the red haired girl and carried her on her shoulders with her back facing her other siblings, she stuck out her tongue at Miya.

Cantralyssia turned her neck slightly, facing her daughter with an angry look. The six-year old momentarily grasped the intent of the gesture and ceased her immaturity.

After calming Miya down and tucking everyone in bed, Cantralyssia walked to the door of her daughters room.

She slowly turned around to take one last look at the daughters she loved so much, they were so beautiful.

She could only admire them through the bright moonlight, washing over their fair skin in a blissful manner but Cantralyssia feared that was not the last time she would be warning her daughters and maybe the next time for something even far worse.

What a beautiful day it was, King Aestrek thought, mentally praising himself for choosing such a bright morning to come out and take a look at the human world and see how they lived their lives, with the sun kissing his tanned skin beautifully.

As much as he loved his position as ruler of the supernatural, he was fond of the environment outside Hubis and disliked having guards beside him all the time and where better to experience what he seeked than a market full of people going about their normal mundane lives.

From the top of his long white hair to the tip of his purple silk linen gown, he looked quite well-off, which only attracted different pair of eyes, considering the fact that most of them were commoners.

King Aestrek came to a halt and took in a deep breath and along with it, the fresh smell of morning dew, vegetables, all sort of fruits, warm bread and fish.

Although the smell of fish was hard to miss, it was the main item sold in the market since it was close to the docks and most unavoidable stench in the air.....Humans, the powerless creatures who continue denying the existence of the supernatural, it was only natural, after all seeing was believing, some merely told stories of it while the others were very much aware of the world beyond theirs.

A commoner suddenly walked right into him, almost pushing him to the ground, snapping him out of his thoughts.

"Watch where you're standing old man, this is no tavern where you can stand where you like" The commoner angrily stated, adjusting the small reddish-brown hat on his head before walking in the direction towards the shore at the same pace as before.

King Aestrek simply dusted his purple silk linen softly, ignoring the angry fellow, it only took a moment before he realised the humans were actually running towards something, both customers and shop owners, abandoning their various activities.

The king stroked his white beard as he searched his old mind for what could have made the humans so intrigued to abandon their daily activities.

Taking a step in the opposite direction of the shore where the humans had gathered, King Aestrek decided to move to another part of town.

"It's a girl, I don't think she's breathing" A man yelled at the top of his voice. This made the King's curiosity grow wider. Before he could rethink it, he was heading towards the crowd and in a few moments, he was in front of the girl that amused a whole market.

Merely looking at her, he could tell her kind, which only fueled his curiosity, why would a vampire be washed up on shore half-dead.

Suddenly, the supposed-dead girl drew in a breath causing more than half of the villagers to flee, leaving only few. Half a view of her face was now in sight, as her noirette hair was scattered and plastered on her wet face.

Her face held fear as she backed further away from the few people that gathered her with a book just as black as her hair clutched in her arms, she looked scared, lost and terrified.

King Aestrek was now more astounded, seeing her young pretty face which was covered in sand, along with her hair.

He slowly bent down and stretched out his hand to take some strands of hair out of her face but the strange frightened girl only opposed his action by shivering and moving further backward.

"Don't touch her Sir, I bet you a hundred cows she's a marine witch" One of the villagers warned but King Aestrek refused to listen.

"What's your name little one?" King Aestrek asked. She kept mute, only looking around her surroundings, ignoring every other person.

"I say we burn her and that devilish book in her hands" Another woman suggested and was immediately backed up by the rest who had now regathered around the girl, forming a larger crowd than before.

King Aestrek was now worried for the girl's safety, regardless of her kind, he was obliged to protect all, including the protesting humans.

He knew she was ten times stronger than them and the worse case scenario for her is that she killed them all, so at the end of it all, they'll be the ones to suffer.

Without minding the villagers, He helped the girl up, despite her strange behavior and the villagers shouts.

"I'll take responsibility for her" He stated firmly as he walked out of the crowd with the girl's hand in his and a lot of angry villagers glaring holes into his back.

When he was finally away from the angry herd of villagers, he ventured into the forest, guiding the girl with every step, afraid that her fragile legs might not have been able to carry her for that long, she looked pale and the only thing bright were her somewhat blue eyes which were barely illuminated by the sun piping through the little holes on leaves.

Her lips were chapped with a light strawberry pink color, those were the only identifiable features as the rest of her face were either sticky with sand or hair.

King Aestrek could not fully guess her age but he could tell she was between eighteen or nineteen, he grazed his wrinkled fingers along her skin, clearing a part of her face covered with her hair and tucking them behind her ears.

"Don't worry, you're going to be fine, I promise" The girl looked down at the ground, hugging the book the in her hands tighter.

King Aestrek turned from the girl, they had now stopped in front of a large vast area, an open field with only grasses. Facing the forest of trees in front of him, he raised his two hands up in the air and chanted.

"Craxis la vetrè mos" Startled, the girl tripped on her own feet as a large castle appeared a few metres from where they stood, almost taking up all the space on the large field. King Aestrek smiled wholly as he saw the confused expression on the young girl's face.

He found it not only cute but amusing, he had not felt in such a way in a very long time, what more could he ask for than a strange girl he met by a shore on a blessed morning with an impeccable black hair and an unmissable royal blue eyes, what could it have been if not fate.

If only he knew how much he was going to bite those words, chew them and spit them out as if they were poison. She was no blessing, but quite the contrary. She was his curse.

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